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Infernal Zoo 2018

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So Beninator and I got back from Infernal Zoo this evening . It was a 36 man , two day 9th Age event in Davis, CA, with the "Best Overall" winning getting an invite to play in the US Masters. ~10 hour drive (with lunch stop), but it was a nice drive, and went by pretty quick, surprisingly.

First real experience traveling for a tournament, but had a blast! Was cool to see so many people playing fantasy. We had some locals host us for 3 days, which I was very grateful for, and plenty of hospitable locals for drinks and food in the evenings.... maybe too many drinks, in my case...

Got my butt kicked for 5 games, but had a great time, and managed to take home Best Sportsmanship, which I couldn't be happier with :)


Seeing all those Nor Cal guys playing minis has me looking forward to 2018 going into 2019 for 9th Age in the Pacific Northwest! Excited to see the community continue to grow! 

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