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Escalation League: Week Four

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Where: Ordo@717 SE Main St, Portland 

When: 3-7 PM- Pub After!

Points: 180!

Who: You !

Mission: Grab the loot, bring it back home. 

+1 Point for each coin held at the end of the game.

+1 point for each coin held in their deployment zone at the end of the game.

Special Rules:

1) There will be 10 coins in the center zone of the table.

2) Anybody can pick-up a coin with a successful WIP roll.

3) Specialists and models with the scavenger rule get a +3 on the roll.  

3)  It takes a short order to pick-up the coin

4) If the roll is failed, the safety system protecting the coin detonates as if the model was struct by a panzerfaust. (The coin stays intact and the trap re-arms.)

5) Command tokens can be used to re-roll failed attempts. 

6) If a model is killed or goes into a null state, it drops a the coin.

7) A model may carry one coin. Any model with the baggage rule can carry two coins.

8 ) A coin be passed off to a friendly models by spending a short order with another friendly model in base to base contact. 

The Winner has the most points. 



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