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KILL TEAM: Week 6, Mission 6: Extraction

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This is the final mission, league continues until Nov 5. Get those games in and report them in the threads.

Increased to 115 points for final round of experienced vets!

Mission PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/16d0cuPtNlekCJxi9CySiHMUeKkiPxUjb/view?usp=drivesdk


Kill Team League Mission 6: Extraction


1)   Narrative:

You wrap up your new gifts and prepare to head to your extraction point. Apparently someone else is in your way. Time to crash through the enemy lines. You see the extraction ship descending now, make your move!

2)   Battlefield:

Setup the standard 30”x22” mission board with terrain of your choosing. No objective markers required, you’re trying to escape through the enemies lines.


3)   Deployment: (one on one, two on two, or 4 player free for all) – Mission on page 59 of rulebook

a.      Scouting phase (page 49), pick a secret strategy by hiding a D6 and reveal at the same time as opponent.



4)     Objective:

Escape to the extraction zone:

Any player can move their models off the battlefield edge directly opposite their own deployment zone in the Movement phase, if that model’s move is sufficient to take it wholly over that battlefield edge. A model that does so has broken through the enemy lines and made it to the extraction zone. That model takes no further part in the mission (it is not considered to be out of action).


5)     Battle length: 4 turns. After turn 4, roll a 3+ to continue. Turn 5 a 4+, and ends after turn 6.


6)   Victory Conditions:

+5 VP’s if your leader escapes to the extraction zone

+2 VP’s per friendly model that escapes to the extraction zone (max of smallest team size)

+1 VP per enemy model taken out of action (max of smallest team size)

+3 VP’s if enemy team is broken

+1 VP for fully painted kill team OR newly painted model for the kill team

Winning team gains 1 resource, losing team loses 1 resource. If winning score is double or more a losing team’s score, double the spoils (+2/-2 resources). If a draw, no resources gained or lost.


For narrative purposes: At the end of the game roll a D6 for your kill team.

  • On a 1 your extraction ship is blown out of the sky and you're never heard from again
  • On a 2-5 you escape the planet through heavy anti-aircraft fire
  • On a 6 you planted a crude nuclear device that explodes in the capital as you escape the planet

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