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Extra Life - Charity Gaming marathon 11/3

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If you have not heard of it before, Extra Life is a charity event for sick/injured kids. Akin to a running marathon, the idea is to get people to sponsor you to play video games, then commit yourself to a 24 hour gaming spree. All the money goes to a charity of your choice.


The event is sort of odd to me, as the donor donates money based on your ability to play video games for a prolonged period of time, which is not typically seen as a healthy thing to do. Regardless, it's an interesting idea, and perhaps a fun experience. If you find yourself with any free time, go ahead and sign up (takes 1 min) and join our team "Shake and Bake Pretty Cakes". Not sure what we are going to be playing (still working out the agenda), but it sounds like we will have quite the variety. He will be streaming the whole day twitch.tv/fauxnoodel if you just want to stop in for a peek.

Come watch or play, we begin at 12:00am 11/3

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Post event wrap-up.

After CoD Blackops 3 (of which we only played Blackout, which is their Battle Royal variant), we went through a bunch of games fairly quickly. The highlight game was "Golf it" which is a fairly simply made golfing game that has somewhat dubious physics and very plain controls. However, with sleep deprivation, mics, and friends, it actually turned out to be one of the best parts of the whole event, causing side pains from the laughter. It just goes to show that quality of games is far less important than the company with which you play them.

The streamer, Rick, made it all 24 hours! Interestingly enough, the original plan of 5AM to 5AM would have been a 25 hour event, due to Daylight Savings, but we caught that little detail about half way through the day.

I unfortunately tapped our 3 hours early, it appears that no matter how much espresso you drink, there is a limit to how long you can stay awake after only getting a few hours of sleep prior.

Total funds raised was $270 that will go to charities for children! About $120 of this money was pre-event commitments from friends/family, whereas the next $150 came from donations during the stream!

A big thanks to these secret donors. Donating anonymously is such a selfless act, it really is great to see this.

This event was a pretty positive experience. I think next year we need a better set of goals, and a pre-defined lineup of games with a time schedule, to make the event easier to share with folks who may want to drop in and check out a specific game.

This event also got me thinking of trying to bridge out to having a painting marathon for charity. Painting offers a beginning to end sense of accomplishment, and an easy to meter goal where each model painted earns donations at a set rate, much like a marathon runner earns a nickel for every mile they run. 

If anyone reads this and feels inspired to join in the gaming (or possibly painting) next year, send me a PM, or share your thoughts on this thread. Until next year, I will bit you adieu.

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our terrain days see all kinds of painting so no reason not to use the space for something like a painting marathon.

i believe friday and saturday nights are dedicated to the W.O.W. guys and there is sometimes rooms still available.

Saturday days though are definitely doable.

hit me up in a PM and we can see what we can make happen.

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