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RIP Stan Lee

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I cannot begin to adequately sum up how important comic books have been to my life. Although I always leaned more towards other creators’ works more than Stan’s, I think Stan Lee’s greatest creation wasn’t any one character: it was the modern comic book industry itself.

Stan Lee’s creativity, dynamism, and truly outstanding gift for charming the pants off of anyone he ever met allowed him to grow a small-time publisher of funny books into a titan of the industry... and then lead that industry into conquering children’s television, video games, prime time television, and film. No doubt about it, comics would not be the field it is now without smilin’ Stan “The Man” Lee.


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To be honest, I think the most important thing he did was to challenge the conventions regarding subject matter in comics.  Along with artists like Moore, his work to bring controversial topics into comics helped people learn to discuss important topics...  Creating multidimensional characters who worried about acne or dandruff as well as how to save the world was a big step, but bucking the limitations against discussing drug use and social issues in general is, in my opinion, what has separated Marvel from most of its competition (including DC) for years.

Here's hoping that the fight over his estate does not eclipse all the good he has brought to so many people.

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