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March to War III - March 2nd & 3rd @ Guardian Games

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SO, I was going to wait until next week to post this, but I thought I would go ahead and give all you wonderful people here on Ordo an early start!

Some exciting changes are happening with this year's March to War!:

-Due to overwhelming feedback, this March to War will become a 2 day event! 
-The event will take place at Guardian Games, in their 21+ Extra Life / Home Screen rooms. We've got the whole upstairs all to ourselves. Yay beer!
-Our new venue means more room, which means more people can play! Currently, there will be 24 spots available; If there is enough demand, I will see about getting us even more space.

Expect a full, comprehensive rules packet and event page on Facebook to be up soon, but here's the basics:

-4,500 points
-We will be using the Gold Edition rules for this event, expected to be released in December, along with the most current army books (currently V.205)
-Entry fee: $30, which will be used to help cover room rental and prize support.
-As there will be alcohol service, this will be a 21+ event, valid ID required. Please see HERE for Guardian Games alcohol / outside drinks policy.

Want to sign up? Questions, comments, concerns? Simply post here, drop me a message here, or feel free to email me, andrewgeddon@gmail.com

Sign Up List:

1.) Ben Beal
0.) John Gaffrey
3.) Donald Peck
4.) Josh Calonder
5.) Cody Rodriguez
6.) Alex Harrison
7.) Joe Firth
8.) John Leeman
9.) Kenyon Duncan
10.) Omer Korat
11.) Micah Pierce
12.)Alex Easter

Reserves List:

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2 minutes ago, TheBeninator said:

Oh Sweet, Alex is coming!!  Josh too!

Is Joe also from the Davis area? I'm bad with names...

He's from the CA area, not sure about Davis. Apparently he had a somewhat nasty Dwarf list, but also scored really well in sportsmanship (he and I actually tied, heh).

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Wow, just got word that we'll have a big group of our 9th Age family coming up for California for this, 7 people! And just like that, half of the spots are claimed! 

Hope we can see some more of our Ordo brothers and sisters signing up too! Would love to see some Warhamsters make the trek down, you were sorely missed at OFCC! @Sherbert @smashthedean 

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