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Faction Focus - Adepta Sororitas

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So, thinking out loud... Ten Retributors for 90 points, Four Heavy Flamers at 56, CombiMelta on the Superior for 15 and in a Rhino for 75 totals out to 236.

1 CP - Holy Trinity would give them +1 to Wound. However, ALSO 1 CP - Faith and Fury lets them re-roll 1's to wound, but only if they have had a successful test for an Act of Faith.

The only AoF useable in the Shooting Phase is Divine Guidance, which goes off on a 4+.

So, rather than a coin-flip, add in a Simulacrum Imperialis for 10 points, be Order of the Ebon Chalice and get that AoF off on a 2+.

Is it clutch enough to drop a Bolter Retributor and have a Dialogus ride along for the re-rollable 2+ AoF (only 1 in 36 chance of failure)? Might as well have a Canoness ride along in another vehicle for the re-roll 1's to hit aura and bring the Dialogus along in her ride rather than boot a Bolter Retributor out of the unit to make space.

So Turn 1, Drive the Rhino 12" +d6" towards your target. Preferably with a lot of other Rhinos/Immolators/Etc to draw any enemy enmity...

Turn 2, Disembark 3", Move 6" (Or what the hell, 9" with Hand of the Emperor going of on a 2+ as well), to get within the 8" range with the Heavy Flamers (which gets the Bolters within double-tap range).

Assuming everything is in range and that Divine Guidance goes off on a 2+, then pop the 1 CP - Faith and Fury to allow re-rolls of 1's to wound, another 1 CP - Holy Trinity for a +1 to Wound.

Hitting on 2's due to Divine Guidance and in the re-roll 1's Aura of a Canoness then quick estimate mathammer (someone else can run the real numbers) means 5 Rapid Firing Bolters hitting on a re-rollable 2+, the Superior's Combi-Melta also dropping all shots on a 3+ with re-rolling 1's (because Holy Trinity says that EVERYTHING in the unit must fire at the same target) and with 4d6 Heavy Flamer auto hits on top.

So 14-ish S5 AP -1 hits, 10-12 S4 AP - hits and an S8 AP -4 hit with +1 to wound and re-roll 1's to wound.

If shooting Marines, that would be 14-ish 2+ re-rollable wounds, saving on a 4+ from the Heavy Flamers (so maybe 7 unsaved wounds), 10 to 12 Bolters wounding on 3's and re-rolling 1's, saving on 3's (so 3 to 4 unsaved wounds) and a Melta shot re-rolling to wound (for a d6 unsaved wounds) meaning 10 or so Dead Marines or 5 Primaris gone.

Against a Knight the Heavy Flamers would wound on a 4+ and re-roll 1's, saved on a 4+ (meaning 4 wounds get through, assuming no 3++ shenanigans), Bolters wound on 5's, re-rolling 1's (so 1 or 2 get past the armor save) and then the Melta shot wounds on a 3+, re-rolling 1's for another probable 2 d6 damage, pick the highest to get through. Perhaps 6 to 8 or more wounds on a Knight, or a few more to T7 Transport give or take.

So, still just under the cost of two Exorcists at 246 points and supported by a Canoness, Dialogus, an Act of Faith and 2 CP.

Who's ready to throw some heretics on the 'barbie?

Or do the actual mathhammer of this vs. a full squad of Stormbolter Dominions using 1 CP - Blessed Bolts?

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'Tis a bit spendy for what it does, I'll admit.

I've become used to running an almost all Mechanized list and driving enough bolters up in a Canoness's re-roll 1's aura to try and get the job done in Turn 2 or 3.

I'm going to miss those double-moving Seraphim Speedbumps, though.

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