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Planet: Imperial Designation H34-32X 

Northern Continent, coordinates D27 x K87 x A2

"Lieutenant! On me," the gruff voice spoke from dented Gravis Armor. The Ultramarine rank of Captain was all put blasted away from the crash, his cloak torn and shredded. An Ultramarine Lieutenant stood up where he was assisting a battle brother with a dead body. His Mark X armor was immaculate. The Lucky One. All the other Ultramarines sustained some kind of injury or damaged equipment. Not the Lucky One. The Emperor must have smiled on him today. 

Well, thought the Captain, hopefully the Emperor continues to smile on us all after today. 

The burning wreckage of a Stormbird cast cast flickering light across the clearing. Tall trees and churned up earth lent an earthy smell to the clearing. The sun would be up soon, and then the smoke from the wreckage would be seen. They would have to be gone before then. 

"Captain. Battle Brother Antilus didn't make it."

"What do we have left?"

"14 Battle Brothers, small arms, frag and krak grenades. Ammo. Enough for a day, maybe day and a half without resupply."

The Lieutenant sounded like he was reciting a shopping list, not in the least concerned about just crashing on a planet under siege. The Captain expected no less. The psycho-induction training they all received erased all pain, all despair. It was all replaced with the unshakable faith in the God Emperor of the Imperium, and their faith in each battle brother of the Ultramarines, the finest Adeptus Astartes Chapter of His Will. 

"Very well. There is nothing on the command channel from the vox. We must be way off our designated LZ. Based on the anti air we encountered, the rest of the task force is out of action. Finish stripping the Stormbird as much as possible, then destroy it. We must be away from here before dawn."

A highburst squeal suddenly came over the vox. Instantly, all the Ultramarines were in a combat crouch, weapons ready. They formed a loose semi-circle around the Captain and Lieutenant. All of them had weapons pointed at the surrounding trees. 

"The sun sets on the Throne," came over the vox. The Captain calmly stepped forward. 

"The sun never sets so long as He sits on the throne," he spoke out towards the trees. The other Ultramarines relaxed, still weary, but power armored fingers moved away from triggers.

Five Ultramarines, shrouded in Camo Cloaks emerged from the trees. They were lightly armored, but each carried a Mars Pattern Heavy Sniper Rifle. The leader of the scouts stepped forward, saluting the Captain. The Captain returned the salute. 

"Sergeant! You are a sight for sore eyes."

"Hail Captain! You are a long way from your LZ. We're here to get you back to where you belong."

"Very well Sergeant. We are scavenging the Stormbird and harvesting from the dead. We will be ready to move out in eight minutes. Lieutenant, form up the remaining brothers into two squads, designated Alpha and Bravo. I'll take Alpha, you Bravo. Brothers! Vox channel Beta Five Five. The Scouts are now designated Gamma Squad. Force Recon Deployment. Eight minutes. The Emperor has blessed us with this opportunity. We will meet up with our remaining forces, and we will carry out the mission. For the Emperor!" 

"For the Emperor!"     


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