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Haven't seen one of these yet, so post here if you are looking for an opponent for the 40K Escalation League, post here. 

I'm looking for a 500 point game this weekend, Friday after 4:00pm, Saturday or Sunday (Jan 11th-13th). I'm planning on being at WoW on Sunday. Would prefer a game in Vancouver (Mythic Realms, Fate and Fury, or Dice Age) over traveling down to Portland area. 

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I should be there every week for the Tuesday event (WOW) at about 6pm, and often (but not always) at the Sunday Event (WOW) at about 3pm. I play in the GG league on Wednesday at 6pm, though I'm not overly attached to it and would be willing to play a league game instead, also at GG.

I live in Hillsboro/Beaverton and don't really have space to play, but would consider going to another person's home to play. Though I don't drive.

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