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Nathanvoodoo paints spooky ghosts

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3.5 outta 10 stars. 

Contains some, but not enough green. Far to little choppa. Doesn’t seem brutal at all, although does seem pleasingly cunning. 

Would not Waaagh! would only produce keening shrieks, sepulchral moaning and an eerie, dissonant whispering... 

I’m beginning to suspect these aren’t Orcs at all. (One of them has pointy hat. Another some sort of shrubbery. Possible these are elves.)

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17 hours ago, deadwing34 said:

Loving it so far, you are a great...and fast painter. Lets see them hit the table next Tuesday from 6 to 10 at Guardian Games ok....haha! They look great but will they play great?

I’m workin on it. I’ve got 20 reapers built and primed on the bench right now and im just trying to settle in on a paint scheme for em.


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