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Played three games at the last game night. I think its already a staple. Good for when you are waiting for an opponent to arrive. 

The premise is pretty simple. You draw some number of colored tiles from platters in a community pool. All tiles drawn on a turn must be the same color and from the same platter or from the extra pile in the center. Tiles fill rows on your play card which, in turn fill squares on a grid for scoring. Tiles that overflow the row are scored in the negative. Scoring tiles cannot be adjacent to the same color. 

From what I can tell the strategy has less to do with maximizing personal score, though you do want to do this and more to do with sabotaging your opponents. Since drawing tiles is mandatory and you must always draw the maximum number of tiles from the color of your choice a smart opponent will take the opportunity to force negative points. There is a sweet spot about halfway through the game where opportunities to do this present them self. 

It seems possible to employ card counting techniques with the tiles but I didn't play enough games to get that far. It's definitely important to watch your opponents and try to predict what kinds of bonuses they are trying to achieve. You can often force the issue by leaving moves open that are a net gain in points but are marginalized by penalties such that the best move available is a low scoring move. You can also force moves that are negative points but this seems more like a case of luck. It's often possible on the very last round. 

I especially like the visual aesthetic. It's among the most elegant games I've played recently. I could totally see making a custom version out of clay at some point. 



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34 minutes ago, evil_bryan said:

I knew about this game, but got my first play in at Rose City Comic Con.

Based on that play, I bought a copy while I was there and brought it to the club. 🙂

Pretty sure your club copy is what hooked him. We played it last Tuesday with Brick :yourock:


Splendor is next on the list, you've made me an enabler!

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