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Brick Bungalow

Tomb King Team

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I'm curious if someone here is a strong knowledge of Necron bitz and could tell me if it's a reasonable idea to try and create a tomb king team from them. 

Especially, are there a fair number of empty hands or bits that could serve as empty hands? I'd like to avoid the 'hand holding a red bull' look if possible. 


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17 hours ago, Brick Bungalow said:

Of course all grenades and guns and cell phones would be removed. I figure I can always use skeleton hands. Is there a necron elite that would be a good size for a mummy? 

Hmm, praetorians kit is taller than a warrior, but not a ton. How much taller is a mummy in comparison. They're all about the same height though, it's just broader shoulders, taller bits, etc.

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