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Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge 2019 - Event and HoG Announcement, Master Schedule

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Hello fellow members, esteemed guests, and all the rabble!

Please join me in saying a big "Thank You!" to the following Heads of Gaming as they will be running the following events this year at OFCC 2019.

Warhammer 40K - Team Event (Saturday and Sunday 2 Day) - @evil_bryan

Ordo Bowl III: All Araby Derby (Saturday and Sunday 2 Day) - @Weav

The 9th Age Fantasy Battles (Saturday and Sunday 2 Day) - @TheBeninator @Andrewgeddon

Warhammer Age of Sigmar ITC Grand Tournament (Saturday and Sunday 2 Day) - @Threejacks @deadwing34 @KJTW

Warhammer Underworlds Tournament (Saturday Night 1 Day) - @scotthartman

So You Think You Can Terraform Mars (Friday 1 Day) - @Blustorm

Speed PAINTING TOURNAMENT! (Friday 1 Day) - @pretre

While this is our current list of events, we can and will add more. If you want to run an event, have an idea for one, know someone who wants to run something, send me a PM! or @ninefinger or @Raindog! We want to hear from you and make this a great weekend.

The Senate meets on March 16th for a Senate Meeting. All are welcome. It is a great place to discuss details for OFCC.

As details emerge, you will be able to click the link for each event to be taken to the respective subforum that contains all the information you need to attend.

Master Schedule is TBD and will be posted here. Thank you everyone!

Hotel Information is found in this thread.

For the Good of the Order!


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