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For Sale: EPIC Land raider Comm. and Misc terrain

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Just trying to clear out some bits and bobs from the closet. Images attached to this thread. 

Currently selling the following:

Blister pack metal EPIC 40k Land Raider Command. This one looks like a MK2b style land raider for those who it matters for. Still in blister and WAY out of print.
Asking $25 at this time.

Also for sale is this nifty resin Office/Building set from Gale Force 9. The terrain is slightly too large for epic but may be good in Adeptus Titanicus or some other related scale. It was made for Mechwarrior Clicky mechs so if it's still a bit too large than actual battletech scale. It's in really good shape with no breaks or cracks. Comes in foam for an easier transport.
Also looking for $25 for being in super condition.

I can definitely haggle a little bit on these prices and I am willing to do trades. My primary trade is for WH40k/30k(Horus Heresy) Blood angel and affiliated (I.E. marines in spaaaaaaace) models.

PM me if you want some additional pictures or want to meet up to view the goods.




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