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Bromad Academy

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So, I started this initiative called the Bromad Academy. It's intended to encourage players to try new tools on the table and spend time afterwards thinking about it, specifically to improve and broaden their play.  You can read the full Mission Statement if you'd like.  In any case, after talking with folks at Best of the PNW, I decided to start posting the missions here.

It's really important to note that this initiative is NOT Nomads-only! If you play another faction, please consider writing in, and you will get an equal chance at winning the free blister that I raffle off at the end of the month.  I didn't want to talk about something I didn't have experience in, and it's good to limit the context of discussion at the start, so that's why it's Nomad themed.

All you have to do to participate is just play a game following that month's mission parameters, and write in to report@bromadacademy.com with your thoughts on how the game went. Pictures, battle reports, etc. are all optional (but encouraged). Really what we're looking for is a discussion of what happened, for context, and then they why and the how of the decision making in the moment as well as what you learned afterwards.

In any case, here's this month's mission, which is basically play with TAGs:

Sorry for the late posting, but you've got two weeks left in the month to participate, then it'll be on to the next mission!  Thanks for reading.


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