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OFCC Friday ITC Open

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ITCIcon.jpg.feae3afac62b4f87d491107b5593c211.jpgBest Coast Pairings

ITC Rogue Trader Tournament/Grand Tournament/Major (IOT qualify as GT requires 28+ Players/MAJOR requires 52+ Players)

Frontline Gaming Independent Tournament Circuit

OFCC Warhammer 40K Friday Open Best Coast Pairings

1 Day, 3 game 2000 point Tournament at OFCC held at the Downtown Vancouver Hilton 

Event Opening at 10:00 AM Friday, August 16, 2019

If enough players signed up for a GT/MAJOR then the event will expand to 5 games.

Registration through Best Coast Pairings.

Tickets: $20 from the Ordo Fanaticus Store. Pre-Sales price 15$, Get your tickets NOW, NOW, Now, now.. 

There will be approximately 35 tables available for Warhammer 40k match play.

Planned Start time: 10:30, Best Coast Pairings.

Paint Required: 3 paint colors and basing minimum.

Models WYSIWYG: Counts as must be matching height/width and reviewed by TO.

Missions: Currently ITC Champions Missions 2-6, random deployment. However, there is a Poll up for people to vote on to discuss if they want  28 card Maelstrom Annhilation using Chapter Approved 2019, ITC Combined Arms Missions or a modified ITC ChampLite mission set (I am still working on it)

Codex Cutoff: After August 1, 2019 no newly released codices will be used.

Both OFCC and ITC codes of conduct will be in effect.


10:00 Event Opens

10:30 First Round

1:30 2nd Round

4:30 3rd Round 

If enough Players are signed up for GT/MAJOR then:

7:30 4th Round 

10:30 5th Round

Ending 1:00AM August 17, 2019

Standard Match times 2:30 hours with 30 minutes TO discretion/break time between rounds.

Prize Draw Metrics:

Most Favorite Opponent (Sportsmanship)

Player's Choice (Paint/Presentation)

Hobby Tracking (Paint/Presentation)

Won/Played (Gamesmanship)

Event Posting is WIP

Questions/Comments/Concerns my phone is 503-957-7906 or PM me, @peter.cosgrove.



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