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Which is more irratating....?

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Which is more irratating, FAQs with good support that slowly, but eventually solve your questions about a product? Or, FAQs that just don't answer any questions?


I'll have a warmachine/hordes question that seems simple enough, but it's often up to 6 months before I have a clear answer. They get very POed if you are impatient, but they do answer the question.


On the other hand, I've got GW which doesn't answer any of the questions I have with 40k. They have a call in service known for it's inability to answer game questions with any consistency. They even have a special rule that says to flip coin to settle rules disputes.


Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the help I get. I'm amazed that I get irritated by both help and lack of help. Am I that unreasonable where nothing satisfies me?

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My answer depends entirely on what kind of game I am playing.


Essentially it boils down to competitive nature.  We all think we're literate people and we know what the rules say.  We make choices in the game based on our understanding of those rules.  In the case that your opponent doesn't agree with your rule interpretation, especially in a miniatures game, it's too late to say "well, I would not have done that" and undo the turn you have just taken.  This is particularly egregious in the case of a game that is 2-3 hours long when adopting your opponent's point of view means you just threw the game away.


I cannot excuse GW's behavior.  In short it means that any time I don't like what just happened all I have to do is say I don't agree with the rule and stick with it until my opponent gives in and concedes a coin flip or just concedes the match.  (I don't think I would ever do that but I have been in situations where I felt that was being done and it's one reason I quit playing the current edition.)


I'm unhappy with the way PP handles things but at least they try to resolve their rules.  I'm willing to accept that an answer might be slow because if you are trying to write good rules you don't want to throw out a hasty answer that opens up a can of worms somewhere else.  It doesn't solve the problem now or even for the next game but (generally) it means a more stable, coherent ruleset.  I should also add that I have not played Warmachine in two years either so I don't know if they have become less consistent since then.

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