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Brother Glacius

Swap meet? Trade thread? you decide

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Guest Mr. Bigglesworth

What I will be bringing:


2k plus dark eldar force in mixed stages of painting

Ig cadian shock troops and command squads about 100 pair of boots

Miss step malifaux

M2e mcmourning plastic force

Misc minis

2 boxes if comics want them gone make an offer notable runs dmz, sixth gun and a lot of mini series.


I would prefer cash but also plastic malifaux neverborn, gremlins, outcast. I might be interested in other items. 40k wise tau, space marines.


The dark eldar force I don't want to lug up so please pm or grab me on Friday if interested.

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Okay, so I've got three hard cases that I picked up from Jollyork years ago that I would love to get rid of. Make me any offer and they are probably yours:





Left has uncut foam, middle has 'custom cut foam' meaning I cut it with a steak knife and the right has two infantry trays.


Edit: Finally traded off my BFSP.

Hey - Pretre - you still have the uncut foam case your showing here?  I am interested… I need something for my Phantom Titan :D  I will be at OFCC friday night sometime :D



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Yeah, I still have one. You're talking the one on the left? I can bring it.

yeah - the "uncut" one - :D  - on the left… MY LEFT.. yes…  :tongue:


I will get out of work at 3… I should be down to the event by 3:30-ish friday



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I'm going to be packing the following:

NIB FW Ork glyphs ($12)

NIB FW Games Day Boarding Marine ($25) x2

NIB FW Cadian Upgrade pack - Shotguns ($15)

NIB FW Inq Chimera Upgrade ($8)

NIB FW SoB Rhino Rear Door ($8) x2

NIB Dark Eldar Ur-Ghul ($15)

NIB Necron Trazyn ($15)

NIB Callidus Assassin ($15)

Culexus Assassin ($15)

NIB Steel Legion Lascannon ($10)

Steel Legion HB ($10)

Steel Legion Missile ($10) x2

Bag of Legion of the Damned - first gen - 15 models (inc some special weapons), backpacks, bolters and shoulder pads ($50)


may have a couple of other things... let me know if you want to purchase these an I'll be looking for you!

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