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WarPorch Games Day: Would love some WarmaHordes folks!

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I've been running Games Days at my house for a few years now with a more 40k bent to them as that's my main squeeze, but I have a few friends who don't post on Ordo who bring WarMachine and we're hoping to make more of a WM/H presence at the event.  


The next one is going to be on Sept 19th and the info is HERE.  


This is an Ordo-sponsored event and we should have some good terrain and tables to play on as well as a passel of cool folks.  


If you'd like more info about WarPorch events, check HERE.  


If you'd like to come and don't mind posting on Facebook, go HERE to let me know you're coming, or you can hit me with a PM.  


Basically, would love to get more Warmachine action at Haus Fluger.  I'm still a novice to the game, but it appeals to me and I have a small Khador force.  


Just let me know.  



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