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Kingdom death monster amazing!

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23 minutes ago, shmitty said:


They are working well.  I have had a couple of forearms split when drilling the hole, but nothing irreparable.

I am only magnetizing wrists and necks currently.  I'll get some pictures up later.

I'll order some. Have to stop by Tammie's Hobby's & get a drill too. I was gonna do hands with weapons attached and arms as all separate pieces because I hate myself, apparently. :) It gives me something to do until Wave 2 ships, at least. 

Using this as a go-to: https://boardgamegeek.com/thread/1694918/magnetizing-kingdom-death-monster-survivors-primer


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Just got back from Tammie's Hobbies & I really don't have enough nice things to say about them. They had everything I needed for magnetizing & even helped me find it all in the store. Overall I paid about $50 so it wasn't too bad & I should have enough supplies to magnetize at least 30 mini's. YAY TAMMIE'S HOBBIES!!


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So far the work magnetizing has been totally worth it.  It’s fun swapping the gear around and the wife enjoys things more when the people look right.  

Been busy painting and magenetizing, but also have a couple of campaigns going.  I’ll put up some photos of the magentized survivors soon. 

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