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Kingdom death monster amazing!

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Latest campaign update

Additions: Manhunter, Gorm, Lion Knight, Spidicules (not replacing Antelope), Lion God, Dung Beetle Knight, Flower Knight, Lonely Tree, Slenderman.

Everything went pretty smooth. I got some early gorm weapons, couple rawhide sets & started working on leather by LY5. I replaced the kingsman with Slender because a) [big bad swear word] the kingsman & b) [big bad swear word] the kingsman. The Slender fight is TONS better & the rewards are well worth it. None of that "You won so now you get cursed & your survivor gets hosed" nonsense. Slender offers some great early gear as well as the potential to build Gloom Cream which de-levels survivors...cause murder sucks.

I did a total of ONE lion god LY17 or so. It wasn't awful. I had no idea what to expect & all I had heard was "it moves terrain & throws it at you". SPOILER: It does move terrain & throws it at you. All-in-all the level 1 wasn't terrible. It's a dps race with the Lion God doing a hefty amount of damage to someone each round & the survivors trying to kill it before the armor starts to run super low. All this while trying to anticipate it's next move & set someone up to bear the brunt of it's attacks. Harder than the level 1 Dung Beetle Knight, not as hard as a level 3 Phoenix. The gear is sick too. You get a Necromancer's Eye (cat eye circlet but it scouts 4 cards & gives 2 head armor) & some kind of worm pet that follows you back & turns one person into a badass necromancer. Then if that person dies the worm goes back again & does it to someone else! YAY! WORMS!

I got through all 4 manhunter fights fairly easily thanks to the new Survival of the Fittest rules & some evasion stacking on a tank character. At LY23 or so I thought, to hell with it, let's try a level 3 phoenix. So we set off & tracked the beast. Round 2 the phoenix pulls Cackle (double your age tokens) & I thought "well, all my guys have like 3 tokens each. Let's see if deja vu is in the deck". I scouted & started whacking on it with a Dragon Slayer/Black Sword, scouted some more & sure enough; Deja Vu.

Three more rounds of milking age tokens put me at a hefty 65+ & I popped deja vu for a complete game reset taking some amazing weaponry back in time to decimate the poor level 1 lion with a Black Sword, Vespertine Bow & Dragon Slayer. Add in a Manhunter toolbelt & someone wielding a pickaxe & that poor cat didn't know what hit it.

After backing up I figured it would be an ideal time to see what this green armor all the kids are raving about has going on. That means katars. That also means lots & lots of missing. So much missing. Lion katars are THE WORST.

This go-around I changed the lineup because green armor requires gunning at specific things insanely fast. Lion God is out, Tree is out, Manhunter stays cause I ate his heart last time (damn it!) & lion knight stays which is fine..I guess. Lion Knight really isn't too bad. It's unique fight-wise & not overwhelmingly difficult but the level 3 fight can take 1.5-2 hours. It's a ton of positioning to pull off & awareness of who has what role & when to pop the skill to change those roles. I'd say this would be the longest fight in the game if you ran with 4 people (or possibly I'm just awful at the game. Could go either way, really). The armor you get from the caravan is also insanely good but can't be worked on AT ALL if you're trying for green. There's just no time to do both. Even rolling armor felt close with the plant cycle.

Years 1-16 are a mess as the innovation deck just gets CRAMMED with stuff mainly thanks to Gorm. Free Ammonia can't be passed up. Neither can free Hovel. At the same time you need all the Gorm Brains you can get your hands on to get those sweet, sweet potions which means taking a Fist/Tooth survivor with all the luck you can manage into every fight & mainly gunning for level 2's.

Having Gloom Cream in this spot is ideal as you need katar mastery by LY 16 & you have to beat the Lion Knight. Being able to de-level the katar master to avoid murder is amazing. I've been using it fairly consistently on people I don't want to die & sending them to do level 1 Gorm's just to lose some xp.

So far I've made it to LY27 on the new campaign & pulled out Fetorsaurus, Griswaldo, the chest piece, arms & head. The chest went to the wayside on a Vestiphobia pull (ffs) & the head got trashed when the survivor pulled Narcissist but she made up for it by also getting Fencing & then True Blade. Which is almost as goo...no it sucks. It totally sucks. What an unlucky damn draw that was. The Vestiphobia hurts too mainly because I can't build another one. You can only get it from the level 3 Lion Knight which you only fight once per campaign & then he effs off to whatever weird actor town he came from. L.A. I guess, now that I think about it. He effs off back to L.A.

The Fetorsaurus is pretty great in that it's a shield but it hits on a 5 & adds 9str. That's amazing for working on shield mastery. The Griswaldo I'm on the fence. It's 3/4/15 Sharp/Deadly/Savage. So it has the potential to do 4 wounds per attack. Paired with another survivor wielding a Dragon Slayer that's possibly 12 wounds per round between the two. The issue is the 3 speed. 2 is fine, imo. I ended up putting the sword on someone with a -1 speed just to avoid potential traps & make it a bit easier on the person using the Necromancer's Eye. Reliably being able to wound anything is great, reliably hitting a trap every time you attack not so much. Another nice thing it has going for it is it also gives you free Block 2 if you wound & have the Feto equipped. So between the two a survivor can get right in a monsters face, whack on it & not even care for the most part. Paired with a mix of Lantern Armor & you're usually heading out with 10 armor at all locations & someone that can block for free when they wound with, from what I can tell, the most powerful sword in the game.

All in all, I like the Green Armor. It made it feel like a new campaign almost as it's a lot of stuff I wouldn't normally even try for (katar mastery, level 3 flower knight, etc.) & adds some deadlines to the campaign other than the obvious "End of Campaign". There's quite a bit of tension on resource pulls & a HEFTY amount of resource management to make sure you're only buying exactly what you need now & over the next 5 years. Juggling it all with DBK plant/harvest cycles & keeping people alive & it definitely spices up the base campaign. I don't know how people pull it off without using a tactic like Deja Vu but I imagine it's a LOT of planning out what they're doing ahead of time each year in advance. I went in half- blind with an ingredient list & no specific plan at all & managed to pull off most of it AFTER resetting my campaign with fairly decent gear...which I then promptly lost to bad disorder pulls. Damn it, Poots!

Who else is running a campaign with some cool stuff happening? Share some stories! Share some sunstalker strategies too! That guy(squid? thing?) wrecked me on my one & only attempt.

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A campaign going after the Green Knight armor does sound like fun, but I don't have all the requisite expansions.  We are finishing up our current vanilla campaign then we will probably get one going focusing on all of the new expansion quarries that we do have.

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