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Attn: Tau Army stolen in Gresham 3.5 Weeks ago.

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Hi there. I need some assistance, about 3-4weeks ago, it was discovered that my friend lost a large Tau army during one of my extended stays in the hospital. I found out tonight. It was mostly black with silver details. Approx 3-4 Devil fish, 3 hammerheads, 13 Crisis suits, 5 of them were based red and about 40 fire warriors. Have you seen this army or any new Tau players recently? Thanks. I have pictures. I am on a crusade to find it and get it returned.


One of the Crisis Suits is jump Kicking a Space Marine in the face...


Feel free to email me with questions or to join in the crusade.






P.S Items in Orange are missing, they were in a black case, pull out handle/wheels, and silver trim.



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I'd check guardian games. They do cash for 40k armies faster than most.


They keep some records, but the big issue with most miniature armies is that they are difficult to verify who owns them. I check their bits often and might have seen them, but there's nothing I'm seeing in your photo that I am certain is unique to your army, so I'm not sure if I've seen them or not.

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