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Fall FoW Tournament - Time-On-Target 2016 (Official Thread)

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1) Title: Time-On-Target
2) What: 1550 point Late-War Flames of War tournament
3) Date: Saturday, September 17th, 2016
4) Where: Guardian Games, Portland OR
5) Hosts: Presented by Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Ranger Group and Guardian Games.
6) Format: 3 rounds, 2.5 hours per round, 60 min lunch break
7) Times: Check-in 10 AM, Awards end 8 PM
8) Setup:
     a) Friday night (10:00-11:00 PM)(Plan A) or
     b) Saturday morning (10-11 AM)(Plan B), depending on volunteers.
     c) Barca will update this and the schedule, below when we know which setup we can do.

9) Early-Bird and Eye-Opener Breakfast (“Dutch Treat”, social and optional):
     a) Date/Time: Saturday, 9/17, 8:00-9:30 AM
     b) Location: Original Hotcake House
     c) Address = 1002 SE Powell Blvd, Portland, OR 97202
     d) MENU: www.hotcakehouse.com

     e) barca will be there at 8.
     f) If you are not familiar with that area, check MapQuest, Google Maps or your GPS system.

     g) Driving directions from Original Hotcake House to GG provided in paragraph 31, below
10) Tournament, Saturday:

    Friday evening Setup
    Activity - Start - End
    Check-in [1] - 10:00 AM - 10:15 AM
    Meeting - 10:15 AM - 10:30 AM
    Round 1 - 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    Lunch (60 min)[2] - 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
    Round 2 - 2:00 PM - 4:30 PM
    Break - 4:30 PM - 4:45 PM
    Round 3 - 4:45 PM - 7:15 PM
    Compile results - 7:15 PM - 7:30 PM
    Awards - 7:30 PM - 8:00 PM
    Tear Down - 8:00 PM - 8:30 PM
    Store Closes: 10:00 PM
    [1] Check-in time cannot be set any earlier, due to store hours.
    [2] Recommended lunch locations:

  • Might be a food truck at GG?
  • Burger King, 1525 SE Grand Avenue, Portland (5 blocks south of GG)
  • f&b cafe at rejuvenation, 1100 SE Grand Ave, Portland, OR 97214 (1 ½ blocks east of GG)
  • Denny's, 425 NE Hassalo St, Portland OR, Open until 1:00 AM http://locations.dennys.com/OR/PORTLAND/246800

11) Entry Fee: $25.00, $20.00 payable: (gate fee reduced due to generous sponsorship by Guardian Games)
    a) before the tournament via PayPal (address TBD, setting up an account - check back) Not doing PayPal this time (edit)
    b) beforehand, if you see barca before the tournament, you can pay in person, or
    c) On day of tournament - cash/check (cash preferred) at Guardian Games, to barca at check-in time.
    d) You will get a receipt: either electronically if PayPal, or by dead-tree receipt, if paid in person.
    e) Do not try to register with a store clerk. They will not have a sign-up sheet, nor will they be authorized to take your payment.

12) Prizes:
    a) Prizes vary in value. Total value depends on number signed up.
    b) Only one prize per entrant.
    c) Prizes “awarded” by Ticket Draw format. First ticket drawn gets first pick from the prize table. Limited to one pick per person.
    d) Tickets awarded as follows:
        i) Each registered and paid entrant gets one ticket
        ii) One ticket per win
        iii) One ticket for Best Painted Platoon (only one winner in this category)
        iv) One ticket for Best Presented Army (only one winner in this category)
        v) One ticket for Best Sportsman (only one winner in this category)
        vi) It is possible for the same person to win more than one “Best” category.

13) Recognition & Results:
    a) Winner of each Best category will be announced.
    b) Ticket draw and prize collection.
    c) One prize pick per person.
    d) “Duplicate” tickets ignored.
    e) Drawing continues until each player has picked a prize.
    f) Rankings, by wins and points will be announced
    g) Results will be added to this thread by midnight, Sunday, SEP 18 (edit).

14) How to Sign Up: Post in this thread.

15) Missions: Will be announced before each round. One from each group:

  • Defensive Battle (TBD)
  • Mobile Battle (TBD)
  • Fair Fight (Free-For-All)

16) Lists: lists are to be made from official Battlefront late-war lists. Lists should be sent / e-mailed to:


for verification by SEP 14th (edit).

17) FoW FAQ: We will be using the updated late-war books/lists that come out and the latest LFTF:

Lessons From the Front, Last Updated on 3 September 2015.

18) Tables & Terrain: If you'd like to bring terrain for a table, let me know.

19) Ringer:
a) If an odd number of players checks in, then JamesB/barca will throw in with either an Axis or Allied army, to ensure everyone has an opponent. As the organizer, JamesB/barca will not get any tickets, and therefore, no prizes.
b) If someone else would like to play, but not compete for victory points/standings, then they can volunteer to be the Ringer. If this Ringer pays $10.00 (not the entire tournament fee), then they get one ticket. If they pay nothing, they play, but get no tickets.
c) The Ringer must have played in a FoW tournament before SEP 17.
d) The Ringer follows all the requirements of the tournament entrants: Painting, Army List, etc.

20) Painting and Basing:
a) Painted in correct uniform/vehicle colors for army & nationality
b) 3-color min for figures
c) 2-color minimum for vehicles.
d) Base flocking encouraged, but not required.
e) No “raw” bases. Unflocked bases should be painted/tinted in an appropriate ground/vegetation color.
f) Proxies: should be written annotations in printed list

21) Army Lists:
a) Printed, not hand-written
b) 5 copies: 1 for organizer, 1 per opponent and 1 you keep with you.
c) Do not count on copy services being both nearby and open on Saturday before 10 AM.

22) Special Rules:
a) You must have either the relevant intelligence handbook for your army, or a printed/photo copy of the special rules from the intelligence handbook, for special rules not in the rulebook.
b) If you use Forces of War, then those rules will come with your army list.
c) As a courtesy, and to speed things up, if your Army List is not from Forces of War, then it is recommended (but not required) that you have a printed sheet with your army/warrior special rules, that you can loan to your opponent. If you do so, you only need one copy.

23) Sportsmanship:
a) You will rate your opponent on sportsmanship: (in tournament pack, attachment #2).

24) Emergency departure during the tournament:
a) If you have to leave unexpectedly, please:
• Notify your opponent
• Notify the tournament organizer
• Assign a proxy to collect your prize.

25) Best Painted Platoon: (in tournament pack, attachment #2)

26) Best Presented Army: (in tournament pack, attachment #2)

27) Volunteers:

  • Need volunteers for table setup (terrain), and table tear-down (you can do either or both). Contact James (barca).

28) Additional details: Check with JamesB/barca at grognard_fow@yahoo.com, or PM on the Ordo forum.

  • All this information (except for sign-ups) is repeated in the PDF file that you can download: here. (not yet available, check back)

29) Store rules and policies, including PARKING (see attachment #1, below)
a) Read BEFORE the tournament.
b) Posted here: (in tournament pack, attachment #2)

30) Signed up:
Note: if you would like to play, but don’t want to compete, see the “Ringer” section, above.

name/handle, paid, list verified, nation, list playing, book used
1. Ed A/Centurious, no, yes, Germany,Infantry SS-Panzergrenadierkompanie, Atlantik Wall

2. Steve M/taran.shannara, no, yes, Hungarian, Tank Company, Grey Wolf revised

    Sigognac, no, no, Romanians, TBD , Red Bear? Probably not attending, transportation issues
3. Mike McS/fingolfen, no, yes, German, Schwere Panzerkompanie, Bridge at Remagen
4. Zach B/Zach, no, yes, Italy, Infantry-Compagnia Paracadutisti,Fortress Italy


name/handle, paid, list verified, nation, list playing, book used
1. Bill N/noland, no, yes, US, Infantry company (99th ID), Devil's Charge
2. Mike McH/ZeroMoon17, no, yes, UK, Infantry - Royal Engineers, Market Garden
3. Jacob A/Souldier3. no, yes, USSR, Tankovy,Read Bear
4. Ben P/?, no, yes, US, Tank - Tank Company (3AD), Bridge at Remagen


Ringer: James B/barca, N/A (Ringer & organizer), Yes, USSR, Tank Company: Peredovoye Otryad (Fwd Det), Red Bear

Ringer may play "Blue-on-Blue" if necessary, to balance the roster.


31) Driving directions from Original Hotcake House to GG (in tournament pack, attachment #2).


#1, PARKING: FoW-Event-parking.pdf FoW-Event-parking.pdf
#2, EVENT PACKET: FoW-Time-On-Target-2016-09-17-Tournament-Pack.pdf FoW-Time-On-Target-2016-09-17-Tournament-Pack.pdf

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My concern would be the $25.  It's a little steeper than most tournaments are, plus the expense of travel.  Was there a reason for that cost point?  

I would assume that the whole $25 goes towards prize support.  GG doesn't charge for a venue space, and there shouldn't be any other expenses for the tournament, so its just going towards bigger prizes.

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Updated this post 6/28

ZM is right. No rental.
1. Better prizes. Will have some of new and shiny in the mix.
2. More prizes. One per participant, on sliding scale of cost.
3. Little left of previously purchased discounted merchandise. My Xmas and black Friday 2015 prize stock mostly exhausted. Majority of my shopping during those two periods was for FoW tournament prizes in 2016.
4. I don't keep any funds for myself. If anything left over after prizes paid for, then prizes and/or funds applied to next FoW tournament that I run.
5. As the organizer, I am not taking any prizes.
6. If prize support comes in from other sources, then I will review the fee and do a partial refund, if the ledger balances.
7. Sponsorship in FoW not strong these days. If someone can help me get better sponsorship, pm me. Working on sponsorship. May have something in pipeline, but if so, it will only be a fraction of the prizes I am planning.

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1. If I am US and get ToT...do I get any special bonuses for matching the title to my crippling special rule?


2. Recommend an earlier start time since the drive back puts me in at 0000 roughly. I will still roll with the group but an earlier rise is preferred to a later crawl.

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1. If I am US and get ToT...do I get any special bonuses for matching the title to my crippling special rule?

intriguing idea.

Make a proposal for a specific event or chain of events, that requires skill or judgement, more than just luck, then I might come with something.

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2. Recommend an earlier start time since the drive back puts me in at 0000 roughly. I will still roll with the group but an earlier rise is preferred to a later crawl.

Working on starting 1 hr earlier and ending 1 hr earlier. Give me a few days to be certain

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I know that GG is going to be busy that friday night, but since we have to be there anyways at 10pm to set up, would it be possible to play a game or two of Team Yankee Friday night before we set things up?

Good idea. If u want to reserve a table for 8-10 PM FRI, I will be there, with my TY stuff.

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Good idea. If u want to reserve a table for 8-10 PM FRI, I will be there, with my TY stuff.

Sure I'll reserve two tables just in case we get a couple other Team Yankee coming in from out of town.


Edit:  Reservation made and confirmed

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