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Adeptus Titanicus Rumors

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7 hours ago, pretre said:
created : about 2 hours ago


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Hello again everyone !!

Titanicus seminar :
-Main stuff in plastic
-Upgrades and options in resin
-Grand master box have everything to play but you can start by buying separate rules and models.
-Released in August

@Source is Leakycheese@Leaky_cheese / https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKyxWHBgWEFjqsI_6iAW6vw

hype is real !


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Mini knight painted with NMM ?
Thumb whfestliveblog titanicus6wk

NMM ? in games workshop ? 😄


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Thumb dc kllcxkaac5vi
Thumb dc klk7wkayu3o


7 hours ago, Andrewgeddon said:





Whoops, new page

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OK, so that puts the Knights on 40mm rounds, the Reaver on a 105x70mm oval (Ironstrider/Carnifex base), and the Warlord on the 120x92mm (Trygon/Flyer) base instead of the 170x105mm (Knight) base I was kind of expecting. I guess that one's getting reserved for the Imperator, and then there are a couple of options for the Warhounds.

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