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OFCC 2017 Friday Night 40K  

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  1. 1. Kill Team or Combat Patrol?

    • Kill Team @ 200 Pts
    • Combat Patrol @ 400 Pts

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I'd like to run a 40k event Friday night.  It will be a low points value, 3 round fun event.  Here are my two thoughts:


Combat patrol: 400 pts, with restrictions on vehicles, multi wound models and using a special CAD.  Advantages would be that it's basic 40k and any special rules would be in the packet 




Kill Team: 200 pts Using straight up Kill Team rules.  This means anyone participating would need those rules.



Either way this will be a narrative light event, with Trophies for goofy things and a Peoples Choice award for army appearance.  Expect wacky crap to happen during the games like Meteor Strike! and Earthquake!


So I need community feedback to decide what the event is, so I can write up a proposal to the Tsars and Senate for it's inclusion.


Poll closes Nov 8.

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Love the ideas, Scott! I picked Kill Team only so it might allow for 4 rounds/quick games and more time for shenanigans.


I see the advantage of the simplified special rules with Combat Patrol. I might come back and change my mind. Voting for KT for now.

I'm similarly on the fence about it, but was leaning slightly more toward the simplified special rules. Might also go back and change later.

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where are the rules (official?) for Combat Patrol?  Kill team - has a book so that was easy.  But all I can find is a game day sheet for combat patrol - and I am not sure this is exactly what your aiming for.




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