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Breaching the 'Faux 2017 - Apr 15/16 - Bellevue WA

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Glad you're all excited for the event! We've had a few drops and ticket sales weren't as brisk as I hoped, which I think is mostly due to the Portland scene having died down considerably compared to last year. However, we should have 32 people there, so we'll run with five rounds rather than six and let everyone have a little extra time for Sunday games and get home a little early.

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I am working on my final three models. This is the most I have painted for several years. Going in with 8 new models.

Unfortunately, the south of Portland crew is suffering from a mix of bad timing and too lazy to travel beyond Portland (the Malifaux scene has been pretty slow down here so there is not a lot of motivation to travel to a large event that is far away)... But I'll be there to represent.

Is Mox's a game shop or just a Gaming Tavern? I am not familiar.

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11 minutes ago, Yarbicus said:

Mox is store, pub, and play space.


And done with painting! Just got to get my models onto their bases which I have almost all done and get the toys all packed up.

Steve, I have your Infinity dudes in my car so I'll have to screw up really badly to leave them behind!

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