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Enfilade 2017, 1650pt Late War tournament (official thread)

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What: 1650 point Late-War Flames of War tournament v3 rules

Ruleset: version 3 flames of war with FAQ.

Date: May 27th, 2017

Where: State Room, Red Lion Hotel Olympia, WA, at the NHMGS Enfilade Convention

Hosts: Presented by Rose City Dukes and Duchesses Ranger Group

Sponsors: Battlefront Miniatures and Taran Design Studio


Player Check in at 9:00 AM

Player Meeting at 9:15 AM
Round 1 (2h30m) start 9:30-12:00 PM
Round 2 (2h30m) start 1:00- 3:30 PM
Round 3 (2h30m) start 4:00-6:30 PM

Awards Ceremony ~6:45 PM

Team Yankee games will follow the tournament in the 7PM to 11PM time slot in the same space.


Entry Fee: You MUST be registered for the convention Enfilade Historical Miniature Gaming Convention but no other fee is required.

If you want the day only reg that can be done in person at the registration desk at the convention. Weekend rate can be purchased online.  The preliminary event list (PEL) for all games at the convention can be found either on the nhmgs yahoo group or facebook page.


Prizes: There will be awards given out for top generals, best painted/presentation, and some random ones too.


Website: Results will be posted on Ordo and at rosecitydukes.wordpress.com


How to Sign Up: Sign up for convention, (use the tournament event sign up if they have one as it lets them know that the space we get is well used), email pdxwar@gmail.com, and post here that you are signed up.  We'll update the roster below with the information.


Missions: Will be one of each type random draw during the player meeting.


Lists: Lists are to be made from official Battlefront v3 late-war lists. Lists should be sent to pdxwar@gmail.com for verification by May 25th.  Forces of War list preferred but easy army, xls, or txt format is ok as well.


FoW FAQ: Currently 3 September 2015 FAQ.


Tables: If you'd like to bring terrain for a table, let me know as it is appreciated.


Additional Questions:  Check with SteveM (taran.shannara on Ordo), post on this tread, or email pdxwar@gmail.com



Signed up:

name/handle, pre-registered, list verified, nation/list playing


1. Ed A. / Centurious, yes, yes, German SS-Panzergrenadierkampfgruppe (Totenkopf)

2. James B. /barca, yes, yes, German Panzer Ausbildungs Verband (with Veteran)

3. David S. / Bolo , at door, yes, German

4. Dan / ?, at door, yes, German Volksgrenadierkompanie (12.)

5. Josef M. / Lord Hanaur, yes, yes, Panzergrenadierkompanie Infantry

6. Len H./  ?, yes, yes, German Berlin Kampfgruppe

7. Nelson / at door?, yes, German 512. Schwere Panzerjägerkompanie







1. Jason N. / JasonSkee,yes, yes, British Airlanding

2. Beau T. / Corky272, yes, yes, United States, Rifle company 2nd Infantry Division

3. Ben P. / Bpoli7, yes, no, United States

4. Bill N. / Noland, yes, yes, United States Parachute Infantry

5. Jacob A. / Souldier3, at door, yes, Soviet Hero Tankovy Brigada (Guards)

6. David B. / ?, yes, no, United States Airborne Engineer Combat Company (Parachute)

7. Dale A./ Komissar, yes, no, yes, Soviet Hero Gvardeyskiy Tyazhelyy Tankovy Polk (Red Army)

8. Steve Z / Zeke, at door, yes, United States Glider Rifle Company

9. Ryan M. / lazarus, at door, yes, Soviet Tankovy

10. Scott E. / ?, yes, no, United States Tank Company


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Hi all,

I have not pre-paid/ registered but I will be registering the day of just for the FoW tourney.

I'll be playing Russians


Also my brother in law, Dan will also attend and will be bringing Germans. 

Lists will be submitted soon!

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Thursday evenings at Guardian Games (a.k.a. "GG") (6:30-10:00 PM) will be focused on Flames of War version 3 rules ENFILADE practice until the end of May.

Bring your LW ENFILADE army, or a proxy to check yours army list and improve your tactics...

...or just be hamburger for someone else.:biggrin:

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Any FoW tournament gamers interested in a Team Yankee event at ENFILADE?

In the ENFILADE PEL: EH-178 Team Yankee Team Battles: The Battle of Alfeld
by James Billingham, Team Yankee, 4 hrs, State Room, 12 players, Some Rules Experience Preferred
Team Yankee Battle of Alfeld, Red Storm Rising. Warsaw Pact forces must cross the Weser River. NATO must stop them and counterattack. Players supply their own armies, 100 pts. Two rounds, 90 min. ea. Each member of the winning Team will get a prize! More info and signup at Team Yankee at Enfilade 2017:


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1 minute ago, Noland said:

Do you guys want me to dress a table or is it under control? I am more than happy to support and could do two tables if asked.


Was just getting ready to email everyone but will answer here.

All, Yes please, if you desire to bring terrain for a table please do so as it is much appreciated; not required but sure helps. Email me at pdxwar@gmail.com to let me know for sure that you are bringing it. Such as, an entire table worth including grass mat or just terrain.  Thanks.

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