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  2. Another map, this time from my perspective as a player.
  3. The session was not fun. My wife threaten to quit the game.
  4. By disaster do you mean the for the characters or was the session not fun? I get the impression of the latter from youd post.
  5. Yesterday
  6. I'd be interested in any models you have. I'm going to try printing an Orca dropshot for my next print project, after the recon lance.
  7. I must not derp. Derp is the reputation-killer. Derp is the little-death that brings epic fail. I will face my derp. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the derp has gone there will be nothing. Only clue will remain.
  8. Smoking will kill you. Bacon will kill you too. But smoking bacon will cure it.
  9. One of my campaign maps
  10. Dude. You can’t just post pictures of camel toe here. This is a family friendly forum.
  11. I think AoS is a fine game mechanically, with a few of the quibbles about this unit or that unit, a few ambiguities, and a couple of typos... But that’s typical of any complex game. Games Workshop makes fabulous miniatures, that’s simply not a question. Even the models that I don’t particularly like the looks of (e.g., Ossiarchs) are extremely well designed, highly detailed, et cetera. But, man, do I hate the AoS setting. Although there is definitely a part of me that has a lot of nostalgic affection for the old WHFB world (having spent decades of my life playing WHFB, WHFRP, etc) bu
  12. Camel's feet are big and wide to keep the camel from sinking into loose and shifting sands, and the webbing between the toes unites them into a single surface to further resist sinking. As you can see from the picture below, the feet of the Irregular Miniature's camels falls far short of proper camel feet (they look more like deer hooves), so I made my own. I also used greenstuff to repair the tail tuft, which was deformed by the model's poor casting.
  13. I've been re-reading the Wheel of Time series again. I just love Jordan. Not so thrilled about the ending books by Sanderson or whatever his name is. Not that he's a bad writer, but after so many years of Jordan, it is very hard to see someone else write his characters.
  14. I'm still struggling with the fact that I didn't post any of this. AoS has some amazing models. I've even bought a few armes just because I liked the models. But I feel absolutely no connection to the game at all. There is a major piece missing with AoS and that is "why does any of this matter?" The Old World made sense. The struggle the various races had made sense. It gave you one more reason to field an army. And maybe it is silly, but it is important. I painted up a dwarf army because I wanted to help take back the holds, or drive away the gobbos. I own a Kharadron army. Sizeable too.
  15. Ok, been soaking them in... Know No Fear - Dan Abnett - Reread, still up there with Thousand Sons and Prospero Burns in enjoyable reads from 30K Mechanicum - Graham McNeill - 30K WTF on Mars!?! Want big stompy Titan battles? Vengeful Spirit - Graham McNeill - 30K How Horus gets buffed for the big boss fight. Also weird Knights. Fury of Magnus - Graham McNeil - 30k I picked this up thinking it was a follow up Prospero Burns, but dropped me right into the middle of the Siege of Terra. Which looking back at the cover was the subtitle. Oh well, I've never been able to acquire
  16. So as I seeing some gathering interest I’m going to work at putting some kind of intro thing together for Tuesdays. I will make a new post when I get it ready.
  17. Harrumph! I say to you, sir. Everything you said is completely accurate and truthful, but nevertheless— Harrumph!
  18. If we manage to #SavePackman, I will totally be painting his helmet yellow and the helmets of these guys red, pink, cyan, and orange...
  19. Last week
  20. That is a grognard paragraph if I ever heard one.
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