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  2. Yeah I know, it's been a rough run the last week. I just sent you a message. Today (Friday) and Saturday work for me for later afternoon
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  4. So are you only allowed to have one kill team?
  5. If you enjoy the music in this please do yourself a favor and look up some more Carpenter Brut.
  6. Don’t know the page number, but it’s the same section of the codex that says Black Templars can’t have Librarians, Dark Angels can’t have Stern- or Vanguard Veterans, etc.
  7. Interesting. I will pass on the info.
  8. Haven't gotten the new book yet but regardless of if they can or can't you don't want to. If you want standard squads don't deathwatch. If you deathwatch you take the kill teams and veterans. As for buying boxes you can buy any of those power armors and use them as the stuff you want. Devastators box physical purchase is a veterans squad when building the list.
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  10. Where does it say they can't take those units?
  11. Oh and to further elaborate, Deathwatch may not field Assault Squads, Bike Squads, Devastator Squads, Scout Squads, or Sternguard Veteran Squads... On the other hand, their special Deathwatch Veterans Squads all come with a boltgun, special issue ammo, and a power sword stock (thus making them like Sternguard Veterans, but better) and up to four of them can swap out this kit for a Heavy Weapon (and thus act like a Devastator Squad, but better)... They also have access to special snowflake weapons like the (in)famous Deathwatch Frag Cannon which is either a 12" Heavy 2d3 D1 Blast or
  12. Are kill teams considered troops?
  13. When you are writing you army list, instead of adding the standard units, as a Death Watch army you can instead add one of the four different KILL TEAM units. A KILL TEAM unit can be comprised of models from several different datasheets: The PROTEUS KILL TEAM contains: 1 Watch Sergeant; 4 Deathwatch Veterans (see Deathwatch Veterans). You can add any 5 of the following models to this unit: Deathwatch Veteran; Deathwatch Terminator; Veteran Biker; or, Vanguard Veteran. The FORTIS KILL TEAM contains: 1 Intercessor Sergeant; 4 Intercessors (see Intercessor Squad). You can add any
  14. Ok. Deathwatch are VERY good. He only wants troops....why? Essentially he can take 5x marines, then add 5x other marines of any type to the same squad (they need to have the same type of armor) then he can combat squad them. For example here is a valid troop choice 5x intercessors 5x outrider bikes Then you combat squad that and you get 5x obsec outriders This works the same with smol marines 5x tactical, 2x bikes, 1x vanguard vet, 2x terminators would be 1 valid troop choice. All of them equipped very generously. If he wants to pl
  15. A friend is starting into 40k and he decided on Deathwatch as his first army. He was at the game store without me... Just starting into the marine world myself I am looking for any advice people might have to help with building a Deathwatch list that is semi competitive and how list building works. Can he include a devastator squad in his list? Devastators aren't listed on the kill teams and I only glanced through his codex supplement, but I assume so. I told him I assumed all marines could be included in his list, but if he wanted to make kill teams then that was Deathwatch's cool tactic. Als
  16. Need some '80s kids on wheels for Stranger Things? You're covered.
  17. Hey man, I keep letting you know my availability & not getting any response. I'm free tomorrow evening, Friday almost all day after 1pm Pacific, Saturday same & mon-wed after noon Pacific. Want to pick a time somewhere in there?
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