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  2. @Salty Monkey didn't want to play Tau again hu? Lol
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  5. This is happening June 29. Date is confirmed with the Game Matrix. Deets to follow
  6. It's fine. I'll whisper sweet nothings, Burk can throw your dice & you can silently listen to Jew wave. Everybody wins!
  7. But then people wouldn’t hear the dice land when I throw them
  8. Dunno, but I always mute myself and listen to New Wave music on XM when I play.
  9. Is there a discord for voice chat? I like to hit on my opponents while I play.
  10. Raindog

    The Infinity Run

    And you have not to be dead tired, too!
  11. war on cancer? WAAAAGH On Cancer? WAAAGH for a Cure? ... still thinking on it
  12. I didn't realize we were all taking pictures but I'm Khemri.
  13. we you get everything static, ping me and i can help promote here on Ordo and we can ask @Weav for hwlp on Facebook.
  14. I'll be there for Kill Team or whatever
  15. hmmm i will keep my calendar open for this... thanks LH -d
  16. The Game Matrix, whose owner is also suffering from cancer, agreed to let us use his place. Same place we have the Ambassadorial Grand Tournament.
  17. Bill Webb and John Webb list sent. Bill playing Russians and John playing Americans
  18. "Grim Darkness Solidified, the war against cancer" PS: where'd you pick for the venue?
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