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  2. Raindog

    New Faction Advice

    The Onyx Box is a good start for a rounded force. Morats are more aggressive and lack as many tricks.
  3. I got sidelined by responsibility. So my feedback would be for me to be less responsible, and go to the garage sale! Bummed I missed it. 😞
  4. If you had a chance to stop by the Ordo Garage Sale this past saturday I would love to hear your thoughts. What would you like to see added or improved for future events? Thanks! -Robyn
  5. Exile

    New Faction Advice

    I've been eyeballing the same box, to take my Shasvastii Expeditionary Force into vanilla CA. It is, in fact, considered the OCF starter, as well as the current 'vanilla' combined starter. One of the drawbacks of Sectorial forces that we discussed last night is limited profile availability. For OCF, the only Engineer, and in fact the only DOCTOR available to them is the Dr. Wyrm, IE the Obsidion Mechanoid. In Vanilla, you have a pair of other options, the Morat Kurgat engineer (One of the options here is a Portable Autocannon, one of the deadliest BS weapons in the game), and the Shasvastii Caliban (A Camouflage FD2 engineer, who unfortunately in Vanilla competes with a very -VERY- attractive Chain of Command; and/or a delightful MSV1 Spitfire profile).
  6. Mack

    New Faction Advice

    So I had a picked up two Infinity factions at the garage sale this weekend. I now have the Ariadna starter and bunch of random Combined Army models. I'm just finishing building and painting the last of the Nomads that I own so in a few days I will be looking at starting a new project. I'm still learning the rules and figuring out what how to best use the Nomads I have so I would like to start workin on one building up one of the new factions over the next couple of weeks. For Nomads I have a full roster for a Corregidor sectorial and maybe look at picking up a better hacker for a vanilla force. I'm good with the Ariadna, I picked it up because I like the various commando units and the antipodes. So thats straight forward. I've played two games against Combined Army and have looked over the army lists. I like a lot of the models and it looks like I can build an army that plays really differently from my other factions. Here is my question, looking over the models I have right now from the sale I need some type of lower cost infantry unit. When picking up stuff I plan on just playing a vanilla force so I can throw whatever models I want to try out and see what stuff is fun to use. But if I have a choice between two "equal" units I would prefer to have something that would fit into a sectorial force i would want to play at some point. I was thinking about picking up the Morat aggression pack, I like the Morat vanguard models and I can use the handler for the Pretas I picked up. But looking at the sectorial lists I'm not as excited about the Morat Aggression Force sectorial. Its okay but it doesn't have any of the really interesting units of the faction. After looking over the army lists and models available I was thinking about picking this up instead. The pack seems like it has more variety and all the units can be included in the Onyx Contact Force sectorial. I already have another Umbra Legates, a Malignos, and a pair of Suryats. So I was thinking it would be a more versatile sectorial force than the Morats and I could still throw everything (pretas, witch soldiers, Sograt) into a vanilla force. Also, is the only engineer option a Obsidon Mechanoid? This is a future project so any advice or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  7. I'll be there to D&D, might have time to peak over your gaslands shoulder.
  8. PRODUCT UPDATE 10/20/2019! BITS! BLOOD BOWL! RANDOM STUFF! CHECK OUT THE ITEMS WE POSTED YESTERDAY AT MINDTAKER MINIATURES PLEASE HEAD TO HTTP://MINDTAKER.ORG TO CHECK STOCK AND MAKE PURCHASES. Prices do not include shipping. We accept Paypal and Credit Cards. Anything shown but not listed on the site has already sold. For more advanced notice of new items, sign up for our mailing list! What's New: BASES -Citadel Flying Stem and Base (NIB) - - $6 - BITS -Mad Robot Combat Shotguns (NIB) - - $3 - -Scion Bits on Sprue - 7 Sprues, tons of good bits - $16 - -Razorback Turret and Guns (NOS) - - $8 - -Bike/Land Speeder Bits - Mostly just fairings, but some MM - $4 - -Dark Angel Flyer Sprues - 4 Partial sprues - $4 - -Dark Angel Terminator Sprues - 11 Partial Sprues - $8 - -Dark Angel Upgrade Sprues - 9 Partial Sprues - $19 - -Dark Angels Bits - Tons of good bits including 3rd party resin, etc - $12 - -Dark Angels Brass Etch (NOS) - - $15 - -Giant Pile of Transfers (including rare DA) - Tons of used and new transfers including a rare DA clipping - $12 - -Ravenwing Command Sprues - 5 Partial sprues - $8 - -Necrons Bits - Bunch of good bits - $8 - BLOOD BOWL -Human Blood Bowl Team (x10) - Bare plastic single pose - $8 - -Ork Blood Bowl Team (x11) - Bare plastic single pose - $8 - -Reikland Reavers (x7, NOS) - Partial sprue, no bases - $12 - BASES -Bag of Coal Lumps (NIB) - Perfect for Christmas! - $2 - TERRAIN -Archon Studios Terrain Sprue (NOS) - - $8 - -Imperial Terrain (NOS) - Previous terrain - $25 - -Tyranid Aegis Defense Line - Bare plastic/resin - $20 - CHAOS SPACE MARINE -Cultists (x10) - Bare, unassembled - $12 - -Sanguinary Chaos Priest - Bare plastic, converted with bits on sprue - $15 - GENESTEALER CULT -Neophyte Hybrids (NOS, x7) - No bases, partial sprues - $17 - SISTERS OF BATTLE -Seraphim (x7) - Poorly painted metal - $30 - SPACE MARINES -Scout Sniper - Bare metal - $3 - -Servitors (x3, partial) - Bare metal - $5 - -Web Exclusive #1 Space Marine Captain - Bare plastic, missing head - $10 - DARK ANGELS -DV Librarian - Bare plastic, unassembled - $5 - EMPIRE -Flagellants (x5, NOS) - - $9 - OGRES -Ogre Tyrant (converted) - Bare metal, green stuff, etc - $22 - SKAVEN -Ikit Claw - Bare metal, partially converted - $6 -
  9. Yesterday
  10. Play the Card. There will a special deck of cards. Three cards will be face up at the start of each turn. They will read: Dodge, Lay a Mine, Climb. One card can be discarded with a new card selected each player turn. The goal to achieve the card before your opponent. The person with the most cards at the end of the game wins. 200 Points WoW 3 Pm Bring your newly painted models to show off! Bring a friend. See you soon.
  11. Three more Archetype Remakes, this time we get a little technical with the Decker and Rigger; We also get friendly with the Face. Remake Decker.pdf Remake Face.pdf Remake Rigger.pdf
  12. For new players and old players that need a refresher, like me, I recommend Wahoo Warrior's YouTube channel. He has a basic how to play playlist and tons of Bolt Action content. Also the On Tabletop guys have done some BA videos that are decent, though they do get some rules wrong on occasion.
  13. Shipping Method USPS Standard Shipping Products Unit Price Quantity Total D101-N52 $14.00 1 Pack of 100 $14.00 D11-N52 $1.10 1 Pack of 10 $1.10 D12-N52 $1.40 1 Pack of 10 $1.40 D14-N52 $2.00 1 Pack of 10 $2.00 D201-N52 $1.10 1 Pack of 10 $1.10 D21B-N52 $1.40 1 Pack of 10 $1.40 D22-N52 $0.20 5 $1.00 D24-N52 $0.32 4 $1.28 D42-N52 $0.43 10 $4.30 Sub Total: $27.58 Shipping: $5.00 Grand Total: $32.58
  14. Thanks Bosco. Sounds perfect. I love introducing the game to new people. I’ll put together something simple and plan to bring extra incase someone needs help. Do you recommend we decide what faction we’ll play before we begin?
  15. By the way, are we using modified rules for our campaign? Or were you just simplifying things for me in our demo game? Been going over the rules and there's more than a few things were weren't doing right. But you are running the group, so I'm assuming that you were adjusting the rules intentionally.
  16. I think I saw that transaction happening yesterday. Glad you got a good deal, man.
  17. Sweet! Thanks to @Brother Glacius for pointing you at this thread! I'm not too worried about balance of Axis/Allies forces this time through, so I recommend playing whatever faction/flavor you're interested in. We're likely topping out at 1k points for the end of the league this season so anything you can field in that range is welcome. Painted/based armies are encouraged, but won't be required. We'll have a mix of experience among players in the league and being a first-run of this game system at Ordo I'm encouraging players to aim for lists which are more friendly than optimized since we're hoping to build community for future leagues/games/tournaments.
  18. That is the reason I went with a FW Chaos Knight, Neo-Chaos Knight Kit, and Kytan instead of taking a leap to a Porphyrion or Warhound Titan, yet. I don't play enough to justify units that are going to collect dust. Those three will fold in nicely, and are reasonable for casual play. I still intend to use the AT18 stuff for a counts as army, just not sold on what, yet. I do want to use it for actual games of Titanicus, but I'm not sure anyone down here is playing. If I get a Photon 3d printer, I intend to go full bore into 6-8 mm models to play TIny Hammer. Perhaps with Apoc Rules. That makes the most sense, rules wise. Then I can get my Board Gaming group into playing Mini-Apocalypse. Gonna jump in the shower, and head down to the LGS to assemble models, see if anyone shows to game. Not gonna game, but I should socialize with the locals. Maybe set up some games during the week. I put away everything that is non-Knight, non-AT18, to focus on getting all these sprues taken care of. I bought the models to hobby and game, not to hoard them in boxes and not assemble them. Need to figure out Airbrush station, too. Pick up primer on way home. Bringing with me to assemble to priming stage: 2 Mini Porphys, 6 Mini Knights, 2 Mini Warlords, 1 Mini Reaver, 4 Armigers, 1 Knight Desecrator. A few of them are in various stages of completion, already. The KD has lower torso (minus plates) and most of upper torso (minus plates) complete, haven't touched arms yet. 1 of the mini porphys is almost done. Same with a couple of the Mini Knights, that I've posted pics of previously. Haven't touched them since those photos.
  19. Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 129 I feel like the series should start here. Just starting to get good....
  20. Perry Brothers has fantastic sculpts, but the quality control seems to be slipping. I don’t have any first-hand knowledge, obviously, but my best guess is that the molds for their metal miniatures are getting older and worn.
  21. I did some work on my HG cav and Bedouin Warrior cav. The HG cav started out over a year ago as kitbashed Age of Crusades Lithuanian cav. It’s a mix of the GB Heavy Arab Cav kit and the Fireforge Medieval Russian infantry kit. To repurpose them I replaced their Russian heads and teardrop shields with Arab heads and shields. Now that they are (hopefully) in their final form, I used GS to fill gaps and add belts, buckles, and veils. I am going to paint the shields separate, so I’m leaving them off for now. I spent three hours on the Perry Miniatures Bedouins with a hobby knife and GS cleaning up their dreadful casts. I will definitely think twice before purchasing any more Perry Miniatures’ metals. Yuck.
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