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  2. If only I had the funds! 2 weeks.. 2 weeks
  3. My youngest daughter just randomly wandered into the room and shouted: ““THERE IS NO AVATAR LIVE-ACTION MOVIE IN BA SING SE!!!”
  4. Sorry to hear that Damunky. Hope you get better soon! So, tonight, I'm expecting @Salty Monkey and @NewPlayer for some 40k gaming goodness and possibly @Ish. I think I will pick up a terrain kit at Guardian before I head over and work on that this evening. See you all tonight!
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  6. As a Blood Angel player, I am loving what I've seen so far. Strategic reserve aggressors.....yup. I have already been using 2 Impulsors and limited targets on the table. My characters were either near units or left to 'fend' for themselves against the enemy. I hardly ever let Mepgiston or my support Chappy run off on their own. I'm really looking forward to the Chappy ob bike and the bike unit to help apply pressure with my double intercessor squad in Impulsors. I'm not making any conclusions about list building until I have the rules. What I will say is that I have 3 dreadnoughts ready to see play again. Not having the -1 makes those assault cannons awesome.
  7. Huh... well a bit of googling and I found this... https://imgur.com/a/HkV9euC Seems someone posted direct book images of the Crusade rules
  8. Best point made. 40k has evolved so much from the days of when I started in 5th edition. The "Talk" has become far more common place. Gods I remember 5th edition where I would just get roflstomped week in and week out that it ruined my enjoyment of the game and once 6th ed came about I was done so the idea of the "Pre-game Talk" has been very important to me. I am not a fluff bunny but to be honest... I play orks primarily... their fluff is simple. Can we fit it? If yes put it on, if no, put it on anyways. Thats how it will be anywhere. Try crusade out. See if Fate and Fury will play it there. Your Crusade from Fate and Fury transfer over no matter where you play.
  9. @Lyraeus Honestly? At times it's been hit and miss. I've had games that were great, and I've had games that were less so. I do most of my 40k gaming at Fate & Fury, because while a lot of the players are toxic as human beings, there are two separate leagues, one for hardcore ITC players, and one for casual fluffy bunnies. The players that play in both leagues know what to expect from each league, and they act accordingly. Ordo has been awesome for Infinity, but like I said, I find there's a lot more consistency among Infinity players than 40k. But 40k at the clubhouse has been a bit of a gamble for me in the past, which is why I usually don't show up on Tuesdays much.
  10. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Bear in mind, as well, that it’s always possible to say “No.” when someone asks you for a game. If someone has consistently been That Guy in the past, just decline to play him in the future.
  11. This is an indication that you need to do more before committing to a game: look at their list, or ask what's in it, compare it to yours, chat a while before issuing/accepting a challenge. Making an informed decision always takes some effort. Just because you and your opponent had different definitions of "casual" doesn't mean "the talk" isn't the correct solution, nor does it make your pessimism more valid.
  12. Fair, how has it been in Ordo for you then overall?
  13. That sounds fair. I don't get paid until next Friday so we will have to see. Might wait a bit longer but I might miss out. Still I am looking at all of this likely at the end of the month
  14. No, not you. Mostly games with other people at other places, often in the distant past of previous editions. The games we've played have been pretty one-sided, but I think that's just because you're a better player than I am.
  15. I hope you are not talking about any of the games with me....I didnt tune my ork lists...usually especially back them I was any meta for the most part.
  16. The thing with a crusade game is that you can play crusade but I don't have to. So there is not a limitation to only playing people in the campaign. Lets say we have someone who doesn't want to play more than 750 points, then you pick units that equal that from your crusade list and give your opponent some bonuses. Remember this starts off as a SMALL game of 50 PL which in theory is around 500 points but as pointed out that is not accurate but that is fine. You can still make this a point based system if you want. Its not hard to go "Ok for the creation of your Crusade Roster, you can have 50 PL or 500 points which ever is reached first" Boom, done, from there any thing you grab through Requisition Points is up to you. Ish hits it on the head. My ork example is a perfect All comers unit but it will suffer as ALL orks do however from being too easy to shoot off the board, which means they are more likely to suffer battle scars. So sure I can sink a ton of PL into them more than a 5th of my starting amount but yeesh is it not always worth it
  17. Doom and gloom is what I do best! Also, I've had multiple instances where "the talk" has resulted in the other guy saying "Oh, yeah, I'm totally a casual player, this list isn't optimized at all." And then getting smeared like a grot under a Baneblade's treads, not because I'm a bad player, but because I didn't tune my list like a formula 1 care.
  18. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    And that’s why I play 40k at Ordo and not at Guardian Games.
  19. If I get a box I will trade the necrons for marine stuff. If nobody wants to trade I will just start a Necron army, hehe.
  20. Ish

    40K 9th ed

    Bear in mind as well that a unit listed on your Crusade’s Order of Battle has their unit size and equipment load-out fixed in place unless you spend additional Resource Points on it. If the pool of players is diverse enough, you’re eventually going to run into scenarios where your squad that’s been fine tuned for MEQ killing is going to get drowned in a sea of ‘gaunts or stepped on by a Knight. The best way to optimize a Crusade force seems to be to lean into “Take All Comers” and not “WAAC.”
  21. Which is why you should always have "the talk" with your opponent beforehand. The level of doom and gloom you're bringing to this discussion is impressive.
  22. Was gonna be there tonight but I hurt my back so I cant show tonight
  23. I get that, and it's fine and good, but like I said, it only takes one or two guys to come in and dominate a league/campaign and sour fun for other people. If a game is balanced, that happens less, and unfortunately, GW games have always been, and probably always will be, imbalanced to one degree or another. The army book system shoulders a lot of blame for that. Games between competitive and casual players can be very one-sided in the fun department. If I bring a fluffy bunny list expecting to just goof off and toss some dice, and my opponent trots out his ITC winning netlist of doom and wipes me off the table in two turns, he may have enjoyed himself, but I sure didn't. And I feel like PL opens itself up to way too much opportunity for that kind of abuse. As you said, people should play the game the way they want to play it, but they also need to be prepared for their opponent to not have fun if they stomp their dick into the dirt because they were expecting a different type of game.
  24. Yeah, the way it affects different Factions differently is a big part of why it has issues. Wolf Guard Terminators are a prime example, ranging from 163 to 305 points for a Squad of 5, but they're PL13 either way. 12.5-23.5 Points per PL is a massive swing. I would note, tho, that for people who are relatively new to the game, who are just building Units with the options in the box rather than seeking out specific bits to equip everyone with the best options, it works a lot better. Further, it works much better for newer Units, which tend to have far fewer options than those from 5th ed or earlier. A Squad of 5 Intercessors, by comparison, varies in cost only from 85 to 100 points, so PL5 is a pretty reasonable approximation (17-20 Points per PL), regardless of loadout. As time goes by, and more and more of the older Units are discontinued, Power Level will probably become more and more usable.
  25. Its your game, if you want to go that way you go that way. I remember playing against you in the 2019 campaign and I get it, hell we all were learning and it can be frustrating but play the game you want to play. With how 9th seems to be turning its going to be harder to play and a more technical game which is going to be fine by me. There is no right or wrong way to play or conduct your narrative. Its not about weeding people out. People play this game for various reasons and if you cut them off for wanting to play to win then thats on you.
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