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  3. Anyone with multiple Beast Snagga boxes still have a codex (and cards) to sell?
  4. Yes, all playoff games are supposed to happen tonight
  5. Cool. I have a company box set I am donating for prize support regardless if I can attend or not
  6. Fake games for SPPs to catch up a little bit.
  7. Bill, I have emailed the organizers of Enfilade to find out if they have more tables. Their original email from when I started organizing the event said they would only provide 8 tables and could not provide more. I'll let you know their response as soon as I hear back from them.
  8. Scott, you can also draft a skill from the pool above and apply it before your game.
  9. Yep sign ups are still available for tomorrow. They have had a fantastic turn out since they have been doing it, I think they have sold out every week so far, so 30 players playing all sorts of GW games. Full details here: Warhammer Casual League - Guardian Games (ggportland.com)
  10. @Salty Soviet I may be playing Oathmark on Thursday-are you coming to the Sat game night?
  11. If you're like me and love Squats, you'll appreciate the old school look of these guys. Lots more by this creator as well. https://www.myminifactory.com/object/3d-print-april-sci-fi-2021-release-space-dwarves-167919
  12. @deadwing34 is this still going on this week? Im a sign up if it.
  13. @Tao Tsê-Mung I wouldn’t mind a game together. I have 2k points of custodes.
  14. I just got the go to play but I hear the slots are full. Any chance I can get a seat or is this event at capacity? If I can play I would be RU Engineers at 85pt i can also set up and dress a couple tables if needed Bill Noland
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