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    Ordo BB2 League

    @kb10r This is the 3rd week (of 4) that you are holding up the league. I need you to complete your game by Friday or I am going to remove you from the league. You asked to be in this league but your absences is unfair to the other players. I expect all games to be completed within a 2 week window. Sorry if you dont like it or think I am being an ass, but its time to consider the other players.
  4. Yesterday
  5. That unit had 31 modes when it broke. That was a LOT of dice throws.
  6. Yeah, doesn't seem to be a common opinion, my like of gloss coats. Either way, your model looks very good.
  7. I'll be using a flat mat to protect the models. I don't like gloss coats.
  8. That's like my 40k paint scheme colors for my CSM....I love this!
  9. I like it. I'd add a gloss layer, but that's more my personal taste, as pretty much all my finished models end up with a gloss coat. Maybe it's a bad eyesight thing....
  10. This the jack of all trades master of none shtick that Marines have leave them competing but not really able to capitalize on anything. I feel like with the little things that I'll be able to leverage the just keep rolling dice in every phase that works for the Marines. Those doctrines! So looking forward playing around with when to aim for what weapons getting a -1 ap. Heavy bolters at -2 is gonna be entertaining.
  11. Oh, and errata for the existing codexes, including improvements to CSM vindicators and their marines: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/warhammer_40000_space_marines_errata_en.pdf
  12. Oooo. SM update for other chapters: https://www.warhammer-community.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/08/warhammer_40000_space_marines_summer_update_en.pdf
  13. Speaking of which @Yarbicushas the distinction of having the most epic flee move for a unit that I have ever seen....Fled on one flank, and managed to flee through a friendly unit, 2 buildings, an impassible feature and three enemy units....and had 3 models survive.
  14. To some extent, yeah. There are def still Armies that are worse off than they were before this, but they were, at best, middle of the pack, and probably toward the lower end of the middle.
  15. Cool, I'll see ya there.
  16. I’ll be at dice age from 3pm - 5pm on Thursday if that works?
  17. Did the space Marines really need a boost?
  18. Hey there ordo! Kinda surprised there hasn't been a thread opened up on this yet... Then again OFCC did just happen! Either way what ya all think? Lots of little buffs I'm finding. Dread strategem for half damage, points reductions, drop pod being actually useful, centurions getting additional attack and wound, tech Marine Gunner and thunder fire getting better stats, double shoot thunder fire strategem, warlord traits getting better, more relics, Chaplin litanies and baller relic. Redid my OFCC list and wow did it get better!
  19. oh no, we just decided to get together tonight. We're trying to play as much as we can before the league starts to get the rules down.
  20. I’ll take the looted leman Russ and the nobz please
  21. Looks like I'm about to get my hands on some cultists. Gotta figure out where they fit in and what to move out. Most likely the daemonettes I think. I don't have those models yet and this way the cultists will also provide me with more core troops.
  22. I'll echo...I really appreciated the invite and the opportunity to play the game again. Thanks to Ben for organizing and thanks to my opponents for putting up with my rule ignorance. In particular @Yarbicus who reminded me about 9 times about how spears work in 9th age...
  23. Actually, I bought those green crystals for my necron army. I just had a ton left. I think it works with the chaos though.
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