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  2. I can play tonight or tomorrow night. I'm about to have dinner but at around 7:30 I can play
  3. Prototypes of the latest product at work kept exploding under high voltage testing due to (great idea on paper) conductive carbon fiber interior frames. Instead, we'll use plastic and spray on conductive paint to make a Faraday cage. They know I use conductive paint for LED conversions and an airbrush for painting models. They were like "we think this new idea will work. You mind figuring out how to do this, and prove it can be consistently reproduced?" Life is weird. Don't go to college, just play with toys, that's the lesson. Wait, that can't be right...
  4. Nice some of the last few things I was printing were some 1/32 WWII tanks from thingiverse for bolt action. Did you grab yours from some giant zip files from there?
  5. I feel your pain. I got mine, had some ups and downs and then moved and didn't touch it for a year. Then I got it back out and spent a decent amount of time and effort(new extruder, screwed up my hotend so had to replace that) got it working all right and then the pandemic happened so I didn't have any motivation to print cause I wasn't going to be playing with what I was printing. At this point if I am going to get back into it then I am considering spending a bit more to get a FDM or Resin printer that I wouldn't have to spend so much time messing with to get it printing how I want.
  6. Uki.. holdon.. tonight or tomorrow I think.?
  7. I am in the search of the Primaris apothecary base for my kitbashed Drukhari Archon. I'm ofcourse willing to pay but absolutely refuse to buy the entire mini when all I want is a dead primaris
  8. Yesterday
  9. I have a glass plate. I've tried hairspray, I've tried glue stick, I've tried just bare. I have a build-tak plate, as well, which usually produces better results, but when a print fails, it's impossible to get the damn thing clean, and then I have to pitch it and go back to the glass plate again. Even with brand new filament, it does this. Sometimes I have to re-dry my filament if it's been sitting there for a while, but I just have had so much trouble with it. Honestly, bed adhesion is my number one problem. Nothing else seems to be giving me trouble, just that.
  10. I have a MonoPrice Maker Ultimate FDM that has been down for about a year with a piece of filament heated/mushroomed and stuck after the feeder and before the extruder. Finally tore it all apart, cleared the block and got it 99% back together. Then I found out I lost a 3mm hex screw to hold the heating element into the heater block! I got frustrated and just wrapped the whole thing up in plastic wrap to be reattempted later. Simple issue to track down another screw, but I was just so frustrated!! This individual processes and problems can be broken down and compartmentalized, otherwise
  11. Just one thing after another. Bad bed adhesion, parts breaking down, bad filament, just everything seems to go wrong. I've poured good money after bad into the thing, and I'm considering just cutting my losses, selling it, and getting a resin machine. I hate to consider that, because it was a birthday gift from my partner, but I never seem to be able to get the damn thing working right. Every time I think I have it dialed in, something goes wrong and I have to walk away for a while to keep myself from getting pissed off. I think that might be part of it. I'm not a very technically adep
  12. Between 2 of my friends and I with Enders we have had different results. 1 works great almost all the time, mine is decent most of the time after lots of tweaking, and the last has been a disaster. That could also be due in part to our varying degrees of mechanical aptitude.
  13. First attempt at a 1/100 Leopard 2A6: I screwed up the support on the back left of the body, so those will need to be redone and resliced, before reprinting.
  14. Sorry to hear that! Any particular issue, or just one after another?
  15. Hi, I am selling my Dark Angels box that has everything unbuilt in it except the Redemptor Dreadnought for $80 Give me a call or text at (503)-985-9483 if you're interested!
  16. I usually stick with Hatchbox, either grey or black. The biggest obstacle I constantly run into is bed adhesion. I level, I re-level, I do everything I can think of and that other people can think of, but anything more than a few small prints (like, less than 2-3" square) won't stick, it either turns into spaghetti or melts all over the hot end and I need to replace it (which is the current state of affairs.)
  17. What brand of filiment are you using? And What color? I've found I can only run grey, high quality through my ender. And I have to change my nozzle usually 2-3 times per spool.
  18. Ender. I sent the Monoprices back before I got it. The Ender spends almost as much time out of commission as running, and has produced more failed prints than successful ones. I'm beginning to think I'm just bad at it.
  19. It must be nice to have a printer that works so readily... >.< I'm about ready to sell mine for scrap.
  20. Ok Saturday night sounds like a plan. I haven't played in a few months so this will go smoothly I'm sure lol. Let's shoot for 8pm to give me enough time to get home and grab food. Glhf in advance!
  21. Moving my printer and resin out of the garage made a world of difference. Between getting up to temp, and using unexpired (me) resin, my next steps will be incrementing my exposure time down, maybe. I love the test square too, it's quick and not a waste of too much resin if it goes wrong. Your second set looks much better! The bubbles are odd, especially how there seems to be a pattern. Maybe jiggle your vat lightly after pouring the resin in to 'free' some of the bubbles? Do you think the piece warped when you removed it, or did it lose adhesion to the build plate? If this
  22. I've got work meetings tomorrow, but Saturday night should work for me after 7 or 8.
  23. @Rhuell Looks like it's us Round 1. I could do as early as tomorrow (10am-3pm start time) or Saturday night. If neither of those work, let me know and I'll have a deeper look into my schedule next week.
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