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  2. Did you pin this model? I am considering pinning and using JB weld like I did with the penitent engines. I think the old SoB penitent engines where the worst of the old GW metals. As much as I loved the old sister models. New ones are top notch. I ended up with a love hate relationship with GW metal after painting those over a span of 10 years by stripping and repainting them 3 times.
  3. I *just* built this model recently for my Sylvan Elves. Love the model, but what a pain to build!
  4. Name: Justin Game: Warhammer 40k Armies: Imperial Guard, Custodies, and Salamanders Location: South East Portland, OR Availability: Weekends and Wednesdays Preferred Location to play: Anywhere in PDX Contact: Text me at (661) 302-7440
  5. Well wouldnt be much of a paint and building blog without an update. I received a copy of the 309 White Dwarf. Funny I found my original copy the same day on the bookshelf. I am going to be attempting a winter woodlands theme. As one of my goals with new armies is to always go behind the last. To this I end I have also gotten hold of a green twilight dragon. Looking forward to zombing this up. Sadly only thing that will be making the wings looking tattered, and maybe some gashes along the body. As I forgot the model was mostly metal. Paint colors I think I am going to try to use t
  6. I will be there for 40k. Anything from 500-2000pts. Using close combat focused Space Marines.
  7. So I decided to splurge today and bought the Command Expansion terrain set by GW. The terrain looked cool and it looked like a decent buy. What I didn't realize is that it is meant for someone that has already bought one of their three new starter sets....which I haven't. So now I have a decent two-sided mat...but it really needs one more to be useful. So here is hoping that someone has one that they are willing to part with.
  8. 8pm Sunday should work if you're good with it.
  9. Yesterday
  10. I should actually be able to make it this day, fingers crossed
  11. @ninefinger this is the Grot Tank list I am looking at. I have the ork units just need the grot units. @Salty Monkey this will be fun ^_^
  12. That is a glaring issue and IF the community blows up on GW again then we could see this change.
  13. Grot Tanks! So a bit of back story on this army, I have been dominating a few Crusades online during the weekends and days work lets me free and I have found that I am playing lists that people are ill prepared with (who knew 6 chinorks were so strong >.> who knew <.< ) So I graded every unit in the Ork Codex at the request of a friend and was challanged to take instead of A-C ranked units to do F-C rank units... and so this list was created. So to answer this challenge I have been playing a Grot Mob with Grot Tanks and Killa Kans! Since I dont have access to Kill
  14. Welp. The guys over at Goonhammer got an early copy of the new Chapter Approved: Tactical Deployment Mission Pack and have posted a review. For the most part, it sounds pretty damn good... except for the glaring problem that it doesn’t have any datasheets for any terrain in it and it looks like GW will only be releasing datasheets for new terrain kits that are built in specific configurations to match the instructions. Ugh.
  15. @Bosco How about 8p Pacific tomorrow, Sunday or Monday. Russ
  16. Ish

    D+D Maps

    This is the church, here is the steeple. Here is the evil bishop, going up the stairs, And now he’s saying unspeakable prayers! His black magic curses all the people. Open the doors, the party finds a way. Close the portal, and save the day!
  17. hey @Maxwell Christian what times/days are best for you? I prefer after 9:00 most nights if possible.
  18. O.o PLEASE! That would be fantastic! I can use my Grot Tank Crusade!
  19. I can bring my 18 grot tanks and 3 big scrap tanks, if you'd like.
  20. Chinorks.... or Grot Tanks, Grot Mega Tank, Killa Kans depends on the list.
  21. Hi @Russell Castronovo When you want to get this orc vs dwarf action going? I'm available most of the weekend, but will need a couple hours notice. Weeknights after 6pm generally work as well.
  22. I plan to be there for 40k! I want to bring my Orks but alas my 3d printer is down until thrusday next week so oh well
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