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  2. They're giving Makari a 2++? That's simultaneously ludicrous and awesome.
  3. All thirty rosters have been submitted and approved! Let the games begin!
  4. Ok, no concessions, but how about a zero-zero draw? Let's play some Blood Bowl!
  5. Today
  6. With all my HH stuff, I'd never get around to it. Just not something on my hobby radar on the next 2-3 years . Apparently they have 8th Ed. Rules for it on Warhammer community.
  7. Makari's model is being shown and the fuzzy fella in the background looks to be a huge Ghaz model. 2+ invulnerable save for the lil' fella
  8. Oh. What's Travis doing Sunday then? Could you check his calendar for me?
  9. he cant on saturday. we will be at a tourney all day.
  10. Cool, I'm aim to be online at 8 PM.
  11. I'm going to try to make it, but as always, homework comes first. And 3D printers are so much fun. I have an Ender 3 Pro that is pretty much always in operation. Printing a Necron for a test paint job at the moment, going to start in on some more terrain once he's done. As for advice, the forum for your printer on Thingiverse (if they have one) and Reddit are both your best friends. YouTube can be helpful, too.
  12. Hey guys, Jake and I will be coming down Friday night (maybe Gage as well, but it will be a long shot if he shows up) and were wondering if someone could let us sleep on their floor or something. Trying to keep cost down and dont want to get a motel unless we have to. thanks, Sherbert
  13. @Frostitute can you play this weekend assuming these other guys get their game in before then? I should be free Sat/Sun almost all day.
  14. Yesterday
  15. THURS, FEB 20: - I will be at GG around 6:30 pm. with GER and Amer, 100 pts LW.
  16. Got this lil guy as a secret santa gift but have ZERO interest in painting him. Looking for reasonable offers fer him. Ebay looks to price him at $25+ but I would also consider a trade. Things I'm interested in: Horus Heresy Blood Angels Epic (Space Marines) Adeptus Titanicus Shoot me a message and let me know whatcha got!
  17. Sadly i have other commitments this Sunday and Tuesday. Sorry, else would have loved to. Those look great!
  18. @Dark Trainer Up for a learning game this Sunday? I've got my first 500 assembled and by Sunday at least these ladies should be complete:
  19. This is the post for the new league starting March 1st!
  20. - - - updated on WED, 18 FEB, 2020 - changes indicated by asterisk * and red text - - -
  21. Yes, I like the event list. Awesome James for posting it, and thanks to everybody taking part in creating it. I am going to print it out and have extra copies in my game box to hand out to interexted peeps.
  22. Hey all! Long time no nada! 😅 I'll have to look up a couple of those terms, and brush up on the rules while I'm at it - the past few months've been a ride, w/ no time for Infinity here. This coming Sunday, though, I've roped off on the calendar here, and double-checked with the missus to make sure I'm not forgetting something, even! p.s. I'm setting up my new Makerfarm Pegasus 10" 3D-printer today, and will be calibrating & geekin' out with it as much as possible this week and beyond. I'm totally open to pointers and expert advice from anyone who's been here before, heh. 😁 See y'all Sunday!
  23. https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:4093181 Accurate replica of GW 40K rivet
  24. Still need five rosters submissions, and three corrections. @Ziggens @Locky86 @Patriarch of Sigmar @Anvilbrow
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