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  3. Please note that a gang may only gain the loot rewards once in Cycle 1. It may happen that a player may need to participate in this scenario but has no "valid" opponent. In these cases if a gang would be "doubling up" the scenario then they may play for the XP rewards, but gain no additional loot.
  4. Yesterday
  5. My plans with a buddy to shake down the neighborhood crotch goblins for their bags of goodies fell through, so id be attending if theres a game day!
  6. I plan to ask around this Thursday if folks will be coming out to game or already booked with Halloween events. I tend to post these Thursday game night threads on Fridays to give people plenty of notice.
  7. anyone gonna be there for oathmark? I could make it and bring my army
  8. No doubt. I just double-checked that reloading rule, and I quickly earmarked 15 credits to buy smoke grenades ASAP.
  9. A few of us in the necromunda campaign are interested in playing on thursdays, will there be a thursday game day on the 28th?
  10. They are nasty. Especially with the smoke ammo so you can reload them on 4+
  11. Oh man, that sounds brutal. I hope things calm down soon (as much as they possibly can), and let me know if you need any help from the admin side of things, especially when Ninefinger is out working in the Heretic Forgeworld of Waco, Texas.
  12. Aw, you're too kind, sir. Real recognize real, you helped me learn the game just as much, I've gotten so rusty. Also, I never realized the full potential of grenade launchers until yesterday.
  13. Thanks Josiah! It was very nice to meet you and play. You are an excellent human thanks for helping through my first games of necromunda.
  14. Tuesday is a better day for me right now, but there might be some weeks where I can switch my WOW visit day. Thanks for playing yesterday, Rory. You are extremely good at this game for somebody who has recently picked it up, and you're a nice person to battle with.
  15. Goonhammer for GW content, but mostly various YouTube channels.
  16. Would anyone be interested in playing necromunda on Thursdays at ordo?
  17. Asking for a friend. Looking for Necromunda gang scale. Also Hello! Long time no see everybody.
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