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  2. Alright, its week 4 of the painting challenge. 1 month already!!! To qualify, anything you didn't finish last week or that you started this week. This weeks special challenge is a speed painting challenge. See how well you can paint any single model in 1 hour! It doesn't have to be all at once, but try to stick the to the 1 hour time limit. If the model didn't start base primed and you are spending the hour to make improvements include a before and after of your efforts. Post a running tally of everything you have assembled or painted during the challenge so far.
  3. Next round is up: @Burk - BB2 team name: But-hole Warriors - BB2 name: Burk @sbr - BB2 team name: Creepin' Death - BB2 name: SBR32 @Weav - BB2 team name: Tzeeentch'ezee Titans - BB2 name: Weav @Spielmannsfluch - BB2 team name: Boring Dinos of Eastwood - BB2 name: Spielmannsfluch @Bosco - BB2 team name: Tabletop Rage Emulator - BB2 name: PDXBosco @WestRider - BB2 team name: Tlaxtlan Panthers - BB2 name: WestRider @SigurdBC - BB2 team name: Hold My Beer - BB2 name: SigurdBC @jollyork - BB2 team name: Karnal Rekkage - BB2 Name: Jollyork @Maxwell Christian - BB2 team name: Knights of the Stag - BB2 Name: Ironwolf3113 @Ish - BB2 team name: Sweeeeet Transylvania - BB2 Name: Another Ish @savion47 - BB2 team name: Error 53 - BB2 name: Savion47 @michaels - BB2 team name: No Dikks - BB2 name: Michaels @scotthartman - BB2 team name: Smells Like Green Spit - BB2 name: PajamaRed @Frostitute BB2 team name: Except the wrong - BB2 name: Frostitute max, Ill ping you for our game.
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  5. From the Book I’d Face:
  6. @Ish and I got our game in this morning. Unfortunately a bit one-sided, but I guess that's what happens when majority AV 7 meets dwarfs. Feel free to confirm the round when you can @Burk.
  7. Finished the Hulk in the wee hours Saturday morning, so I just barely squeezed him in under the wire for Week 3. Here’s a comparison shot with a standard Tactical Marine... How do you say “Absolute Unit” in High Gothic?
  8. Bellingham Warhamsters, (and everyone else) sorry for the delay of info, the COVID issue has me working nearly 7 days a week right now. So my intent to collaborate with several other people in Ordo on the changes has not really happened. So here it is, ill give you the short version of the changes. My hope is that they are not anything which would keep people from playing the army they love and playing on the teams they want to be on. This post is NOT the official packet, I will release an official packet soon with all finalized changes. If any of these changes are extremely burdensome to any player or team PLEASE email me directly with the concern jarredh@gmail.com . I will consider any issues carefully and adjust accordingly. The biggest items which may impact your armies and teams are as follows... Team size will be 5 players per team (including the team captain), this adds some very fun and interesting strategy with parings. This combined with terrain variations on the tables will help with super tough parings. Each Faction can only be used once per team. Individual factions are as follows... Space Marines - Blood Angels - Dark Angels - Space Wolves - Deathwatch - Grey Knights - Legion of the Damned - Adeptus Custodes - Adeptus Mechanicus - Astra Militarum - Astra Telepathica - Adeptus Ministorum - Sisters of Silence - Questor Imperialis - Inquisition - Officio Assassinorum - Adepta Sororitas - Orks - Necron - T'au Empire - Tyranids - Genestealer Cult - Eldar Craftworld - Drukhari - Harlequins - Ynnari - Heretic Astartes - Chaos Daemons - Questor Traitoris - Deathguard - Thousand Sons As a reference, each book point cost section will list the factions that are available, and each book may feature armies with specific common keywords that can be taken as well. Armies may include several detachments with different factions as long as they share a keyword. For any given single detachment, the common keyword cannot be Chaos, Imperium, Aeldari, Ynnari, or Tyranids, unless the Detachment in question is a Fortification Network. When mixed faction detachments like this are taken, remember that for army construction all constituent factions used will be used by the player and not available for any other players on the team. Remember that daemons cannot be used as a Faction in an army and then be summoned via another players reinforcement points, or taken in two different armies. Once one army has units of the daemon faction in a list, they are locked out of the team composition for the other players. Note that only one player on a team may summon daemons if the daemon faction has not been used in a list and more than one player has reinforcement points left that are eligible to summon daemons with. The same goes for other factions Page 11 like using assassins via ‘Operative Requisition Sanctioned’. Only one player may use the faction. This also counts for Space Marine supplements as they all count as faction Space marines.
  9. With all the things going on I get that we don't have much information. One of the new things worries me, guidelines for the factions in each team. We Bellingham Warhamsters travel quite a ways and are a bit of an odd collection of armies. We don't invest in changing our armies every year and this could impact our ability to field teams. With the OFCC fast approaching and how little time people will have leading up to it I feel (after too much time right now) we need to see these guidelines sooner rather than later. Thank you @Huffnpuff excited to see some new HoG action!
  10. And the slithering beginsAs the shell of men crawl weepingAnd as the light of dawn is growingThe realization sets inAnd with the winds that are blowingThe final truth has come I did some stuff! Slimy stuff! This week has been extremely busy with work, and I've been coming home exhausted, but I put in a little time and managed to finish my Infernal Engine! The model is yet another Scibor beauty, the appropriately named "Evil Dwarves Snail Cannon." I could have probably could have just used the model as is and called it good, but I wanted to add some more "engine" to the model, so to that end I picked up a pair of spooky exhaust pipes from the 40K Mauler/Forgefiend models off of Feebay. While the cannon bits from the original model are awesome, I plan to run this guy with the "Steam Hammers" option rather than the Shrapnel Gun, so to that end I decided to just have a trio of Evil Dwarves on the top to smack stuff to represent this. The model came with 2 great crew members, and then I had my Overlord from my previous ID army kicking around, so he got to join the crew. So the model concept was fairly simple: Take the original models and slap some exhaust pipes on it. It did take a bit of work to find just the right spots on the model though; lots of trial and error, lots of shaving of sections of the model so the pipes fit a bit more snugly. I ended up pinning the pipes into place on both sides for stability, and while it took a while, I was very happy with the results. A bit less exciting, but another 10 Citadel Guard assembled and based. Have a few more awesome things in the works, although I am a bit at the mercy of international shipping. Hopefully not too long before I can post an update... If I run out of things to assemble, I might actually have to start painting... *shudder* Lord Yeth’Shuul bless you, Children of Slish
  11. A year or more since I screwed up the assembly on this guy and ragequit, and it's finally ready to prime and paint. Now to get that stupid airbrush working again.
  12. Latest addition to the cult was for this week's painting challenge. It was started in 2000 as part of my Armageddon Steel Legion from the original Codex Armageddon. Airbrushed the camouflage base coats on several tanks, but never finished them as "life happened." For reference - the "before" picture was taken at 6:56 PM on March 30, 2020. Much more at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/04/another-russ-for-brood-with-backstory.html Redone as a Leman Russ for my Genestealer Cult with a turret and main gun still in the primer. Yeah, I know the Primer bit is more German than my typical Soviet, but I think the overall effect is a happy marriage!
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  14. Okay - here you go... started in 2000 as part of my Armageddon Steel Legion from the original Codex Armageddon. Airbrushed the camouflage base coats on several tanks, but never finished them as "life happened." For reference - the "before" picture was taken at 6:56 PM on March 30, 2020. Redone as a Leman Russ for my Genestealer Cult with a turret and main gun still in the primer. Yeah, I know the Primer bit is more German than my typical Soviet, but I think the overall effect is a happy marriage!
  15. Man, Sue Storm gets nasty if you cut her off in traffic...
  16. Ahoy friends! I had a separate NCA/Pano Blog back in the day, but with several other armies in play, other projects, it seemed time to start a new blog thread. I've been lax and lazy in my hobby it seems, since finishing my home table for OFCC, but with time on my hands indoors (yay quarantine), it's time to clear out the backlog. First up today, I recently finished up 3 more Auxbots, touched one up, as well as cleaned up some chips on a few Bolts. Need to clearcoat more things today, weather's looking good.
  17. Got this delightful chap done. From the execution force game and he's been sitting around for years now
  18. Mission accomplished. Yes, that is a lot of skulls -- they're unit identifiers. I definitely need a break from Imperial Fists; time to check the Grey Ork WAAAGH! pile for something different.
  19. article four - "Solo Wargaming 04" is up at https://rosecitydukes.wordpress.com/
  20. I never cease to be impressed by your ability to make the tinniest of tweaks and change a miniature from average to outstanding. You’ve got a great eye for these details and excellent sculpting skills. I’m a big believer in the “less is more” school of aesthetics and you always add just enough without going over the top.
  21. In search of 'rocket engines' for my Ork Dakka ship. They don't need to be 40k specific, i want the variety. Star Wars/GiJoe/Transformers/Playschool/etc. Looking for 8-10 medium sized ideally. The Orks found a completely stripped Millennium Falcon on FB Marketplace and dragged it home. Now it needs engines, hyperdrive, outboard motors, whatever will get this thing off the ground and in the air. How the boss let it slip by that there were no engines was a mystery. Currently running steam pipes under cargo bays and chain fence along the walls.
  22. We're not in school this April but you can still get extra credit for your unwanted minis and other gaming items! We are offering a BONUS 10$ of store credit for every 100$ of appraised purchase price! All items must be received at Mindtaker by 4/30 in order to qualify for the bonus bucks. Get those lists and pictures together! https://www.mindtaker.org/sell-us-your-stuff/
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