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  2. I thought that only happened to me!
  3. I will work on getting this done in time.
  4. I'm planning on giving up my favorite opponent pin at OFCC 2030. Make it so.
  5. Are you just looking for "normal" movement trays? I found this lot of STL files, seems like it would have most sizes you might need 🙂. Not free, but pretty inexpensive https://txarlifactory.com/collections/movement-trays-stl/products/movement-trays-rectangular-bases
  6. Kick-Off Event! Some players are Stunned... Yeah, by some we mean NINE of the eleven players I have on the pitch... and two of his.
  7. Final round; I’m on table one with Elven Union vs @Nick Vice’s Elven Union, vs Justin’s Chaos, and vs Bryan’s Slann.
  8. The 2020 GURPS PDF Challenge is entering its final hours. You get 12 GURPS PDFS for only $3, and a pretty darn good deal on other GURPS PDFs if you back for more. If you're at all interested in GURPS, this is a good way to get more.
  9. I will get an Elegoo Saturn.... a 7.5x4.7x7.7" build area....oh gods
  10. Transportable, modular, urban battlefield...? https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/studiolevel/1345357294?ref=29jcrm&token=0d59cf28
  11. Game two; my Elven Union vs @Maxwell Christian’s Elven Union, vs JJ’s Nurgle, vs Bryan’s Slann
  12. So I just used Blender to take a 3d file and cut off bits I didnt want so that I could print all that I wanted. I have no issue doing that if you find the 3d file you want.
  13. I like it. Aggressive, tough, but looks fun to play against.
  14. I am going to throw the Leak that are on a share drive for anyone to access. This has the entire rules side of the book in order. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pd__fR-6pySMcTtE57i_cCFhgZUU3SbA
  15. This is intended to be a resource for changes in 9th that can be easily referenced. Most of these are YouTube just because it's been things I can listen to while working. Full Rules Leak - Google Drive from Lyraeus Summaries from Other People 11 Changes to the Movement Phase - MiniWarGaming YouTube 6 Changes to the Shooting Phase - MiniWarGaming YouTube Top Rule Changes in 9th from Playtesters - Tabletop Titans YouTube Unit Coherency - Auspex Tactics YouTube PDFs for Secondary Objectives and Mission Reference - Microsoft Drive via Reddit Actions - Goonhammer Big Core Changes including Coherency, Engagement Range, Modifiers, the Command Phase - Goonhammer Movement including Turrets and Stay Stationary - Goonhammer Command Re-roll and its effect on 2d6 rolls - Goonhammer Psychic and Shooting changes including 'Look Out, Sir' - Goonhammer Combat, Charge, Engagement Range, Flying while Charging - Goonhammer Morale, Coherency, New Universal Strategems - Goonhammer Faction Specific Imperial Guard - Tabletop Titans Harlequins - Tabletop Titans Craftworlds - Tabletop Titans AdMech - Tabletop Titans Custodes - Tabletop Titans Orks - Tabletop Titans Death Guard - Tabletop Titans Space Marines - Tabletop Titans Tau - Tabletop Titans Ideally discussion should be kept to the big 9th thread that already exists, but please suggest more resources! I will update this thread with suggestions, and additional links that I come across.
  16. No, looking for an actual dog. Here's what I'm trying to do. Looking to kitbash something like this to use as servitors for my Crimson Fists.
  17. Something like this? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3708960
  18. 100 versus 125? I doubt too many people would care...
  19. Atomic Mass Games just posted a really cryptic message across their various social media accounts. I wonder what it could mean...?
  20. They need a slightly smaller frontage but yet they could work
  21. These should also work for T9A shouldn't they?
  22. Now to find something similar for 9th age 😄
  23. Yesterday
  24. Here's where I got them. It probably wouldn't be too hard to modify these trays to accommodate an 20 x 80 mm base. Just clip and/or file down these two internal dividers and you'll end up with a slot that's 20 x 85-ish in size... If you're handy with an STL editor, you could probably re-sculpt it before printing and make it even cleaner.
  25. Game one; my Elven Union vs @Nick Vice’s Elven Union, vs Rory’s Necromantic, vs Justin’s Chaos
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