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  2. Yeah would love to get to see the tournament pack and get some information that I can share out with the AZ guys who might be interested in coming up!
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  4. What vehicle is just above the phantom?
  5. GENTS, It is Raid time! Next Sunday we are prepping for Rose City Raid. Everybody is welcome. 300 Points! See you there.
  6. I’m in, just need a little midweek flexibility
  7. Bellevue is also very much American Suburbia (I was born and raised in that area, it's dreadful.) As a result, everything is more spread out there, consequently, EVERYONE has a car, and they have a parking lot (albeit fairly small.) It's not like living in the city where there's functional-ish public transit, or things within walking distance of other things.
  8. Players in: SBR Burk Andrewgeddon Michaels savion47 Westrider Thats 6. need 2 more.
  9. I hadn't realized it was available for Mac. For some reason, I thought it was just Windows and mobile. Got it installing on my laptop right now. So yeah, I should be in for an Ordo league. Dibs on the wooden spoon! 😉 EDIT: Whoa, this is funky. Feels like my first couple of games on the tablet, when I felt like I was playing against the interface more than the other team. Good thing there's the campaign mode so I can at least sort of get the hang of the controls before I'm playing on someone else's time.
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  11. Hey Arnold!'s Arnold and Family Guy's Stewie Griffin have similar shaped heads...
  12. No, I mean they'll have tons of foot traffic, but most of it of the criminal element. It's not foot traffic that you'd want. Dunno why, but that providence park stop seems to be where all the people get off [the MAX] that I suspect are probably drug addicts/dealers, or otherwise criminally inclined. As a pedestrian, the businesses in that area have the least friendly attitude towards pedestrians (and usually really abused restrooms). I kinda wonder if a game store could survive there. Might work if they charged admission...but, then again, I'd never go to a game store that charged admission.
  13. 1: Cave found in Romania with 48 unique species in it which all use Chemosynthesis instead of Photosynthesis. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Movile_Cave 2: Naturally occurring boiling river: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shanay-Timpishka Both links make me think they'd be good D&D encounters.
  14. Kill Team, 40K, and Infinity
  15. Willing to join in so I can beat weav because is uses a mac.
  16. Interested in webway & both Wraith blades Maybe crimson hunter If anyone wants to group buy
  17. If it doesn't sell, hit me up and we'll work something out.
  18. Interesting about the location. The Bellevue MOX is also in an area with almost no foot traffic. It is definitely a "destination" location. Apparently, that works for them.
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