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  2. I was gonna say something like this. And/or add some really over the top highlights to them. The diamonds just look too plain and flat as they are. I think kicking them up a notch will really help the overall effect on the Bikes/Vehicles.
  3. Nereus, aka Drowning Echo: Hilariously terrible. It'd be a fun one to watch with a bunch of friends and a lot of beer.
  4. GG @CountElmdor, sorry, can't chat well in game on my controller.
  5. Pick out one or two of the diamonds on the speeders and paint over them in purple and add some troupe runes in white... That should help tie them to the other models without totally making them uniform.
  6. Ebay i assume noone is interested in those kind of prices. I am just offering to work out a lower priced deal on other items that arent there yet. The reason for no list is I dont have a full inventory. I am not really planning to make one unless someone shows serious interest in a large purchase. My default plan is to take 10-15 models/squads a week and just list them online over time, not do a full inventory. My intention isnt exactly to tease but was just to save myself time and effort. I will leave this up another day and then just remove it. I apologize if it sounds too careless or half baked. I mean no disrespect but only wanted to potentially offer a discount to someone looking for a general starter army situation where they might say. I have $500 what can we fit into that? I like hordes or I like monsters. The total is perhaps 10,000 points of stuff in a whole bunch of boxes mostly still taped in bubble wrap.
  7. yea, Links? List? I'm not interested in just this tease.
  8. Yes the points updates for Forge World will be in that point-update-book-thingy.
  9. There was a contents page somewhere that showed forge world points in one of those books you got
  10. Making Forge World rules exclusive to the app would be one hell of a way to get people to buy into it.
  11. i went with the rulebook and the 2 extra books. I am curious if forgeworld will release points or they are in the muturinum or what ever it is called.
  12. those are some fabulous bouncy boys
  13. After rethinking it, 3 HQ was probably too many.
  14. Battle Scribe will be updated within a couple weeks, I'd bet. I am getting the BRB, but I'll skip the Chapter Approved.
  15. The app is delayed so they can sell the chapter approved books. Else there would be no reason to buy the books now.
  16. Bikes: As larger models these guys suffered similarly to the clown cars. Same as above in regards to a revisit to try to tie them in with the rest of the army. Perhaps if I pick up another batch I’ll find my muse.
  17. Boats: Vehicles in general are my bane to paint, not sure why. The big planes/plates drive me crazy. These sorta fell into the same category. I plowed through them to get them done and fieldable, but think they’re missing something. My wife pointed out that they don’t fit the purple found on most everything else, and lack the white highlights. I’ll likely revisit these when the mood strikes.
  18. Players: Still very happy with these guys and gals. Their movement and color make them fun to work with. Ill need to find a good source for fusion pistols so I can wysiwyg ‘em. I at least want to put that effort in so when the are melting primaris’s faces off everyone can feel good about it... You smell something burning? 😉
  19. Solitare: This guy looks like he got some nice buffs with the new WD content, I’ll be looking forward to blasting him across the tables once the world gets back to “normal”.
  20. I can be there with marvel crisis protocol and vanguard
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