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  2. I haven't played AoS in over a year, and my main opponent has stopped playing. With the new battletome on the horizon, I figured it would be a good time to start looking for buyers. Unless otherwise stated, all minis are built, unpainted, and extra bits have been saved. In some cases, parts have been Blu-tac'd instead of glued for easier painting. Prices are negotiable. I would *strongly* prefer not to ship these in any way, as they are fairly fragile. 48x Dryads roughly half are painted - $20 for 16. 2x Branchwyches - $10 each 1x Branchwraith - $10 5x Tree Revenants - $20 for a unit of 5 6x Kurnoth Hunters all weapons included, but not glued - $30 for a unit of 3x Treelord Ancient - $25 Spirit of Durthu - $25 I'll sell the whole lot for $200 (or make an offer) and include the storage bin I've been using. The storage bin has a metal sheet glued to the bottom and the bases have all been magnetized.
  3. @Weav Sunday works if earlier in the day (10 or 11) or Tuesday is good too.
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  5. Thank you so very much!!
  6. Would one of you attendees be willing to take models down to @UselesswizarD for me? He's in the PDX area.
  7. I need to get models down to @UselesswizarD. My travel plans don't have me going south any time soon. Do we have any travelers headed that way soon ish? Also looking for a second wraithseer.
  8. Well, there is plenty of time to cook your wife dude breakfast and score those points. I'll put your down as a solid yes, in ink. Now get to cookin' Congrats on the kiddo! Who else needs some non-negotiable convincing?
  9. Good excuse to get my empire out I guess. I have a newborn so it depends on the wife dude.
  10. @WestRider Here, let me fix that for you 🙂
  11. I do like the concept of individual Models fading away, but since nothing else in 8th Ed works like that, it feels like it would end up causing confusion and awkwardness.
  12. So I went through my "to paint" pile and I do have enough to do a German beach defense force including bunkers. Since we are talking later in the year I can commit to getting it painted up properly.
  13. I hope to make it, but I have family in town this weekend. It will depend on when they decide to head home on Sunday. If nothing else, I might just stop by to say howdy.
  14. @Burk when do you want to play? Sunday mid-day at WOW? Tuesday @ Game Night?
  15. All standard Street Bowl rules and team build are in effect, with the following exceptions: - You may apply two general skills to two separate players - Rerolls may not be purchased - Leader may not be taken
  16. Those seedy drunken hooligans are the best part of the pictures! Especially the ones in the yellow shirts...
  17. @Munkie, Noah Hathaway, the actor who played Fish in Sushi Girl, and Atreyu in the first Neverevending Story, played Harry Potter in the mid-80s Troll movie.
  18. Yes. I actually thought I had posted them but your post made me realize I hadn’t. I’ll add them here shortly.
  19. Great question....I know piling on wounds to remove whole models would probably be easier, but I love the idea of tough models getting withered away in the radiation zone...so I'm torn. 🙂 Let me think about this
  20. Are the street ball build and rules going to be posted up ahead of time?
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