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    Sounds far-fetched to me. I’m going to invoke Hanlon’s Razor: “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” Based on the rest of J.J. Abrams’ body of work, I strongly suspect he’s phenomenal at coming up with ideas, but distractible and lacking follow-through. He kinda reminds me of me honestly, I’ve got terabytes of half-finished campaign settings, adventure ideas, comic book scripts, even a screenplay. Not to mention enough half-painted miniatures to fill in the Grand Canyon... I call it “Gamer A.D.D.” and I think Abrams has it too. Only I’m working with $5 bucks worth of foam board and hot-glue from Hobby Lobby; He’s got $5 gajillion bucks and sound-stages on five continents. Abrams seems to be at his best when only doing ONE film or ONE season of a show. Not bigger, multi-year projects. They needed one screenwriter (or a screenwriting pair) to write all three films, they really needed a competent executive producer to over see it. They needed a Kevin Feige.
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    9th Age Escalation Campaign

    I actually prefer the much more fearsome Peasant Eevee.
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    Dark Trainer

    Gaming Mats

    Neoprene is superior because it will always lay flat after being rolled. A huge vinyl mat can sometimes have waves after unrolling. Sure it's cheaper, but the neoprene is an invenstment for a reason. I agree, I wish neoprene wasn't so expensive. I also like how neoprene deadens dice bouncing and rolling all over. It's minor, but makes for cleaner play.
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    The next meeting of the Ordo Fanaticus Senate is scheduled for 11am, Saturday, February 29th 2019. Yes, this is Leap Day. The primary topics will be the beginning planning of the 2020 Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge, and upcoming leagues and events. We will also discuss existing and new business for the club. Afterwards, the club will be open for gaming! Come play! Anyone interested in the club and its workings are welcome and encouraged to attend!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Brother Glacius

    Merry Christmas Ordo

    Merry Christmas Ordo! And to everyone who celebrate something else, I wish you a wonderful holiday as well.
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    Sunday GN @ WOW - 12/29

    I'm planing 400pts of Infinity.
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    @CountElmdor and I will be in for 40k.
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    9th Age Escalation Campaign

    Barricades have been prepared! Bring on the chaos!
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    Tournament packet for March to War is up!: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1SVtitzKehe0xKo2BvYCHzjMsKE0yIuEVyaqBmxpRlA0/edit?usp=sharing Please let me know if you have any questions, comments, or concerns. I've made a number of changes to the packet this year based off of feedback I received from the previous event! Cheers, see you all in March!
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    Rats rats rats!!!!

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    This sums up my feelings of the adequacy of this film's adequate nature quite adequately.
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    Ordo BB2 League Season 2

    Wizards for everyone!
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    Kingdoms of Equality-tane

    I just ordered another box of 48 rabble :D. My "cavalry army" wont have cavalry for quite some time. Got all the sprues ready for base coats which I am about to start. Pre-processing was washing/scrubbing. Then I do a bunch of pre-cuts on the sprue (so that there is typically just 1 or 2 points where the bit attaches to the sprue). Then I cut away all the parts of the sprue close to the previously cut sprue points, that way I can get my airbrush/brush in there easier. These two boxes have been pretty good about where the sprues attach to the bits. For perhaps 70% of the bits, the points of contact are in attachment areas, so I don't have to repaint after pulling from the sprue. The other 30%, primarily shields, will require a bit of touching up. I am sold on sprue-painting, its the beast.
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    Random Photo Thread

    Meanwhile, in the Matrix... "I know Kung Moo."
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    I’ll be there around 3:30 to get set up for Necromunda. note for the players, if you didn’t seen it in the week 1 thread, Chaos is in Ascendancy this week.
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    Nine tickets remain, get in NOW
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    9th Age Escalation Campaign

    If GW rules are "professionally written" then this is most certainly bizzaro world.
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Six Underground (2019) straight to Netflix release. Rolling Stone gave it one and a half stars, saying: I agree with them 100%, except I give the movie four stars. Roger Ebert used to say (paraphrasing) ‘It's not what the movie is about, it’s how it is about it.’ Meaning that a movie should be judged based on what that movie is trying to say, not against all of cinema as a whole. This is a Michael Bay movie, it’s trying to be a Michael Bay movie, and it’s very good at being a Michael Bay movie. Pops your popcorn, crack open a cold beer, and turn up the bass on your surround sound.
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    “It was years ago, when the shadow came to me…though I will admit it was years before that when I first began to see the lie that is the Empire of man. During this time I worked my way up to commander of the 333rd Cadian Regiment based off of Cadia Prime. I hid my feelings, hid them deep. The Shadow often warned me that Inquisitors and their ilk were everywhere, for their mission is to keep the lie going. With time the lies became too much and it became harder and harder to keep it hidden. The Shadow helped me see truth and often gave me insight to battle. For the Empire craves victory over all things. So the better I did the less scrutiny I got. Even has my tactics grew more and more “creative”. But it was when Cadia Prime fell that part of my mind fell too. We were off fighting Tau in some forsaken part of the Galaxy when we heard. And when we were recalled we were not sent to support another parts of Cadia, as we should have! No we were sent here, to Necromunda. The insult is too much to bare. Me and my men began to show more and more that we seen through the lies…and the Inquisition came and they came hard. It didn’t take long til I realized that we were out matched. The Inquisition and their astarties cut through my men with a precision I’ve never seen before. Within a month I found myself trapped in a bunker near some hive city on the planet. My closest advisor, Agotha the Wight, agreed that a retreat was needed. One of my most resourceful men, Riggs, was able to find a refuse tunnel that led deep into the Hive. I gathered 20 of my best and had the rest of the men hold the bunker. At least they died honest men, as Red Mike took what large munitions we had left and blew that bunker to hell, covering out escape…or so I thought. It wasn’t long until the Inquisitor was on our trail again. Chasing us deeper and deeper into the dregs of the hive…until we arrived here. It’s been months since we last seen the inquisitor. What’s left of my men were tasked with learning the terrain and the players in this disgusting game that plays down here. Rats fighting for scraps upon a pile of detritus so foul every minute here is agony. But I have a found purpose. The Shadow has shown me a path out. A promise that will lead me out of this cesspool and once again give me the tools to raise my army and get revenge on the Empire of Man. I assume the Shadow is as much a liar as everyone but if you need a viper’s venom you will have to handle it…” - Commander Zero Very Chaos aligned. Our goals are to · Slay the Hive · Fulfill The Shadow's rituals to call forth his dark needs to feed both the Shadow's & the Commander's power · ‘Scape the Hive · Of course if things go awry or that damn inquisitor catches out trail we might just have to stir up enough chaos to make an escape.
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    On January 11th, at 1:00, we’ll be hosting a kickoff event for our Necromunda Campaign. Bring a 1000 credit gang and be prepared for some mayhem. Gangs should follow the normal restrictions, and all chosen skills should be unique. We’ll aim to do some quick multiplayer scenarios, draw territories, tactics and challenge cards, and then play some of the quick scenarios from the recent White Dwarf supplement. The Pit Fight scenario and the Meat for the Grinder scenarios are high on my list of likely missions. You don’t need to attend the kickoff to join in the campaign, nor do you need to commit to the campaign to participate in the kickoff event, but any xp, credits, weapons or injuries that your gang earns will carry on into the campaign. It should be a fun way to jump into the campaign, and make sure everyone knows who their potential rivals are. Hope to see you there!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Played WarCry for the first time on New Years Day. Enjoyed it a lot, even if I didn't quite understand everything that was going on. Probably don't have the free time to delve into the game more deeply, but it's going on my short list of games to pick up in the not to distant future. I did notice that WarCry, much like Age of Sigmar, suffers from a total lack of Bretonnia. So I decided to fix that... At first I thought I might want to rewrite the Stormcast, but they're all on foot and they all use crossbows. So unchivalrous! I also looked at the undead factions, some of the Chaos bands, etc. Then I spotted the Iondeth Deepkin. They work for the forces of Order, they have knights on flying mounts, they have common troops with bows... They're perfect! Akhelian Ishlaen Guard and Akhelian Morrsarr Guard (the guys on the flying eels) can be represented by Bretonnian Pegasus Knights; Namarti Reavers can be represented by Bretonnian Peasant archers; and Namarti Thralls represented by Bretonnian Peasants with halberds. A few simple renamings of the faction's special abilities and presto! Abilities Faction (Double) Impetuous Gallantry: A fighter can use the ability only if it is the first battle round. This fighter can make a bonus move action a number of inches equal to the value of this ability. (Low Tide) Faction Minion (Double) Knightly Temper: Roll 1 die for each visible enemy fighter within 2" of this fighter. On a 5, allocate one damage point to the fighter being rolled for. On a 6, allocate a number of damage points to the fighter being rolled for equal to the value of this ability. (Sweeping Blow) Faction Agile (Double) Volley Fire: Until the end of this fighter's activation, add one to the Attacks characteristic of attack actions made by this fighter that target an enemy fighter more than 3" away. (Storm Fire) Faction Leader (Triple) Noble Disdain: A fighter can use this ability only if it is the third battle round. Add one to the Attacks and Strength characteristics of attack actions that have a Range characteristic of 3 or less made by friendly fighters while they are within 6" of this fighter. (High Tide) Faction Bulwark (Triple) The Lady's Blessing: Until the end of the battle round, count each critical hit from attack actions that target this fighter as a hit instead. (Biovoltaic Barrier) Faction Berserker (Quad) For the Glory and the Grail!: Allocate a number of damage points equal to the value of this ability to all visible enemy fighters within 3" of this fighter. (Biovoltaic Blast)
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    Random Thought Thread

    In high school at my first job, a customer said "has anyone ever told you you look like Danzig?" I stared at him, all 6 ft of my being insulted at being compared to the tiny meathead lead singer of one of my favorite bands. The customer hesitated, "do you know who Danzig is?" Yes, I reply, unbuttoning my uniform revealing a die die my darling shirt. Just shocked at that comparison, sorry, you guys want free stuff? And "hook" them up. To this day, everytime I hear Glenn's voice, I think of that moment with the customer and remind myself that they clearly never saw him drop cold after starting problems with another band. edit: for those not in the know.
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    Supposedly, the “something” Finn wanted to tell Rey is that he, too, was Force sensitive. How the &$%# he knew that and how the %#$& the audience was supposed to pick up on that implication I do not know... The Rey / Kylo romance never seemed to be reciprocal to me. I always kind of felt a bit of a longing from Kylo towards Rey, but in a creepy possessive stalker way... The only emotional towards Kylo I ever felt from Rey was odium. Until TROS* decided to strangle her with the red string. Still better romantic chemistry than Padme and Anakin. *I wonder if it was supposed to follow the same R-word of the S-word format as the last films in the other two trilogies until someone noticed that would give us ROTS...?
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    and i think maybe you are seeing what you want to see. i didnt see it at all in the previous movies (rey and ben)
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    I think the biggest mistake Disney made with the new movies is they tried to please everyone and spent way too much time listening to Star Wars fans. I understood making TFA a safe nostalgia piece. It's a way of assuring everyone that this will not be another prequel trilogy. A way to convince people to buy back in. The general Star Wars fan consensus: too similar to the OT! So they switched to Ryan Johnson from Abrams and he really tried to take it in a new direction. The film had flaws, but I respected his intent and desire to break away from the Sith/Jedi/balance cycle (sounds like a washing machine). The general Star Wars fan consensus: too different! So they switched back to J.J. Abrams to have him wrap it up in a nice and safe way. The general Star Wars fan consensus: too "meh"! Rather than having a clear vision from the outset and executing on that, they changed their vision after every movie based on the endless whinging of nerds (no offense, nerds). They should've just stuck to their (laser)guns and stayed the course. If people don't like it, fine. But at least the movie makers could be proud of their artistic integrity, and the people who do like it would feel like they watched a cohesive story rather than a desperate Goldilocks process.
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    Does this spaceship have testicles?
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    Sign me up, boss. Looking forward to getting in more rounds with you all.
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    Ethics of 3D printing

    Printing models and bits is the same as buying forged world from China. Or casting it yourself. If the model is printed and you can’t tell the difference. Keep your silence and print. Some of my forge world is fake the rest is from Nottingham. Nobody can tell. Am I am evil dude? kind of but I am ok with it. I spent several grand at Nottingham on forge world so the smaller amount of fakes I am ok with.
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    Spoiler Free Skywalker

    I find the lack of reviews disturbing.
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    Kingdoms of Equality-tane

    I’m just using the yaks to fill in space. Peasants come in boxes of 48. Units are min 30, or max 60. Therefore, 1 box +2 yaks is either 1 full unit or two min units. thats also 12 peasants I don’t have to paint and yaks follow the rule of cool
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    Ordo BB2 League Season 2

    lol yeah. I also do what I can to keep my dick out of the garbage disposal, to each their own though I guess.
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

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    Rate the last series/season you saw (TV)

    Hinterland is a very niche sort of show. It’s a police procedural / film noir murder mystery series set in and around Aberystwyth (a small coastal town) and the surrounding rural county of Ceredigion (grey hills, grey rivers, grey sheep, and grey bogs) in northern Wales. It’s grey, it’s raining constantly, it’s grey, everyone’s got an impossible to pronounce name, it’s grey, and half the cast have an accent so thick you need a chainsaw to cut through it. My god, I love it so much. A few reviewers have compared it to The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, which I kind of agree with. The plot is nothing at all similar and the characters are quite different, but in terms of tone it most definitely is. It’s film noir, but not... It’s a police procedural, but not... If you like moody, gloomy, noir murder mysteries and gorgeous sweeping cinematography of grey, dreary, and decaying rural farmhouses, you’ll love this show. Another interesting thing about the series is that it was filmed, simultaneously, as two separate shows: Hinterland, the version currently on Netflix, is filmed in English; Y Gwyll, which isn’t available in the U.S. near as I can figure, was filmed entirely in Welsh... With the same cast, same actors, same script, etc. British DVD box... Actual show not this colorful.
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    Between leaks and release.....
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    I was told about this by a friend who is going to come up and play from the Bay. Sign me up please. Justin Rusk (now an official Portlander)
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    FFG Axes RPG & Interactive Teams

    They just closed the FFG Interactive studio, which was their in-house group and who had only produced the LotR LCG digital edition. There's nothing stopping them licensing out their IP, or working directly with other studios to produce stuff under their own banner like they did with Battlelore.
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    Bouke’s Contrast paint experiments

    neither do I, but these Rumbleslam miniatures come like that. as they are fantasy wrestlers (wwe), I'm not sure what an appropriate base would be.
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    Teclis is a god now and is creating new "pointy aelves" Coming 2020 https://www.warhammer-community.com/2020/01/04/reveals-from-the-new-year-open-day-2020gw-homepage-post-1/
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    -___________________________________________- Why???
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    looking good. It shouldn't really change anything on your end, but makes it easier for me to find everybody.
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    @Inquisitor66 shadowrun?
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    So as the weather has been garbage, I've had zero opportunities to get stuff primed, Meaning that I've done 0 painting and everything is just kind of been sitting around. Well, wife was kind enough to take the little one out for a while yesterday while leaving me at home, which gave me the opportunity to do a mass priming session for my Sylvan elves, plus A few odds and ends. Still hard to get it done with the Terrier of guilt looming over me, but I managed. Here's a look at my 2000 points for the escalation campaign. Now that it's primed, hopefully I'll actually be able to make some progress on it. More progress coming soon, hopefully!
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    Random Thought Thread

    “What is myrrh anyway?”
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    Post Apocalypse Koyote

    I did a little more GS work.
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