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  1. White Scars Deathwatch Veteran Captain on Bike
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  2. Finished the Captain, Lieutenant, and chaplain from the Indomitus box:
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  3. Here are some Space Marines, guarding their blades.
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  6. Just finished my first squad of assault intercessors. Made lots of mistakes, but moving on to a Judiciar.
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  7. That's the true strength of 40k. As someone who's been playing off and on for 20 years or so, I can honestly say that the biggest mistake people make with 40k is taking it too seriously. It's a beer and pretzels game, and as long as everyone involved understands that, it's a lot of fun. You just have to understand and accept that GW is GW, and they're going to do [big bad swear word] like this. If you're okay with it, groovy, you play 40k and have fun. If not, you move on to other games, like a lot of us have in the past. Just be selective about where you play and who you play with, and
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  8. The irony is Salty Monkey’s Necron scheme looks more like my original plan...but here’s what I came up with as I went through the actual steps. Yes it really is an entirely different Necron scheme and army from the one I played back in February...
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  10. How about a Gryphonne pattern Russ Vanquisher??? More at the blog: http://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2020/09/new-cult-russ-gryphonne-pattern.html
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  12. Finally finished some loyal guardsmen.
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  13. Been painting over Zoom with a couple of friends. About five hours over two days produced five Intercessors and a Venerable Dreadnought.
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  16. Progress has been slower than planned, but they’re nearly done. Vigilators probably aren’t the most efficient variety of Sisters of Silence, but they are definitely the coolest looking.
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  17. Took a lot of tries to get the camera to focus on the model at all. Must be all the black. Paint smeared all over when i tried to highlight. I think it looks decent now.
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  18. Ish

    Be Ordo Fanaticus again.

    Maybe it's because I've made the deliberate choice not to join the Realm of Chaos sub-thread, but I haven't seen any divisiveness amongst the Ordo, certainly not intolerance... Well, other than in-joke type nerd stuff like the Blood Bowl players all hating on the Elf players, the WH40k players all hating on Space Marines, and @Koyote and myself feeling smugly superior to everyone that doesn't play Saga. But that's almost entirely meant in the spirit of friendly rivalry. (Mostly. Saga players actually are superior to the rest of you dirty peasants.)
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  19. Der panzer hast un enormous schwanzstüker!
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  22. A Chaplain to join my evolving Crusade force.
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  23. Ish

    Sgt. Rock's Toy Soldiers!

    Wait... wait... Is that a protective cardboard barrier on your painting table!? HERESY! Without a three inch thick layer of spilt paint, thousands of hobby knife gouges, and a half-empty Mountain Dew that you’ve been meaning to throw out since the Clinton Administration, how can you honestly call it a painting table?
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  24. Not painted yet but here's my kill team leader
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  26. this one’s a twofer, some terrain I did to try my new airbrush out, and then some veterans to float around for assembling command and special weapons squads and such.
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  32. Well, it's been a while! Between OFCC being canceled and the release of 40K 9th Ed, I pretty much let this army flounder. I've recently recaptured the spark though and am slowing plugging away of the Sylvan Elves. Don't worry, evil snail dwarves will be back on the menu soon! Recently magnetized the entire army (that is, until I re-wrote my list and added in 15 Forest Guard which need to get done). Always satisfying to do the flip test, especially with metal models. Blade Dancer BSB made out of extra sorceress (?) model! ...and currently working on putting togethe
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  37. Ish

    Random Photo Thread

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  38. The slow march of the Necrons continues
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  39. Ish

    Random Photo Thread

    How the Talons of the Emperor spent 014.M31 to 001.M42...
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  41. Finally got off my ass and did some hobbying. Gotta wait for daylight to prime his base (custom 3D printed!) But after that, he'll be good to go.
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  45. Aw, shucks, I just pushed some buttons. Glad you like it. Here are some blog posts from Invision that explains the impetus for the refreshed design. Version 4.5.0 of Invision Community is now available We are pleased to announce that Invision Community 4.5 is now available and packed with new features, enhancements, and even a new look! Major New Features / Enhancements - New Front-End Design - AdminCP Dark Mode - Site Statistics, Search Insights, and Club Statistics - Marketplace now built into the AdminCP - Mobile App for iOS and And
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