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    Gleaming Blade

    The 3rd Blade scouted out an area where several increasingly well armed patrol detachments of the local Astra Militarum had gone missing. Forward scouts revealed a Necron presence that seemed to be guarding a device of some kind. The Necron leader was an imposing figure of a type unrecorded by Blades. The Captain ordered the extermination of the Necron leader and control of the sites that they seemed to be guarding. Most of the Necrons phased out, but a few of them seem to have been actually destroyed. The presence of Necrons in the region comes as a surprise, but not for long. Ensign Kelly of the local guard regiment had forged several communications and arranged for arrival of the Blades in the area. It turns out that Ensign Kelly was in fact a Callidus Assassin working for an unknown benefactor. Knowing he is unlikely to get any information that the master of deception does not choose to reveal the Captain moves to the next area of interest without further inquiry. Battles: 1 Victories: 1 Battle: Sweep and Clear, Agenda: Assassinate, Result: Victory for the Blades, 25 PL Blades vs. Necrons The Assault Intercessors scored the Assassinate and got an MVP Another MVP to the Captain as commander of this endeavor, points and so force updated in head post. +1 Crusade Point
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    40K 9th ed

    I think that might be a factor in the creep, they've lost sense of the relative scale of in-universe power. When you have all these unique weapons, it leaves the base weapons behind, so they've got to creep up. Only, heavy bolters are going to make autocannons largely obsolete unless they go to damage 3. Multi-meltas are going to make lascannons (and plasmacannons in a lot of cases) largely obsolete, unless there are buffs there too. Lasguns are made out of lasers, which are certainly more advanced than autoguns, shouldn't they be strength 4? It hits harder than a human fist, right?
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    Random Photo Thread

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