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    06/23 Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

    Super excited! I know I've got some guys coming down from the Olympia area with multiple armies for sale.
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    Hello everyone, I finished some more Chaos projects. I've completed my warlord for my OFCC World Eaters army. Meet Azrath, Daemon Prince of Khorne. I also finished "De-Nurglifying" 16 of my Chaos Havocs so now they can be used in either my Nurgle-themed army or my World Eaters army. Here are some of them. I painted up 2 Renegades and Heretics troopers, Emma and Logroth . They can be used as Cultists, Militia, Marauders, or Disciples. You (probably) won't see my Renegades and Heretics at OFFC this year, but who knows, perhaps you will see them in a subsequent year. And finally, I decided to remove my plasma pistols from my Renegades and Heretics Renegade Commanders and Enforcers. I found that I'm pretty aggressive in how I use them so their role in melee is far more important than taking a few plasma potshots at the foe. Here are a couple of pics with their new power swords. I'm still debating the details of my OFCC World Eaters list. I've locked in 3 squads of Zerkers in Rhinos, a DP, at least 1 Havoc squad, and a pair of Blood Slaughterers. I keep changing up the other stuff I include in the list from day to day. 🙂 Enjoy the pics!
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    I'm trying to make it
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    Looking for casting supplies

    I have no leftovers, sorry. If you'd like to PM me and share you project idea. I'm hoping to put on a clinic for this after OFCC.
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    heavy support choices? world eaters

    Not if they're Troops.
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    Consolidated my two threads, added lot price to remaining Necromunda stuff. Price on Destiny stuff reduced. I'm busy on Saturday until probably at least 1, but if there is some interest in one (or both) of the lots, I can try to make it down to Guardian or the Ordo Garage sale that afternoon to drop stuff off.
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    Seems like it is fixed now...
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    If we ever get some updated Chaos Space Marine kits, I might take you up on that offer!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Looking for casting supplies

    Yarp, unfortunately the stuff doesn't stay liquid for a long time. That's part why I asked, if someone has leftovers then they wouldn't go to waste. I've ended up ordering some to give this project a shot. Will post my results when I get them made! Cheers
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    Looking for casting supplies

    GREATSCOTT! Most molding and casting materials have a shelf life. Even buying from local shops can be risky. I open molding materials right there in the shop with the manager watching, and then show him what I am looking for. Basically that the liquids are still liquids! (Both Blick and Artist Craftsman Supply, so far, TAPP is probably the exception)
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    Me too, I’ll be purchasing entry aoon
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    The Fiends and the Sepulchral Guard were the two Warbands I took to the tournament at Card Kingdom last weekend, and I ended up winning that. Definitely both really good Warbands that I enjoy playing. But I think the Fiends or Farstriders will give me more of the fun play I want from an OFCC event than the Guard. At OFCC, I'm not looking to win so much as have a bunch of good brawls, y'know?
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Any Grom riders on here?

    Pick up my new Grom today! Well, new to me. So freaking excited. Any other owners on here?
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    Any Grom riders on here?

    Not a Grom, but pretty similar:
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    Team FURY: ofcc team thread

    okay. let me talk to my team and see what we can work out. i know zcaust is in SE. what about the rest of you? have a preferred gaming spot?
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