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    2019 OFCC Date Announcement

    The date for the 2019 OFCC will be August 16th - 18th We are returning to the Hilton Vancouver for another year! Expect additional event details in future posts.
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    Lord Hanaur

    Fundraiser for Fluger

    Wow, OK... That's pretty heavy. I'll run a fund raising tournament. Starting on that now.
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    In the grand world of the game, there are many ways to play and many places to play. Some people prefer the garage with their good friends. Some like to push the limit of the rules to face stomp their opponents. At Ordo, we like sportsmanship and hobbists. We don't mind losing, but we want it to be a fun game at the hands of an opponent we would gladly play again. We want community builders, not hobby killers. If our style is not yours, go create your own community. We've spent almost 18 years making this one. When you have run over a decade of 40 man tournaments, let us know what works for you.
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    Selling 3D Printed Paint Racks!!!

    Do you have lots of GW paint sitting around crying for organization? Then maybe you need one of these: Here are some feature of this paint solution Each layer holds 12 GW paint pots (newer style) All layers spin independently around the center The modular design allows for customized storage- 36, 48, 60 pots or more! The rack can be disassembled for easy transport and storage Spacers are included in the kit to accommodate various paint pot heights Here is what is included in the 3 Tier system: Here is a shot of spacers added to accommodate wash and contrast paints: How crazy can your solution be? Maybe not 10 Tier, but it has been tested 🙂 What will this cost? The base 3 Tier system (36 pots, perfect for the new Contrast line) is $30 Each additional level added to your rack is +$6 How do you order one? Please send me a PM to arrange your order. Once payment is received via PayPal, delivery will be arranged. Can this be shipped? Although the printed racks are durable, there is no current plan to ship these and will be limited to pickup only Will these be available at OFCC? After fulfilling preorders (which can be delivered at OFCC), I may have some for sale during the event. This is not guaranteed, so if you want to ensure availability then please order one. Do these hold other brands of paint? No, this solution is limited to the current GW paint pot (introduced in 2011) So, let me know if you are interested in my rack. 🙂
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    Dark Trainer

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    So I figured I'd start a thread about those awesome, shenanigan, memorable, or wild moments. Doesn't have to be about the game either (could just be a funny social situation, etc). Keep it positive, no griping or grumbling. My shenanigan: my game two was an EXCELLENT game against a great opponent. My shenanigan was being tabled turn 4, but placed all 6 of my objective markers too far away from him to get to using veil of darkness to teleport across the board to a corner in his deployment, we let the game run to turn 6 to see if he could make it, game ended before turn 7 and I won, even though I was tabled turn 4. The best part was both of us tried to advocate the other should win (Bryan helped settle rule as per the sheet). We laughed, and had a great time. Tell us your stories!
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    He's finished. I'm calling him Bobo. He enjoys eating beans and is very happy to slam Xenos with his new door shield.
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    OFCC 2019 40K Pictures!

    Here is a link to the 200+ pictures I took during the 2019 OFCC https://photos.app.goo.gl/2Jv6zp7BYexekaZaA We will see you for OFCC 2020 on July 24-26
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Just Dusldorf things

    Haven't hobbied in a long time but am getting back into it since I found a quality & nearby 40k club in Brooklyn. Right now I'm building/painting/expanding my Vostroyans, which I tend to use as allies for Sisters, Inquisition, Deathwatch, etc. Today was also the first time I magnetized or pinned stuff, and I think it worked out really well: First up was a single ogre that I needed to be able to count as an Ogre Bodyguard (with all possible load-outs) or a counts-as Nork Deddog, depending on the situation. Here is Mr. Potato Ogryn: (Below is my Vostroyan version of Nork...the knife is a halberd from the Bretonnian men-at-arms kit.) (Below is how I'll run this model most of the time: as a hard-to-kill, close-combat-focused ogryn bodyguard.) Next were 10 Tempestus Scions, but I wanted to be able to run them as a command squad with 4 special weapons, or a squad of 10, or two squads of 5...you get the idea. Here they are as two separate squads, one with 2 plasma guns and the other with 2 hot shot volley guns: And here are the sergeants with their magnetized arms (I'm in the process of creating more, with pistol options and other stuff). To create the power mace / command rod, I removed the chainsword and pinned a 3rd-party Sororitas mace on top. Several models also needed new antenna on their armor after I broke them while scraping off mold lines, so I used the same pinning wire to replace those (for example, see the model on the far right in the first picture). Notice that every model has a custom shoulder pad with a V for Vostroya:
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    40K Book Play vs ITC Play

    No. It's not. We're all working adults with busy lives. Our hobby is awesome, but time consuming. So it has to take a back seat to work obligations, family commitments, community engagements, etc.. So when I do make time to play a game I have to respect my time and play in a way that I will enjoy. Because of I don't find fulfillment in the hobby then what's the point? And for me, being on the business end of a BS ITC soup army designed to put my opponent on a podium, and ruin my fun is not an example of respecting my time. That's a waste of my time; and I'm not interested in doing that anymore. I'm here for the beer and pretzels. For the lore and laughs. I spend hours painting my army because I LOVE telling fun, funny, stories on the table top with toy soldiers. Over the last year I've been able to make time for one full 40K match, and a handful of Kill Team matches. I had to cancel OFCC for work. So no, I don't have time to be someone's gaming punching bag. And no, it's not harsh to say, up front, "nope not interested".
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    Curious how many people completed the various achievements? Well, I was and since I had all the data it was just a matter of counting (...and counting and counting and counting.) 🙂 Below are the results of all of that counting! As it appeared on the form: Sorting by most to least popular:
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    Genestealer Cult in Progress

    More STUFF! This time it is the first squad of Brood Brothers. Uniform is Vallejo Russian Uniform with Reflective Green body armor (mirrors Soviet WW2 uniform and helmet colors). I'm using the new black contrast paint on the boots - makes life much simpler and looks great for table standard. Spent a fair amount of time on the autocannon - it's highlighted with AK 4BO Soviet Green modulation colors, then chipped, then oil streaked and pinwashed. I also added some barbed wire, spent shell casings, and a track link to the set up. Decals are from Scumb4g Kustoms. It's a really neat set with enough to do something like 5 or 6 units.
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    Update time! I now have the components to build two more copies of tile #1, and have moved on to designing a new tile layout. First, I needed to upscale one of the other storage tanks from the set. The larger tank has been scaled to 164% of the original Why 164%? I wanted it scale it to the other tank and used the integrated ladder for reference Speaking of scaling, I don't this little tank provides enough cover: This is much better! Picture for scale:
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    SpaceORK's Orks... n' other armies.

    Ehh... its "done". I see lots of other things I could finish up on this guy but it's good enough for table top.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

    "I call this the Destroy Alderaan Mix."
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    I would like to list all the people I owe a thanks to, but at my advanced age it is hard to remember them all. 🙂
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    T9A at OFCC 2019

    Thank you to everyone who came out and committed to 15 hours (well 14.5 hours) of wargaming in two days. You are really the weekend warriors that make these events happen. I'll need to get all of the final details from the tournament from the Ordo laptop (I didn't have a way to transfer them due to the no-internet zone). Ill be uploading photos soon, so stay tuned for that! Like Ben K. said, Andrew and I are planning on driving down for the Zoo, we could certainly add 1-2 more people to the carpool. Last year we were generously hosted by one of the locals in Davis, I am sure we can secure a similar situation this year. Finally, because I know Disruptive Conduct will see this. Thank you Ordo for making this event possible. Without Ordo, we may have never met each other and been able to attract new members to our small but growing community. 'Till next year!
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    Brick Bungalow

    GG got sold....

    I'm really pleased that they have the time and resources for some leisure as well as the opportunity to pursue some other life interests. They gave the city of Portland an amazing gift. I believe the new owners are wise enough not to meddle with a winning formula.
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    Doesn't sound like you'd enjoy it. Sounds like you don't understand what OFCC offers. It's not about denying what's fun for you, it's a out denying what others can't deal with a majority of the time. You don't get squat for winning all 5 of your games, that's the point. If anything consider list toning for next time or if your opponents liked you so much they want a rematch. I own 12 destroyers, yet only bring one squad of 6. Why, because I know point for point they're super strong at erasing vehicles. I know you enjoy ITC and more competitive environments. This is not that venue. OFCC offers something unique. As Hanaur said there's a lot less restriction than you think. Just be aware your not bringing an LVO leaf blower list to OFCC and you'd be fine. One last thing, attitude is what makes OFCC. Laugh, giggle, fart, just don't get stressed, don't get mad at yourself or your opponents and you'll fit right in. I always find beer and pretzels is what I enjoy at OFCC. Don't get me wrong I'll play to my best general abilities, just toning my list down offers a challenge too.
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    I ended up putting all of my forge world elder corsair stuff up on eBay this weekend. I totally forgot about this list. Anyhow, i'm (torn_or) on eBay.... 2 eldar corsair conversion kits, the heavy weapons kit, jet bike kit and 3 wasp war walker kits and wraith seer bits. Also, a limited edition Infinity figure (yu-jing crane rank pre-order figure). +++++++ NEW UPDATE - MOST ITEMS SOLD ... WILL START DIGGING INTO MODELS / MINIS THIS WEEKEND I HOPE. WILL POST THEM HERE FIRST FOR A WEEK... BEFORE MOVING TO EBAY. FOR 40K - A SCATTERING OF CSM STUFF, DARK ELDAR, ELDAR NEW AND OLD RT STUFF... , ELDAR CORSAIRS FORGEWORLD STUFF, IMPERIAL KNIGHTS ON SPRUE. NON 40K STUFF - WILL BE A FEW DARK AGE SELECTIONS, POSSIBLY SOME EPIC STUFF (OVERFLOW / EXTRA ELDAR, MARINES, ORKS) ========== > > "FAITH - THE SCI-FI RPG" boxed game. This is a card based RPG - new in box - thumbed through - but never got it out on the table. ($75$) > “The Hab Block” phase 2 “Easy Set Up” Kickstarter - w/magnets. Un-opened and Un-Assembled. Perfect board starter set - urban - sci-fi style with add-ons (75$) -d
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    Random Photo Thread

    Rather than a separate video, I think this should actually be the cold open.
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    As found here
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    Koyote in Mordheim

    I've added some new treasure and wyrdstone markers to my collection. During the process, transferred the bits from my old markers onto Renedra 25mm cobblestone bases. The purple bits were made by a Spanish company, Tiny Tales Studio.
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    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    😐 Facebook...
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    I was curious how the no list rating would play out, and IMO, this was the best OFCC in years in terms of the armies and attitudes people brought. There were a few dark years there before we scrapped the best generals award where the OFCC was starting to get pretty competitive. I was on the list rating committee one of those years and I will happily never do that again. It wasn't the time or responsibility that was an issue, but the endless whinging about it. Not only is it subjective, it also seems to encourage people to game the system. Like in prohibition era, people drank more (god bless 'em) because there was an allure to getting away with doing something you're not supposed to. That's been my general feeling on list rating. The intent is respectable but it might exacerbate the "problem" more than correct it. I'm totally fine with handing the responsibility to captains. I'm also totally fine with never being a captain and instead verbally abusing my captain for foolishly taking on the responsibility. What a dunce!
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    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Serenity. I saw this in the theater on a Whim in 2004. I had never seen the show. It looked good, I was rewarded with an amazing story and fantastic characters. I have watched the move at least 10 times. It is still worth the viewing. 10/10. And it is on Netflix.
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    9th Age Escalation Campaign

    I actually prefer the much more fearsome Peasant Eevee.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

    Nice find. The above was the last lunchbox I ever owned in elementary. Below was the first.
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    Good catch, I will add in the standard placement requirements for objectives
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    SOTW is satisfied to accept this worthy challenge.
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    On white wings he comes

    They’ve never been shy about the Blood Angels’ thematic inspiration being Renaissance religious artwork and literature (with a sprinkling of Baroque to keep it fresh). They’re the Renaissance Italian Catholic Vampires in Spaaace, and that’s why we love them.
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    You know, its really the best hobby for me. Small bursts of activity followed by long periods of inactivity. It is the first time I have ever been able to make hobby progress AND get some sleep at the same time...it's perfect. 🙂
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    Is dere somefing metal, in yo’ battlefield? Whose youse gonna call? Tankbustas! (“I ain’t a’feared uv no tank!”)
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    Random Photo Thread

    Searched google for "40k rhino camouflage," was not disappointed with the results:
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    Blackstone Fortress

    Yeah, they were totally subtle.
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    So what color is Grav?

    Plus, if you reverse the polarity of the neutron flow through the dilithium chamber as it enters the flux capacitor, that will cause a reaction on the quantum level inside the event horizon of the khyber crystals... ...and that’s why my toy soldiers have yellow lasers that go pting! pting! instead of blue lasers that go pew! pew!
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    "Only one owner! A little old lady who only drove it to crush heretics on Sundays!"
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    Random Photo Thread

    When I was young my family would rent vhs tapes every Friday and everybody got to pick 1 flick. All my younger brother ever picked was Godzilla movies. Lots of good memories there 🙂
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    And when you could buy bitz by the pound at GTs.
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