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    The infection is spreading

    So, at this point, It looks like we might be bringing Team D, as well as two or maybe THREE more Ohio teams to OFCC. Our unrelenting lobbying and bullying is paying off!
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    2019 OFCC Date Announcement

    The date for the 2019 OFCC will be August 16th - 18th We are returning to the Hilton Vancouver for another year! Expect additional event details in future posts.
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    New Guy

    Hi everyone, I'm new with the Ohio group. I figured I would post some of my first models.
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    Your 2018-2019 Ordo Fanaticus Senate!

    Once a year, your favorite group of local wargaming organizers gather at Bohemian Grove to elect the next year's Ordo Fanaticus senate. After many rounds of combat and games of strength, a group of strong-willed individuals have come together to facilitate, organize, administrate and promote wargaming in the Pacific Northwest, under the proud banner of Ordo Fanaticus. You, the wargamer, are the most important part of this fine community. As a result, please leverage the senate to help support your endeavors, be it a new league, a pick up game, or even to assist in running events. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the 2018-2019 Ordo Fanticus senate. Your humble servants are: Consul: @ninefinger Jeffrey Pro-Consul: @evil_bryan Bryan Campaign Czar: @DisruptiveConduct Khan Treasurer: @Blustorm Nathaniel Chaplain: @Weav Weav (Jason) Fabricator General: @Burk Burk (Mark) Senator: @Raindog Eric Senator: @Exile Pete Senator: @peter.cosgrove Pete Senator: @Jay Jay Senator: @ROGRE Jason Senator: @Dark Trainer Matt Senator: @Bosco Jesse The Ordo Senate is very excited for the upcoming year, including the 2019 OFCC and more. Want to get involved? Join us for our next senate meeting on 11/3/2018. Senate meetings are public, and we encourage non-Senators to attend and participate. Please, stop by the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse on Sunday or Tuesday Game nights; click here for more - What is WoW? Hope to see you there! FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Jason Weaver - Weav Ordo Fananticus Chaplain
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    Fundraiser for Fluger

    Thanks everyone! I've been, understandably, buried. This event means the world to me, I appreciate you all so much. Really feeling the love.
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    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    During my second game, we overheard Blood Bowl calling “Dice Down”. We stopped playing 40k, and after cleaning up the table realized we had another hour for the game. Finished it by having a beer with my opponent in the bar.
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    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    Skkipper: leans over toward my table "All I want is nine inches" Me: "doesn't every man". Skkipper: rolls dice, leans over again "reality hit its only 5 inches"
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    Don't call it a comeback!

    Just an FYI that I'm emerging from classes and work and finally will have free time to play and talk about 40k. I'm going to be trying to revive WarPorch in the near future as well.
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    Lord Hanaur

    Fundraiser for Fluger

    Wow, OK... That's pretty heavy. I'll run a fund raising tournament. Starting on that now.
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    WAAAGHship Entaprize
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    My New Armageddon Pattern Basilisk

    Hey all - I'm actually finally getting around to working on a Death Korps of Krieg army, and one of my support vehicles is an Armageddon Pattern Basilisk. I've been posting the progress down in the Artificiers Forge board, but I'd figured I'd post the "finished for now" photos here as well. I will likely go back and add some additional weathering when a few more vehicles are completed so I can keep the weathering consistent, but it's ready for the table! Full photo-set at the link below, but I've attached a few good high-resolution photos to this post to give you an idea of the final product! https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2018/11/armageddon-pattern-basilisk-done.html
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    Okay, now that I have an appropriate click bait title for what can be an emotionally charged issue I can get started. 🙂 After answering this question for one of the captains, I thought it would be useful to post my position so others had the opportunity to judge me harshly. 🙂 Not having list rating in this year's 40K OFCC reflects my personal opinion on it not being worth the effort it takes. I have a few issues with list rating that I am happy to share to better frame my decision not to have it. List rating requires early list submission, which historically has been a challenge for many teams List rating is terribly subjective, and the only way to minimize that is to have lots of raters reviewing the same lists to come to an average score List rating is very time intensive, which is multiplied as you have more the one person rating the same lists List rating requires an encyclopedic knowledge of all of the various 40K armies, rules, and unit interactions Finally, list rating causes drama because regardless of how hard you try there will be folks who are unhappy with their rating My alternative to list rating is reward versus restriction. With achievements like Old School and No Surprises, I want to encourage people to build friendlier lists and openly share them with the community (who can provide feedback as needed.) Also, tools like Challenge matches and the Captain's forum can also be leveraged to further enhance the team/player experience. It is not a perfect system and still needs work, but I believe it is the better way to go. Now that I have said my piece, let the judging and feedback commence!
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    In the grand world of the game, there are many ways to play and many places to play. Some people prefer the garage with their good friends. Some like to push the limit of the rules to face stomp their opponents. At Ordo, we like sportsmanship and hobbists. We don't mind losing, but we want it to be a fun game at the hands of an opponent we would gladly play again. We want community builders, not hobby killers. If our style is not yours, go create your own community. We've spent almost 18 years making this one. When you have run over a decade of 40 man tournaments, let us know what works for you.
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    Watching the look on my opponenet's face as I get first turn with my GSC against his three knights. He never played against GSC and looked slightly worried. Got my butt totally kicked in that game but totally worth that first turn look of concern.
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    So a few more shots... First the female magus which screamed "Wakanda" for me, so I ran with it: I also have the Patriarch done at this point - again, set up to match the coloration of my Tyranid army: Finally we get to some of the heavy hitters - 10 Aberrants (including 2 hypermorphs) and an Abominant... I'm going to be running the equivalent of a Twisted Helix list, so I wanted them to have the "I used to be a human" sort of feel...
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    With the recent purchase of a decent 3D printer, I thought my first lofty goal would be to build an entire 4x6 terrain table for 40K. Here is the layout for Tile #1: One down, 23 more to go! Why Corvus X? All of the files I have used so far came from Corvus Games Terrain and X refers to the unknown number of filament spools it will take to complete this project. 🙂 My goal is to have it completed and painted in time for this year's OFCC.
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    Okay, time for a massive update! First, I did print a ton of barrels for scatter terrain Next, I decided this table would be more manageable as a whole if I built six 2x2 tiles. So I began the process of assembling and arranging everything printed to date. Here is Tile #1 (each tile has two images): Here is Tile #2: Tile #3: Tile #4 Tile #5: The final tile is still in process (I am reworking the pipe tile), but here is a shot of the everything done to date. FYI - Pete is in the shot for scale purposes only, I did not print him. 🙂
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    He has returned...

    Posted 05/03/2019 Abaddon Revealed 80 days ago, we made a promise* – that Vigilus would belong to the Warmaster. You’ve speculated, you’ve gazed into the depths of madness with the Daemon Engine and you’ve clamoured for more news on the Warhammer 40,000 Facebook page. At last, the countdown is over. Take a look at this: That’s right – Abaddon the Despoiler is BACK. As the observant among you may have guessed, when we teased a new Primaris Lieutenant back at the LVO, we weren’t being entirely serious…** Abaddon is an integral part of Warhammer history – the star of countless books, campaigns and tabletop battles, this legendary overlord is perhaps second only to the Emperor as an icon of the 41st Millennium, and he definitely gets out more. The Warmaster has been one of the chief architects of the Imperium’s current woes, and it’s only fitting that he returns now with a new model. The original Abaddon miniature was a classic, and in this new model you can see the inspiration from Jes Goodwin’s iconic designs. The Talon of Horus is every inch the barbaric and intimidating weapon that killed Sanguinius, while the screaming, twisting form of Drach’nyen is brought to life as never before. Even among the twisted arsenal of the Heretic Astartes, these implements of war stand out as truly terrifying. This incarnation of Abaddon is also a lot bigger, standing nearly as tall as a Primarch, towering over other Chaos Space Marines and making for an instantly eye-catching addition to any collection. This model draws from decades of art and lore to provide a definitive, rich representation of an iconic character. No detail has been spared in this kit, with every armour piece replete with rivets, battle damage and barding that speaks to the Warmaster’s millennia at war. We know that Abaddon means different things to different fans. Ask one person, and they’ll tell you about Abaddon the arch-traitor, a devoted servant of the Chaos Gods who seeks only to destroy and despoil. Ask another, and they’ll tell you about Abaddon the visionary, the liberator – the charismatic lord of a recast brotherhood. You’ll be able to customise the model to fit how you see Abaddon the Despoiler, with a choice of three heads. One, snarling and wrenched with fury, cleaves closely to the classic representation of the character. Another, wrought in the visage of Horus, pays homage to his dark heritage. A final head depicts Abaddon with a respirator, giving him a brutal, impersonal feel, tying him to the masked, savage warriors he leads in battle. Abaddon’s cloak is also optional, giving you yet another way to personalise your model. Of course, Abaddon’s return is bad news for Vigilus – and he will be released alongside the thrilling finale to the Imperium Nihilus series, Vigilus Ablaze… Vigilus Ablaze Vigilus now stands on the precipice of annihilation, as the war for control over the Nachmund Gauntlet enters its next phase. Chaos has arrived in force on Vigilus, spearheaded by the Black Legion itself. Hardened by millennia of relentless combat and fresh from blood-soaked subjugations in the Imperium Nihilus, they are a force of nightmares, combining the ancient might of the Space Marine Legions with unspeakable and unholy gifts. Where the previous Imperium Nihilus book focused on the varied forces of the War of Beasts, Vigilus Ablaze is all about Chaos, bringing to life the vast and myriad forces gathered to annihilate this once-impregnable world. A wealth of rules content will expand your options for Chaos armies enormously, with Specialist Detachments, new datasheets and more. Perhaps you’ll strike from the skies with a pack of Raptors led by Haarken Worldclaimer – or crush your foes beneath a clanking tide of hell-forged metal with hunting packs of Daemon Engines. Shadowspear and Abaddon are the start of a bold new era for Chaos. As those of you who’ve been following the Daemon Engine might have guessed, there’s an army of new models waiting to be revealed, including some things you’ve never seen before and new takes on units you know and love – like this guy. What’s this Havoc carrying? Looks like the Warpsmiths have been cooking up some new guns. Emperor, help us all… Stay tuned! Over the next few weeks, we’ll be guiding you through the best set of releases for Chaos Space Marines ever with regular in-depth previews right here. If you’re now looking to start a Black Legion army (and who could blame you?), make sure to pre-order Shadowspear this weekend, which will give you the core of your new Heretic Astartes force! * Well, technically, it was Haarken Worldclaimer. ** Though he does come with an unfortunate loyalist victim on his base.
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    Brick Bungalow

    Game Room

    Our west side game room has a face lift and is ready for action. https://scontent-sea1-1.xx.fbcdn.net/v/t1.0-9/42221077_917602428434686_6151012536515821568_n.jpg?_nc_cat=107&oh=9f29d50fcfc0bbc6cc7de5fb84e26449&oe=5C2E8DBB
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    Just Dusldorf things

    Over the past few days I finally finished what is probably the most complex conversion I've undertaken so far. In fact it's not really a conversion so much as a diorama. Behold my Vostroyan Deathstrike missile! If you're wondering whether it's supposed to look like something cobbled together by North Korean or USSR operatives, yes, yes it is. The missile itself was augmented with the fuel canisters and piping from an old Hellhound kit, vents/fans from a drop pod kit (not visible in the first image), plus some plasticard and Forgeworld brass etched inquisitorial icons. After all, who else but Inquisition would build a missile whose firing would probably cook its entire crew alive? In a 40k universe where Karamazov no longer has an orbital bombardment that can target friendly models, I reckon this is the next best thing. Aesthetically, the goal with the platform and missile ensemble was for it to look jury-rigged yet very important. A flying church of death, if you will. I created the scaffolding with plasticard i-beams, miniature chicken wire, and the cable from a Leman Russ accessories sprue. Here's another angle. You can see that one of the gaskets on the missile is still missing a skull. These skulls are from the IG vehicle accessories sprue, and I haven't yet found another. In this picture you can also see one of the drop pod vents on the side of the missile's nozzle. The crew themselves are resin recasts of Vostroyan mortar and lascannon team members. I didn't mean to buy recasts, but they were included in an eBay lot and described as official. Front and center is a replication of my "master of ordnance" conversion, which some of you may seen on the tabletop in years past; here he is dutifully receiving target coordinates from one of his superiors. His control panel is made from plasticard and an interior bit from the Rhino sprue. His antennae are again from the Leman Russ accessories sprue. The guy on the left is about to set the rocket off. I still need to find a suitably thin piece of wire or cabling that I can connect to his remote. Here's a better view of the missile and scaffolding. The scaffolding is trimmed where it would cross over the model's base, creating something like a cross-sectional view. After the model's painted I will cover the green stuff with snow flock. And the best part of this project? Everything is magnetized! 😀
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    As I complete the 40K missions, I will be posting them here for review and play testing (some of you may remember some of my dodgy scoring mechanics from last year). 🙂 You are open to comment and provide feedback whether you are attending OFCC or not. With that being said, here is the first mission: 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 1 Smoke Screen Description: Pyres and fires and smoke…oh my! Between the smoky battlefield and shifting winds, defeating your opponent may be a challenge. Deployment: Vanguard Strike Special Rules: Place 3 Objective Markers on the diagonal centerline, one in the middle and two 24” from each corner Fires and Smoke: Place two Pyre markers 24” from each short table edge in the center of the table. Each marker leaves a 12” path of smoke blowing in a random direction. Roll a d6 at the beginning of each game turn to determine direction. (Note: Direction is relevant to the player who takes first turn) Right - >> Left - << Towards - vv Away - ^^ Away from each other - <> Towards each other - >< Any ranged attack that crosses a single line of smoke is considered Low Visibility and Hit Roles have a -1 penalty. With two lines of smoke, Hit Roles have a -2 penalty. Primary Scoring: At the end of the game, each objective marker is worth 2 victory points to the player who controls it. A player controls an objective marker if they have more models within 3" than their opponent. Bonus Scoring: If you killed a non-vehicle model while shooting in Low Visibility – 1 Point If you destroyed a vehicle while shooting in Low Visibility – 2 Points 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 2 Fallout Description: It’s time for the annual “gift” exchange on this world. Make sure to leave your “gift” in a place your opponent will be sure to find it. Deployment: Dawn of War Special Rules: Each player will receive a Fallout token to be placed in their opponent’s deployment zone prior to deployment. The token must be placed on the table surface or on the lowest level of a terrain feature. Each token emits radiation for 9” in every direction. For every model that ends its movement phase partially or completely within the radiation bubble, roll a die. On a 4+, that model suffers a mortal wound. Primary Scoring: Every 100 points worth of enemy units destroyed by the end of the game (rounded to the nearest 100) is worth 1 Victory Point. Bonus Scoring: If your Fallout zone killed at least one enemy model – 1 point If your Fallout zone kills at least two of your own models – 2 points 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 3 Maelstrom’s Fate Description: Your mission is unclear. Do you forge ahead with what you think is right, or let fate decide? Deployment: Hammer and Anvil Special Rules: At the start of each player turn, the active player will determine their current objective from the list below. Players can either choose from the list, or roll a d6 and let Fate decide. 1. Advance – None of your unit are in your deployment zone at the end of your turn 2. Behind Enemy Lines – At least one until completely in the enemy deployment zone at the end of your turn 3. Hold the Line – At least three units in your deployment zone and no enemy units in your deployment zone at the end of your turn, cannot be earned on the first turn. 4. Overwhelming Firepower – Destroyed an enemy unit in the shooting phase 5. Blood and Guts – Destroyed an enemy unit in the fight phase 6. Area Denial – No enemy models within 6” of the center of the battlefield at the end of your turn Once an objective has been earned, it is no longer an option. If your Fate roll lands on a completed objective, re-roll the die. If an objective has not be completed at the end of your turn, you have the option of keeping that current objective for your next turn. Primary Scoring: For each chosen objective completed, a player will earn 1 victory point. For each Fate chosen objective completed, a player will earn 2 victory points. Completed Fate chosen objectives carried over for more than one round still count as a Fate chosen objective. Bonus Scoring: Completing 3+ objectives – 1 Point Letting Fate decide every objective – 2 Point 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 4 Blink Description: With the battle raging, you worry the unstable infrastructure will restrict your ability to upload critical data. Your opponent is committed to make sure it does. Deployment: Search and Destroy Special Rules: Upload Transmission Locations: At the beginning of the game, each player places 3 Upload Transmission tokens on the battlefield One person will use tokens numbered 1,3,5 and the other will use 2,4,6 One token must be placed in your deployment zone, your opponent’s deployment zone and in no-man’s land Alternate deployment and roll off to see who places first Power Blink: Roll a d6 at the beginning of each player turn to determine which set of transmission locations are powered (odd or even). Any opponent can use a Command Point re-roll a Power Blink (active player or opponent). The active player can choose to use a Command Point, if they choose not to then the opponent can choose to use one and force the re-roll. Primary Scoring: At the end of the active players turn, they will score 1 point for each powered objective they control. Bonus Scoring: Using a Command Point to re-roll a Power Blink – 1 Point Using a Command Point to re-roll a Power Blink 3+ times – 2 Points
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    PLEASE NOTE: This is Version 1 of the Guide and it may change as we get closer to the event Welcome to the 2019 OFCC 40K Team Event Players Guide! (as of 3/12/2019) This post will outline everything you need to know to play in this year's 40K Team event. This is a 2 day, 5 round event on August 17th and 18th. As you read through this guide, you will notice that this event is not referred to as a tournament. OFCC is about focusing on the experience and not the outcome. There is nothing wrong with wanting to perform well and to celebrate victory, but if that is your sole motivator for playing at OFCC then you may be disappointed. The Basics: This a team event and it requires every player to be a member of a team in order to participate If you are new to Ordo or new to OFCC this can feel like a pretty big barrier, but there are several options available to you Join an existing team As players come and go from our hobby and our area, we have existing teams looking to fill opening with new players These connections are normally made through the Ordo forums, but can also be done through the Ordo Facebook group Watch for posts and/or start a post and make your interest known Start a new team Due to the popularity of the event, we are regularly adding new teams of players to join us annually Taking the initiative to join other interested players to form a new team is a great way to dive into the OFCC experience with both feet Offer to play as a ringer If you are not ready to make the commitment to join an existing team or start a new one and would just like to check out OFCC, maybe offering to be a ringer would be a better fit Ringers are standby players who are available to fill in due to absence or illness during the event weekend Although there is no guarantee of play, many times ringers have an opportunity get a game or two in over the weekend If anyone is interested in playing and doesn't know where to start, you can always reach out to me via email or PM Team Requirements: The team size is 4 players One team member must be designated as the Captain Due to the added responsibility required of being a team captain, players must be approved to become a team captain Approval can be through forum post, PM, or email A list of all teams and their approved captains will posted publicly and updated regularly Becoming a Captain: For returning captain's, the approval process will be little more than a formality as they are generally familiar with the duties and responsibilities required for that role For new captains, the approval process is not designed to serve a gate to restrict your access to the event but rather an opportunity to prepare you to be successful in that role and ensure you want to take on the additional responsibility Any player looking to become a captain for their team can contact me via email, PM, or through the dedicated post that will be started shortly after this guide is published Captain's Responsibilities: Team Captains are the true heroes of OFCC, and greatly contribute to what makes this event a success. Team Captains will be asked to: Submit a Team Roster by email or PM containing the following details as they receive them: Review the team's army lists and have them submitted on time Remind their team to purchase their event tickets Ensure the team meets OFCC painting and basing minimums Educate new players about the spirit of OFCC Determine player matches during the event Review scoring sheets and report game results during the event List Rating and Matches: There will be no list rating this year, but captains are expected to review and submit lists prior to the event Once again this will be a Team vs Team competition, with Captains determining the match ups each round Also, Teams will have the ability to prearrange Challenge Matches for each of their games on Saturday (3 in total) Challenge Matches: Challenge matches are optional, and not required for play on Saturday All challenge matches must be prearranged by 8/1/2018 Both Captains must agree to the challenge match After 8/1, challenge matches cannot be changed Challenge matches must be arranged through the Captain's forum, via email, or by sending me a PM Challenge matches must be confirmed by me before they will be scheduled, do not assume it is been scheduled until you receive your confirmation A list of all confirmed challenge matches will be publicly posted List Building Restrictions: OFCC is about celebrating our hobby, demonstrating good sportsmanship, and playing fun games. Players are encouraged to bring armies that reinforce those values. This event is designed to encourage and reward players who embrace the experience. The army size must be no more than 2,000 points It can include any 40K units from any number of 40K approved Games Workshop or Forgeworld sources The maximum number of detachments your army can contain is 4 The number of times each datasheet can be included is 4 (6 for Troops and for Dedicated Transports) List Building Guidance: Over the years, OFCC has taken many approaches to list construction. We have used rating systems, review processes, unit restrictions, and list building guidelines with varying degrees of success. All of these systems were used to serve a common purpose, which was to foster an environment where every player had their best chance to play 5 great games. This year, I will outline a few things to avoid when building your lists for OFCC. Baring the near countless special abilities present in the units across the 40K universe, most things can be boiled down to their lethality and durability. When you compare the damage dealt or taken versus their points cost, you will develop a sense of how lethal or durable they are in comparison to other units in your army and, with enough experience, their overall effectiveness in the larger universe. It is not a bad thing to want to make good choices for your army or play with the best units, the problem is when those choices are taken to the extreme. When that happens then there is little room for casual or friendly play. Enough preaching, here is the actual outline: It is okay to take effective units from your Codex, but avoid maximizing those choices Extremely lethal or extremely durable units can be unpopular, use with caution Building a force that dominates one phase of the game will always be tough on your opponent Take advantage of the relative safety of the OFCC gaming environment to make diverse and unique choices for your army. Between Captain's match ups and challenges rounds, it would be hard to find a better place to bring something crazy and different. Captains will be asked to review list from their team and will be encouraged to post that list on the Captain's forum to review with their peers. Event Specific Rules: This event will use the Games Workshop 8th Edition 40K rules and the Games Workshop official FAQ documents Some beta rules are under consideration and this section will be updated if they are allowed in the event UPDATE - The beta Adeptus Custodes rules from Forgeworld have been approved for use If there is something specific you would like to be considered, please ask What to Bring: Your painted and based army (see Painting and Basing Requirements) Dice Tape measure A printed copy of your army list A good attitude and desire to have fun Painting and Basing Requirements: All models within OFCC armies must be fully painted and based Painting must include 3+ colors Effort must be made to transform or replace the bare plastic base Models that fail to meet the event minimum cannot be used during the event Models, Counts As and WYSIWYG: Games Workshop models are not required for this event Alternate models should reflect the same scale as the Games Workshop equivalent Weapon upgrades and certain model specific wargear should be represented on the equipped model It is impossible to outline all the examples, so here is a good rule to follow If a unit would be impacted by the removal of something equipped to a specific model (banner, special weapon, etc.) then it must be represented Proxies are not allowed in the 40K Team Event A proxy is a placeholder when you don't have an appropriate model to use Counts As armies are allowed during the 40K event with the following guidelines: Effort must be made to represent the model/unit in question Representation must be consistent across the army It is the responsibility of the player who bring a Counts As army to inform their opponent early and often about what is being represented Any specific questions or additional guidance should be directed to me Awards: The Team Based Awards available this year will be: Best Painted Best Spirit Marshall Johnson Award (Best Sportsman) Best Overall Best Overall will be calculated from 40% Sports, 25% Painting, 30% Spirit, and 5% Captain Achievements The list of Captain Achievements will be published prior to the event Note: Although we do not award a Best General, we do track battle scores and use them to break ties in all award categories Also, the bonus award Roll For Initiative will earned by the first fully paid 40K team Missions: The Mission Pack will be published on June 1st and will contain all 5 of the OFCC 40K Missions. Event Scoring by Category: Each team will have the ability to earn points in each scoring category (Paint, Spirit, Sports) before the event AND during the event. The total points scored will determine team's position in each category and contribute to calculating the scores for Best Overall. Pre-Event Scoring: Each player/army that achieves one of the below items will score 1 point per completion. If all players on a team achieve the same item they will receive a bonus point. Painting: Photo Spread - Team post on the Ordo Forums with pictures of each army Early Screening - Display your army Friday evening for paint judging Spirit: Advanced Planning - List submitted for review before 7/28/2018 All In - Ticket purchased before 7/14/2018 Sportsmanship: Going Old School - Sources?!? You mean source! Your whole army fits within a single Detachment with no single model over 400 points or over 20 wounds No surprises - Start a dedicated post on the Ordo 40K Forums for your team, then add information about your players and their army lists List Submissions: All army lists should be emailed to 40K.OFCC@gmail.com Army lists should include all units, wargear, corresponding points cost, and source(s) Include the name of the Team in the title of the email and label each list with the name of the playe Paint Scoring Process: Every player will have their army evaluated using the 5 Scoring Criteria listed below: Basing Textured/painted/flocked/resin/etc. Painting Represents the three-color minimum Depth Extra care for shading and highlighting Detail Modeling, conversions, putty work, etc... WOW Factor A great representation of an army/faction/team In each category, an army will receive 0-2 points. The rubric for determining each value is listed below to better shape your hobby decisions. Basing 0 - Bare plastic or resin, void of paint or basing material 1 - Paint or basing material applied 2 - Multiple colors, a variety of material, the bases demonstrate a level of care and effort Painting 0 - Bare plastic, only primer, less than 3 colors 1 - 3 or more colors, generally referred to as tabletop standard 2 - A variety of colors, shades, and tones setting the model apart from the standard Depth 0 - No effort made to illustrate depth of the model's details 1 - Drybrushing, washing, edge highlighting to varying degrees 2 - Blending, smooth transitions, skillful application of the techniques listed at level 1 Detail 0 - Model is built as designed with no variation 1 - Some conversion work, purposeful construction to demonstrate variety, scratch building, minor sculpting 2 - Heavy conversion, extensive scratch building and/or sculpting, clearly a unique representation of the army WOW Factor 0 - A tabletop presentation that does not go far enough to stand out from the crowd 1 - Unified and cohesive, can definitely stand out as a excellent example of the force represented 2 - A true showcase, representing the highest level of skill and technique of our hobby At OFCC, we should never see a painting score below 2 (1 for Basing and 1 for Painting) since everyone must meet that minimum requirement for this event. Questions: For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me in the following ways: Send a PM through the forums Reach out via Facebook Send an email to 40K.OFCC@gmail.com Stop by in person at WOW on a Tuesday night We look forward to seeing you in August! TICKETS CAN BE PURCHASED HERE!
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    Hey all! I am the captain of team Kill! Maim! Beer!, and we are looking for two players to fill out our roster for this year's 40k team event. Perks of joining our team include (but are not limited to): one KMB branded pint glass, an undisclosed quantity of free beer and/or whiskey, solid (but not impeccable) team paint scores, and the opportunity to game with @Gorgosaurusrex and I (we may be twins, but I swear we are different people). An ideal candidate will have some or all of these desired qualifications: takes a laid-back approach to playing 40k (values having a good time more than winning), likes beer (not mandatory), and... well, that's it. Bonus points if you bring an army with snow bases, which will match ours! I will be bringing my World Eaters army and Greg will likely field his Valhallans, in case you were wondering. If you are interested in applying for the position, please submit your resume and cover letter either as a post here or a PM (kidding, but that would be funny). Cheers!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Evokrootion! OFCC 2005

    Here's a blast from the past - pics of my old Eldar + Kroot Merc army that I brought to OFCC. Glad to see that I still have a pic of the Kroot Wraithlord!
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Don't be an idiot. Follow Sam Lentz.
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    Update time! I decided to print some scatter terrain for the table to make it a little more dynamic.
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    Thanks to everyone who came out and played this weekend. I know lots of people love to see the scores from weekend, so let's waste no time. 🙂 Although we do not award a Best General, I do track performance as well. 🙂
  29. 9 points

    Army at OFCC

    Just though I’d share this picture Bryan took at OFCC of my army cause orange is poppin in this light lol next year display board!!!
  30. 9 points
    Dark Trainer

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    So I figured I'd start a thread about those awesome, shenanigan, memorable, or wild moments. Doesn't have to be about the game either (could just be a funny social situation, etc). Keep it positive, no griping or grumbling. My shenanigan: my game two was an EXCELLENT game against a great opponent. My shenanigan was being tabled turn 4, but placed all 6 of my objective markers too far away from him to get to using veil of darkness to teleport across the board to a corner in his deployment, we let the game run to turn 6 to see if he could make it, game ended before turn 7 and I won, even though I was tabled turn 4. The best part was both of us tried to advocate the other should win (Bryan helped settle rule as per the sheet). We laughed, and had a great time. Tell us your stories!
  31. 9 points

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    8- 9" charges from deepstrikers during the event. they all failed game 4 I learned my terminators have 2 wounds.
  32. 9 points

    OFCC Missions

    I know I have been late to the party with the 40K Missions, but I wanted to start getting out finished missions prior to the event for review. I also wanted to use to some of the missions to showcase something we will have available starting at OFCC, our token set! Note: You are certainly not required to have the token set to play any of the missions, but I am sure it will be hard to pass up their blood splattered beauty. 🙂 Now, on to the first mission - Mission: Land Claim Each Player has 6 Land Claim tokens (numbered 1-6) that can be deployed on the battlefield during the course of the game (use dice if you do not have tokens.) Each number on the tokens represents their victory point value if they are in play by the end of the game. Deployment: Dawn of War Placing Land Claim Tokens: Tokens are placed at the end of the movement phase Any unit can place a token The number on the token (x 6") represents the minimum distance the token must be placed from your board edge (Token #1 - 6" or more from your board edge, Token #6 - 36" or more from your board edge) Tokens must be placed on the table surface or on the ground floor of a terrain feature and within 3" of the unit placing the token Destroying Tokens: Any enemy unit not in melee combat can destroy an opponent's Land Claim token by ending their turn within 3" of that token Destroyed tokens are returned to the controlling player for possible future placement The only way to stop your opponent from destroying your land claim token is not allowing them to end their movement within 3" of it You cannot destroy your own Land Claim token Primary Scoring: Most points in play from deployed Land Claim tokens, tokens are worth their face value in points Bonus Scoring: Most tokens placed during the game - 1 Point Most tokens destroyed during the game - 2 Points
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    o What: Speed PAINTING TOURNAMENT! o When: Friday, August 16th from 6– 9 pm (Tentatively) o Where: OFCC at the Hilton in Downtown Vancouver o Number of Players (min/max): 4/16 o Timing: Four, 20 Minute Rounds with 15 minute breaks/judging between o Event Style: Bracket Tournament o Cost: $5. o Scoring: Straight up head to head competition in brackets. Winners advance. Audience judges each model. Cleanest, most complete wins the round. o Prizes: First, you get to keep all of the minis that you paint. Second, the winner will walk away with not just the knowledge that they are the fastest brush at OFCC, but… will also get a $50 Gift Certificate to Mindtaker Miniatures! Do you like to take your time and apply two thin coats when one would probably suffice? This may not be the event for you. Participants will be going head-to-head in a bracketed speed painting competition. You will have 20 minutes to paint your miniature. When finished, the judges and crowd will determine the best mini and the winner will progress to the next round. Participant Info · Primed, assembled miniatures will be provided for each round (and are secret until the round starts). · Basic paints and brushes will be provided for contestants but you are allowed, nay encouraged, to bring your own materials. · Please arrive early with enough time to set up your painting area, once set up you will not have to change locations. There will be 15-minute breaks between rounds for cleaning/resetting. · Be prepared for a wide range of subject matter, from AoS to 40K, organic to machine. Primer color will vary as well from round to round. · Completion to tabletop standard is the objective but there is no bonus to finishing earlier than the allotted time. · You are encouraged to join the judging if eliminated. · There will be crowd participation, countdowns and such. Heckling is frowned upon, but cheering is encouraged. This will not be a quiet event. PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE!
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    Genestealer Cult in Progress

    I've been working slowly on a Genestealer Cult army for a while now. Finally have had some time to get to painting. I've based the Genestealer colors on a Tyranid army I'm working on that was a mix of dark green and bone colors, so these aren't going to be in the standard blue and purple... Group shot of the Magus and Neophyte Hybrids: Nearly done Cult Leman Russ tank: Will post additional pix as I get more painted!
  35. 8 points
    Announcing the Siege of Psi Delta-X Join us for our summer Kill Team campaign and stake your claim on the elusive space station Psi Delta-X. This will be a map based campaign, with a prize draw every month. How do you participate?! By playing games of Kill Team. Designed to be flexible, the campaign allows playing at 100 pt, 125 pt or 200pt levels, and using any of the available supplements you feel like. It will also reward: Playing multiple factions Painting your models Sharing snacks with others Playing a completely different game, and then squeezing in a quick kill team game before you have to go home Coercing your friends into giving it a try, after all, games finish in like 45 minutes, and they already have all the models they need anyways… And so much more! Can’t make it down to wow to play? That’s fine! Play games where you want and report them, to capture one of the many satellites surrounding Station Psi Delta-X. All the details are coming very soon! Expect pictures of the revolutionary Force scOrg sheets, the map that will track all of your progress, and lots of witty (okay, fine… passably clever) banter from the Station’s supervisor - @ninefinger
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    Random Photo Thread

  37. 8 points

    Random Photo Thread

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    Finished the cars for my orks :)
  39. 8 points

    Got to paint a bit!

    I haven't painted in a long, long time but thankfully got some time this weekend. Sorry, I don't have a very good camera or lighting
  40. 8 points

    Random Photo Thread

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    Just Dusldorf things

    Haven't hobbied in a long time but am getting back into it since I found a quality & nearby 40k club in Brooklyn. Right now I'm building/painting/expanding my Vostroyans, which I tend to use as allies for Sisters, Inquisition, Deathwatch, etc. Today was also the first time I magnetized or pinned stuff, and I think it worked out really well: First up was a single ogre that I needed to be able to count as an Ogre Bodyguard (with all possible load-outs) or a counts-as Nork Deddog, depending on the situation. Here is Mr. Potato Ogryn: (Below is my Vostroyan version of Nork...the knife is a halberd from the Bretonnian men-at-arms kit.) (Below is how I'll run this model most of the time: as a hard-to-kill, close-combat-focused ogryn bodyguard.) Next were 10 Tempestus Scions, but I wanted to be able to run them as a command squad with 4 special weapons, or a squad of 10, or two squads of 5...you get the idea. Here they are as two separate squads, one with 2 plasma guns and the other with 2 hot shot volley guns: And here are the sergeants with their magnetized arms (I'm in the process of creating more, with pistol options and other stuff). To create the power mace / command rod, I removed the chainsword and pinned a 3rd-party Sororitas mace on top. Several models also needed new antenna on their armor after I broke them while scraping off mold lines, so I used the same pinning wire to replace those (for example, see the model on the far right in the first picture). Notice that every model has a custom shoulder pad with a V for Vostroya:
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    New Hobby Shop in North Portland

    Popped into Hobbies Unlimited on my way to work today. Tiny little mom'n'pop type place, mostly model railroad, model cars, and RC planes. But they've recently branched out into the geekier end of things with a tiny little rack of Games Workshop stuff, some Gundam models, and so forth. Very friendly staff and a very pleasant "hanging out in grandpa's workshop" kind of vibe to the whole place. Since most of their focus seems to be on traditional models, instead of wargaming, they've got all kinds of neat tools you don't nomrally find in game stores: Tamiya paints, LED lights, files, screwdrivers, jigs, and all sorts of gadgets, gizmos, whozits, and whatzits... They're located at the corner of N Prescott and N Interstate, with a Yellow Line Max stop almost directly in front of the store. Right now they've got a Post-Christmas Sale going on for a lot of stuff... Including 20% Off on Games Workshop. Hint-hint. Here in Portland, us nerds aren't exactly hurting for choice when it comes to friendly local game stores. But the more the merrier!
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    Elf Union

    You should be painting and playing Blood Bowl
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    This. I'm not a huge fan of ITC, but I would never tell someone who was thinking of going to an ITC event "Don't bother going; there's no way you can enjoy yourself, unless you are a world class general."
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    Is there any way we can get a score on whining? Because then I'll have something I might be able to win. Or maybe just an award for best whiner? But seriously, I don't know how you would get a good set of list raters with this edition of 40K. The immense knowledge of every faction and every strategem....no thank you. Hell, the sheer scope of it kept me from even trying to be a ringer this year. I was afraid my ignorance would cause my opponent to have a bad game. There was a time when there were no teams and no captains, and you needed the list rating in order to match people up. But now that the current system is in place, and the captains are doing their job, it seems its working. And there is nothing wrong with people not liking the OFCC. From the start it was not for everyone. There are plenty of players out there that really wanted it to be a tournament, and kudos to the HOGs and Senators that have kept it an Event. LH has decided it isn't for him. There is nothing wrong with that. Seems to me there were plenty of people there that enjoyed the way it is.
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    I see OFCC as a big gamer reunion. The Marshall Johnson is a excellent Memorial that sets the tone many other events can only strive for. As far as I know ours is the only event of its kind. Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow we game.
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    @merkthejerk What the hell dude!?! I cannot believe you are calling me out like that. Wow, you think you know some people. That was just super harsh and....wait a minute...I didn't even play this year....
  50. 8 points

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    Meat on a stick daddy-o.
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