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    This. This right here will finally break my "show up late Friday or super early Saturday" OFCC tradition. Bring your -A- game gentlemen, fast and moderately sloppy is my wheelhouse...just like your Mom on a Saturday night.
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    So You Think You Can Terraform Mars – an OFCC event When: OFCC 2019, August 16 Intended Schedule for event is as follows- Please note amended schedule is listed in the followup post below. Where: The Hilton in Downtown Vancouver Why: Because we love playing Terraforming Mars! Number of players: 4 players minimum, 10 players max Event Style: Depending on the number of players, I will run the event with either one or two editions of the TM game (each copy has a five player max). Each copy will be placed on a separate table. Table 1 will feature the higher ranked players and Table 2 will feature everyone else. At the beginning of the event, players will be assigned to a random table (1 or 2). After the first and second rounds, each player's score will be tallied, recorded, and then he or she will be assigned to a table. If there is an even number of players, each table will have the same number of players (6 players = 3 per table, 8 = 4 per, etc.) If there is an odd number of players, Table 1 will have an extra player assigned, as Table 1 features more competitive play. Cost: $10 per player. Missions and Scenarios: Please note, during the course of the event, players are limited to playing a specific corporation only once. What this means, for example, is that if you draw a corporation like Tharsis or Ecoline on the first round and then play that corp for that round, you will not be able to play that corp again during Rounds 2 or 3. The first round of this event will feature standard gameplay on the basic TM map. Two corporations will be dealt randomly to each player, with the player choosing a corp, then discarding the other. List of 1st round corporations: Credicor, Ecoline, Helion, Interplanetary Cinematics, Inventrix, Mining Guild, Phobolog, Saturn Systems, Teractor, Tharsis Republic, Thorgate, and UNMI (United Nations Mars Initiative) The second round of this event will feature standard gameplay on the Hellas Map. Three corporations will be dealt randomly to each player, with the player choosing a corp, then discarding the other two. List of 2nd round corporations: Arcadian Communities, Credicor, Ecoline, Helion, Interplanetary Cinematics, Inventrix, Mining Guild, Phobolog, Recyclon, Saturn Systems, Splice:Tactical Genomics, Teractor, Tharsis Republic, Thorgate, and UNMI. The third round of this event will feature standard gameplay on the Elysium Map + the mini-board and cards from the Terraforming Venus expansion. Three corporations will be dealt randomly to each player, with the player choosing a corp, then discarding the other two. List of 3rd round corporations: Aphrodite, Arcadian Communities, Celestic, Credicor, Ecoline, Helion, Interplanetary Cinematics, Inventrix, Manutech, Mining Guild, MSI (Morning Star Inc.), Phobolog, Recyclon, Saturn Systems, Splice:Tactical Genomics, Teractor, Tharsis Republic, Thorgate UNMI, and Viron Aside from the cards, maps and Venus board listed above, no other expansions or TM variant rules will be used (no prelude bonuses, no World Govt. etc.) Scoring: When the last round is complete, the individual scores for each of the three rounds for each player will be tallied. Favorite Opponent pins will also be distributed at this time. Bonus points will then be awarded based on completion of Achievements and number of Favorite Opponent pins. Achievements: The list of Achievements is currently TBD, but it will contain 15 different achievements, with each one worth between 1 and 3 points. Here are three possible (not definite) examples. Marineris Mariner: Place the last ocean on Mars during a round. Score 1 extra point Bombastic Beltalowda: Play at least 5 Asteroid or Comet event cards in a round. Score 2 extra points. Score an extra point if Deimos Down was also played this round Martian Megalopolis: Score 7+ city tiles at the end of a round. Score 3 extra points. Once a player has completed an Achievement and verified by TO, it cannot be completed again. Awards & Prizes: Each participant will receive a TM promo card (TBD) during Round 2. Individual prizes (Gift Cards or Certs) will also be given for: Highest total score Highest single round score (only if 6+ players) Favorite opponent Achievement scorer Lowest score (aka Murphy’s Luck) (only if 6+ players) The Highest total score winner will also receive a trophy Please post any questions about the event here. BUY YOUR TICKETS HERE!!
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    🍆🍆🍆🎆 you made coffee come out my nose. restating Friends that will go to OFCC and have room on their team.
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    Team Dice Hard will roll again. With the Legend himself leading the way I see no reason we will not be mediocre like every other year.
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    We're are looking to return with some big plans! Actually small plans considering the size of models we are bringing this year compared to last.
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    Did you miss me?

    I'm doing every Friday night until our local shop finds a new home (Their building had burst pipes and flooded). Other than that, I'm going to do a once a month , Saturday 40k games day at the house. As to 8th edition, it is, in my not so humble opinion, the best edition of 40k ever. Its smoother, more player friendly in terms of roster creation, the divide between competitive and non competitive is much smaller IMO (at least from list building). I've found it to be great!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    The down side is he hasn't called me back. 😞 Will there be a bracket for those of us who may or may not be sober by 6pm?
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    Anyone bringing their A game is getting left in the dust. This is all about a nice fast C game 😉
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    Random Photo Thread

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    o What: Speed PAINTING TOURNAMENT! o When: Friday, August 16th from 6– 9 pm (Tentatively) o Where: OFCC at the Hilton in Downtown Vancouver o Number of Players (min/max): 4/16 o Timing: Four, 20 Minute Rounds with 15 minute breaks/judging between o Event Style: Bracket Tournament o Cost: $5. o Scoring: Straight up head to head competition in brackets. Winners advance. Audience judges each model. Cleanest, most complete wins the round. o Prizes: First, you get to keep all of the minis that you paint. Second, the winner will walk away with not just the knowledge that they are the fastest brush at OFCC, but… will also get a $50 Gift Certificate to Mindtaker Miniatures! Do you like to take your time and apply two thin coats when one would probably suffice? This may not be the event for you. Participants will be going head-to-head in a bracketed speed painting competition. You will have 20 minutes to paint your miniature. When finished, the judges and crowd will determine the best mini and the winner will progress to the next round. Participant Info · Primed, assembled miniatures will be provided for each round (and are secret until the round starts). · Basic paints and brushes will be provided for contestants but you are allowed, nay encouraged, to bring your own materials. · Please arrive early with enough time to set up your painting area, once set up you will not have to change locations. There will be 15-minute breaks between rounds for cleaning/resetting. · Be prepared for a wide range of subject matter, from AoS to 40K, organic to machine. Primer color will vary as well from round to round. · Completion to tabletop standard is the objective but there is no bonus to finishing earlier than the allotted time. · You are encouraged to join the judging if eliminated. · There will be crowd participation, countdowns and such. Heckling is frowned upon, but cheering is encouraged. This will not be a quiet event. PURCHASE YOUR TICKETS HERE!
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    2019 40K OFCC - Calling all Captains!!!

    You knew it was coming... It was just a matter of time... The day of the call is here! Will you return with your old team or strike out with a new one? Will this be your first OFCC or tenth? It is time to make your voice heard and rally your team for the 2019 40K OFCC Team event!!! @William Matthews @Limey_ElJonson @Ryan Longair @Gobsmakked @Nathanvoodoo @Frowbakk @sorienor @VonRuger @Chappy @John Ragsdale @Jared Ramm @Jesse Bares @Sume @Khorne_Red_Jeep @merkthejerk @Manethak @Venom @7 Mile @Anthony Partridge @Ahzek Ahriman @Tallarn Commander @WestRider @Nathaniel Moss @DisruptiveConduct @Dark Trainer @Atomic @MOONEY @Edosaurus Rex @Gorgosaurusrex @PourSpelur @PumpkinHead @Wyattlanger @StygianArcanum @Craeat @Skkipper @peter.cosgrove @happycamper @Chikin @IamTheHuman @Kaoshin @Xavier319 @kyojin @Fafnoir @phyfor88 @zcaust83 @Arizenkin @Pyre Warden @dadmeme_yeet_69_420 @pappasa @Lightdrow @Tallbeard @Sugarlessllama @Michael Hammond @VonVilkee @Munkie @Splatacus @Skryelocke @Kolby Hopkins @Dagon Righteous
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    Malifood M3e, April 13, Vancouver, BC

    If anyone is interested in making a drive up to Vancouver, BC, we're holding Malifood on Saturday April 13. Super fun, let's all learn M3e, drink beer, and raise money for the food bank! More info on Facebook at the link below: Malifood M3e
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    Ninth Age?

    I was just curious how the new rules are. Saw some hamsters playing the other day. Kinda missing the fantasy movement tray square based Warhammer.
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    Me(Tycho), Michael , and Alex will be returning to defend our newly received tittle and we will be bringing along a new teammate, Johannes! Expect new armies and knowing us a rocking display! So bring your A games this year gents if you plan on taking a shot at the top ;)
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    For the greater good! I'm planning to bring the Ta'unar off the shelf for its second tournament outing ever.
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    Ninth Age?

    I've lobbied JT to do it, but ultimately it's going to fall on those interested to do something. I'd love to speak more on the matter! It's something i'd very much like to happen.
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    I think that is the whole tournament. 🙂
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    Koyote enters the Underhive

    Since all of the campaign's scenarios will be played using Zone Mortalis terrain, Nox and Howler have exchanged their reclaimed autoguns for shotguns. In general, I prefer to play WYSWIG, so I've begun to 'magnetize' some of my models' weapons. The smallest magnets I have on hand are 1.5mm, but as you can see from the photos they are a tad too big for the Cawdors' spindly little arms. Where the drill bit that I used to drill the spotface holes broke through the sides of the arms, I used GS to patch and reinforce the surrounding material. The cowls' shoulder drapes conceal the point where the arm meets the body, so I was able to use slightly larger (and stronger) magnets in the models' armpits. The FW Cawdor Weapon Sets 1 and 2 include sawn-off shotguns, but not shotguns. Using some plastic dowel cut from a GW SM bike flag pole/antenna, I extended the sawn-off shotguns' barrels and added tubular magazines.
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    Did you miss me?

    Hey Kevin! I'm getting a group of dads playing down here in Puyallup on the reg! Not sure if that's too far for you. Also, I was remodeling and found your sheet of grass tufts you left hers at my first WarPorch.
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    I have figured out how I want to set up my display board for the most part. I am going to have the Deffwotch and Kadian Grots coming out of a downed Kruiser with the Krusader Knight in the back This is a 3d print I will enjoy making. These are tall.... Real tall
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    Did you miss me?

    Wow, blast from the past, good to see you online KevinC 🙂
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    Rumble Practice: 3/10/19

    Ahh - gotcha. You guys really need to make the trip sometime. It's a gaming/social (honestly mostly social) experience like no other!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Legion of the HOT DAMN!
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    I got to use 2 Wyverns with the Emperor's Wraths Artillery and that 6 to wound increase to ap was pretty good. I didn't get to use suppressing fire but that 4d6 was no joke and I only used 6ish CP all game... It was fun.
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Don't be an idiot. Follow Sam Lentz.
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Found on Reddit:
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    Winter Warzone - 40K ITC 3/9/2019 @ WOW

    That very nearly sounds like a question. Let me fix that for you: ”What is the address for Western Oregon Wargamers?” It is 717 SE Main Street Portland, Oregon USA.
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    Sent what I had in. Even included an idea for a Prize of using a Adeptus Titanicus Warhound painted Gold and one Silver
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