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    Jokes on me, 8th Ed Harlequins

    Happy Friday! With the boats complete I’ve moved onto the other fast(er) movers in the army. First coats on the diamonds, followed shortly by the other pre wash base colors. The bikes should be another good addition.
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    I'll be there for my Kill team and the OFCC rewind, looking for a 430pm KT game, and a 6pm 40k game!
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    Ordo BB2 League

    I haven't heard from Dave yet, previously school was a scheduling issue, but that should be okay now. @kb10r hit me up and we'll figure it out ASAP.
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    I read this as binary... No matter how many you killed you answer yes and score a singular point.
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    3d Printer User's Group

    I picked up the Anycubic Photon S a couple months ago now. I have still just learning - but it is a very capable resin printer. I have had some good prints - and some weird / bad prints. Still getting my head around it of course. Here is a photo from my last blog post ... the Epic scale Necron pylon and monoliths came out pretty will - along with some imperial bastions. I'm still dialing in how to hollow out models, creating effective supports and fine tuning exposure times. But for less than 500$ I thought it was well worth the investment in a new hobby lol. I have my eye on an Ender down the road in a year perhaps... for bigger prints, printing with different materials and less detail intensive prints. (terrain, parts for other projects). -d
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