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  2. Yarbicus

    Random Photo Thread

    "They" would be correct.
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  3. Lyraeus

    3d printing Terrain

    So I moved into a new apartment right before Christmas and a month later after some generous donations from friends for a table I have been finally able to set up said table to do 40k games. Found some Ork terrain I like and have been 3d printing them in Resin...because I hate money. Learned a few things about this. Got to set the doors up for these BEFORE curing the wide frames. That or I print them in Water Washable resin so there is less rigidity in the clamps. This is 13" or so wide... once I add a few layers it will be a "Ruin" and thus ob
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  4. Sgt. Rock

    Coyote & Crow

    Shameless plug to spread the word on my friend's work. His Kickstarter goes live on March 2nd. https://coyoteandcrow.net/ Sci-fantasy game in an alternate world where weird [big bad swear word] has happened and European explorers never came to the Americas. The originator (my buddy) and most of the team are all of some degree First Nations. Really cool world he's built.
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  5. HeroZero

    Ave Dominus Nox.

    Oh lawd they comin
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