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  1. Truly awesome community involvement going on here. Please keep us posted on the development of your program!
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  2. Ordo Septenarius

    Ordo Sep's Blog

    Update: https://mordheimpdx.blogspot.com/2018/06/imperial-knights-wip-part-ii.html
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  3. Ziggens

    This is the end...

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  4. Ziggens

    Time Bandits

    Amazing is all I can say. I am blown away. I am very excited to field these vertically challenged players.
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  5. Ziggens

    And so it begins...

    I am completely excited about my first team. Sorry for giving you such a bear of a team to deal with. I greatly appreciate it. I love the worn battle scared, just weathered outdoor idea you were talking about.
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  7. scottshoemaker

    It has begun!

    Plan on playing some upscaled Adeptus Titanicus? Or are you like me and want a 3 minute setup and a 2 minute movement phase?
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