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    That's because they're filled with love of the God-Emperor!
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    Overall height of the figures is close; the typical Primaris Marine is about 4.0 cm, the typical Tactical Marine is about 3.3 cm, the typical Imperial Guardsman is about 3.0 cm... But they all have massively deformed hands and swollen heads heroic proportions. The tallest character, so far, in Marvel Crisis Protocol is the Hulk, who stands 7.0 cm tall and the shortest character, so far, Black Widow, is 3.5 cm tall. (Rocket Raccoon is due out soon and will be shorter). The key difference is that the Marvel characters (with obvious exceptions like the Hulk and M.O.D.O.K.) all have realistic proportions... They should look okay when paired with terrain designed for WH40k, Infinity, or The Walking Dead but it will depend a bit on the individual terrain pieces in question. But I'm going to be building and buying some proper O Scale buildings to work with them, since it's things like doors, windows, tables and chairs that are the real "scale markers" to the human eye. Atomic Mass Games has a helpful Battlefield Setup blog post with suggestions for the amount of terrain for a standard 36" x 36" table. The Marvel Crisis Protocol Core Set comes with two light poles, two traffic lights, and a trash bin (Size 1); two compact cars and two dumpsters (Size 2); and one newstand (Size 3)... Currently, I'm working on building some road tiles from Fat Dragon Games that have 4.5" wide roads. At 1:48 scale, that works out to 18' from curb to curb... which is too small for a two lane road which is typically closer to 18' (U.S. Interstate Highway System use a 12-foot standard lane width, but roads are frequently narrower). I think it should work out okay, but if I'm unhappy with them they shouldn't be too hard to reprint at 130% to get 6" wide roads. I'm also going to build one small building (Size 4) and one large building (Size 5) from the Fat Dragon Games set, to tide me over until I can get my hands on some of these beauties from Menards. I also have started daydreaming about buying some plexiglass, a circular saw, and a metric ton of LED lighting and building a 3' tall replica of Avenger's Tower...
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    2020 OBBL Human league - draft 3/14/2020

    Blunt Trauma Sponge Bath will be retaining: B59 Erik Finley Blitzer 8 3 3 8 Block, Guard, Piling On, +1 MA (160k) B71 Rashard Morris Blitzer 8 3 3 8 Block, Guard, Tackle, +1 MA (160k) B87 Lance McCluskey Blitzer 7 3 3 8 Block, Guard, Mighty Blow, Stand Firm (150k) B88 BenJarvus Gehart Blitzer 7 3 3 8 Block, Mighty Blow, Guard (130k) C20 Bill Owens Catcher 8 2 3 7 Catch, Dodge, Block, Shadowing, Sidestep (120k)
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    Ordo BB2 League Season 2

    @Burk Savion and my game bugged out for me when I tried to log into the game. I got a black screen right after the team introductions and before the coin flip. After I restarted the game the game had timed out for me and took my disconnection as a concession. Could you reset our game so that Savion and I can get a proper game in, hopefully with no disconnections? Thanks!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Lord Hanaur

    Psychic Awakening 6 has orks

    Orks. What can you do? There is no faction in 40K that I'd rather fight against. They are just more fun than a lot of factions. Not frustrating to kill, not annoyingly accurate for the most part, fantastic models and modelling opportunities, and they are as brutal o nthe attack as they are brutalized when attacked. No other army screams "fair" like they do. Everything you do to them works and everything they try to do (swinging and wounding and all that en masse) works. I for one welcome our new Green Overlords.
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