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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

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    As the current highest ranked NAF Ogre coach in the United States of America! I will declare what is the only way to play ogres. Do the stuff Brick says. Except: I never throw a runt, unless I am going for a desperate 1 turner. If they have a cage, you only have a 25% chance of hitting a dude and you still have to avoid bone-head and fumbles. yuck. I try and keep the ogres based for sweet sweet 3 die blocks, so I would rather move one to the cage. But maybe the threat of the runt-bomb is enough? I should throw some just to keep the opponent honest. Which means 1 Ogre with strong arm. The nega-trait of titchy is SO BAD, we only get away with it because people don't know it. Titchy models don't cause a -1 to dodge through their tackle zone. They can badly screen, but they can't aid a cage very well. The only normal skill on a runt is diving tackle, change my mind. Then they can at least get in the way. And with side-step, they can do a job. They will die. I expect them to die. I will carry 5 induced runts if I have to. If you have runts on the pitch at the end of a game, they were wasted runts. They should foul every turn. Every runt caught by the ref is a runt that can't die. Runts foul in packs, you should be able to foul at +5 every time. My target is to get the armor roll to a 5+. The ROI of a runt foul is so great, it is mandatory. It also threatens the opponent and they try and group up for protection, which is what you want for a big Ogre scrum. While spreading out ogres is smart against dumb dodgy teams, you want to get into a big scrum in the middle of the board, where your 6 ogres trap 8-10 of their models and force them into a punching match. As their models get removed by fist and foul, you can watch their soul slowly leave their body. Nobody expects only having 5 models on the pitch and still being fouled. They are going to score. You can't stop them. But they can stop themselves. If they avoid leaving positional players alone, to avoid the gang foul; if they avoid break aways because break tackle will catch them; if they roll lots of dice and FINALLY roll a 1; THEN you can win. Your win rate is directly proportional to the number of 1's they roll. I carry the ball with an Ogre, unless I HAVE to hand off to a runt to score or do shenanigans. You want the TV on Ogres, not runts, and most people don't want to block uphill. The first normal skills on two Ogres is Break tackle. You will normally never use it, but just because you have it, your opponent has to change their game play. They have to waste more models in screens, or maybe mark Ogres to try and keep them in place. Then Guard for the 3 Die blocks. A double is block. If any of the opponents models have strip ball... go and kill it. Ogre star players suck. We have a chainsaw for more punch... and expensive ogres. If Bertha didn't have bone-head ( most stars have their nega-trait removed ) it would be a good deal.
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    Adventures in Contrast Paint

    I'd like to crack in as well.
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    Mando with Spoilers

    FWIW, IMDB indicates there'll be a Season 02 -- which is a good thing, if they can keep up the quality. I'm loving it...
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    I'm unable to order it (stupid things costing money!) but if you're looking for a place to order through, Fate & Fury Games has a hell of a deal going on it. https://www.fateandfurygames.com/webstore
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    Mando with Spoilers

    El Topo came out in 1970... But I think it’s safe to safe that Jodorowsky operates in his own alternate universe that only occasionally overlaps with our own. But the 1970s was also the same time when Sam Peckinpah was at his height, not to mention guys like Roger Corman, De Palma, Casavetes, Lynch... The whole “New Hollywood” movement that critics of the time loathed. I chalk it up to the Baby Boomers coming of age. The end of the post-WWII idylls, the meat-grinders of Korea and Vietnam, stagnation in the European economy, and so forth... But mostly just 20-something film makers wanting to shock and offend their parents.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Sgt. Rock

    Random Photo Thread

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    great shots, @Salty Monkey! thanks for posting.
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    Zombie horde trope is awesome for Necromunda. There is a disease already in the fluff that breaks out occasionally.
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    I've been made an offer for a new job in the Sherwood / Tualatin area. The job is closer to home (only 14 miles) so instead of my current commute to Hillsboro (35 miles). Anyhow, in about 3 weeks I will be very close to Glimpses - and this will probably be my main hobby crack dealer. And I feel like I can get back to going to a regular weekly game night. I play 40k, but have dabbled in Infinity and other games as well. What is the mini game scene like over at Glimpses? 40k meta concerns, other games played beyond Infinity? I would like to give infinity another go before I completely give it up. Over the past couple years my schedule has really kept me from getting into WoW or anywhere else consistently. Anyhow, I am hoping to be a regular over there. -don
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    Gaslands! This Fall...

    Work in progress shot of a monster truck. I’m leaning towards the name El Diablo
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    This sounds great! Brother Glacius told me about this and I had check it out. I’m in. I have several armies and could field ally or axis if we care about that being balanced. Lately my passion has been minor Axis with Bulgaria. But, I’ve got Finns, Japanese, Russians, US, French, and Norwegians.
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    Orc Blood Bowl team

    Hey guys, So I am going to switch from goblins to orcs for the blood bowl league as goblins...well... they just suck and im not having any fun getting smashed every week. Does anyone have an extra orc team kicking around that I can buy? preferably still on the sprue and with all the extra little bits like markers and such. thanks, Sherbert
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    Coming for a Visit

    Looks like my wife has a "thing" with her friends in Bellingham on Saturday, December 7. I will tag along and we will likely stay over night. So, who's up for hanging out? Gaming? Drinking? Eating? All of the above, preferred.
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    Rampage: Discussion!

    The Rampage is up! @EriktheRed @erik grey @Fate & Fury Games @dataentity @Ogre Seth @Justjokin @PaladinX @Blustorm @Khail @Pyre Warden @Sgt. Rock @George @Gremlin King @WiseKensai @Andrewc @Mack @OtterProper @Norrad @Inquisitor66 @rudra34 @Doug @thediceabide @Jay @jake richmond @deadlyends @Twinmasks @Natetehaggresar @Zagdag @twingecrag @Saint Anthony @Kiboshed @Muskrat
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    Ordo BB2 League Season 2

    Current Participants @Burk - returning Necro @savion47 - Returning Undead @Weav - returning Chaos @Bosco - New Human @WestRider - New Amazons @scotthartman - returning Orcs @Sgt. Rock - New Norse @Spielmannsfluch - New Lizardmen @SigurdBC - New TBD Possibles but not 100% confirmed @jollyork @Andrewgeddon @michaels @sbr Please chime in and confirm if you are in/out. Need to know in the next couple of days.
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    I can come for 40k. It is looking like sunday necromunda delivery isnt happening so delivery probably on tuesday to OF.
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    @RobynMM says it is a Woedium.
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    Wait, what? What was his other foot on?
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    Shadowrun Drop in Campaign

    TUX Personal Data Birth Name Gibson Hiro Metatype Elf Ethnicity Japanese-American Born 15 May 2055 (Age 25) Sex Male Height 1.83 m Weight 65.75 kg Priorities Metatype D Attributes A Skills C Magic B Resources E Karma Expenditures Starting Karma 50 Positive Qualities 8 Negative Qualities -28 Attributes 40 Skills 25 Resources 5 Remaining 0 Attributes Body: 5 Agility: 7 Reaction: 4 (7) Strength: 5 Willpower: 4 Logic: 3 Intuition: 3 Charisma: 6 Edge: 3 Essence: 6.00 Magic: 6 Initiative: 10 + 4d6 Condition Monitor Phys 12 Stun 10 Skills Athletics (Gymnastics) 3 Close Combat 1 Con 2 Firearms (Pistols) 6 Influence 4 Perception (Visual) 3 Stealth (Palming) 1 Language and Knowledge Skills: English (N), Japanese (1); Fashion Industry, Security Procedures Qualities Positive: Ambidextrous Built Tough (1) Negative: Honorbound (Bushido) Impaired Attribute (Strength) [1] Incompetent (Piloting) In Debt [5] IDs/Lifestyles/Currency Primary Lifestyle: Low (One Month) Nuyen: ¥34 Fake IDs / Related Lifestyles / Funds / Licenses Mori Masayuki Fake SIN [Rt 4] w/ Fake License [Rt 4] (Corporate Courier) * Notes: GM uses a House Rule where a single License will cover everything reasonably related to a specific occupation. Contacts Andrew "Arcade" Hansford (Fixer) Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3 Kenji Tsukino (Chauffeur) Connection: 3, Loyalty: 4 Rei Shiawase-Hino (Fashion Exec) Connection: 5, Loyalty: 2 Minako Aino (Pop Idol) Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3 Michelle Kaioh (Supermodel) Connection: 4, Loyalty: 3 Weapons Ares Light Fire 75 Light Pistols (2x) w/ 4x Magazines (16x APDS caseless ammo each) w/ 4x Magazines (16x Stick-n-Shock caseless ammo each) w/ 8x Magazines (16x Explosive caseless ammo each) w/ 2x Concealable Holsters w/ 2x Special Silencers Ares Predator VI Heavy Pistols (2x) w/ 4x Special Magazines (10x APDS caseless ammo / 5x Stick-n-Shock caseless ammo each) w/ 2x Special Magazines (15x Explosive caseless ammo each) w/2x Quick Draw Holsters Ruger 101 Rifle w/ 24x Regular caseless ammo w/ Bipod, Silencer, and Internal Smartgun System Smoke Grenades (2x) Throwing Knives (2x) Walther Palm Pistols (2x) w/ 10x Regular caseless ammo w/ Concealable Holsters Armor Actioneer Business Cloths (+2 Def) w/ Electricity Resistance [3] Armor Jacket (+3 Def) w/ Electricity Resistance [3] Helmet (+1 Def) Matrix Stats Primary Device: Renraku Sensi (DR3; D2, F0, P1) Secondary Device: Meta Link (DR1; D1, F0, P0) Augmentations None Adept Powers Attribute Boost (Strength) 2 Enhanced Accuracy Improved Reflexes 3 Killing Hands Wall Running Other Gear 2x Credstick, Silver 2x Hidden Arm Slides (for throwing knives) AR Gloves Contacts [Rt 3] with Image Link, Smartlink Earbuds [Rt 2] with Sound Link, Select Sound Filter [1] Glasses [Rt 3] with Flare Compensation, Vision Magnification Medkit Meta Link Commlink Rappelling Gloves Stealth Rope (100 m) and Catalyst Stick Subvocal MicTrodesYamaha Rapier Motorcycle with Manual Operation Background Imōto-san is very observant, I am indeed an elf and a half-gaijin one at that. I know this would make me less than welcome in Kyōto, but you are in Seattle now. We do things a bit differently here, Imōto-san. Tanaka-sama has hired me, Imōto-san. You can trust me as you would trust him. My eyes see everything, my ears hear everything, but I won't remember anything you want me to forget. That's the part of my job that Tanaka-sama trusts me to be the best at. Tanaka-sama has hired me to ensure that you can sleep easy. You're safe in my hands, Imōto-san. Nobody gets near you, and if they try, I'll remove them. I can do so as soft or as hard as you want. I'll do anything you say, as soon as you say it, until the moment I say otherwise. When the music starts, that's when you'll do exactly as I say. If I say jump, you jump. If I say run, you run. When you're life is in danger, it's my dance. Ah, here's the car, Imōto-san. Did you want to go to the Turbo-Kitty Store or Ice Cream Hut first? Hiro Gibson was born and raised within the Shiawase Corporation corporation. Indeed, he's a fourth generation company man, his great-grandfather, Hiro Kuwabatake, had been a heavy equipment mechanic for Emori Shiawase's original power plant at the very start of Shiawase Atomics. The Kuwabatake's were a working class family and because they were elves, they never became full citizens of the megacorp. But they were hardworking and loyal. Hirdo's great-grandfather worked in the machine shop, his grandfather worked in the machine shop... Then came mother. Mother scandalized the whole family by having the temerity to be born a girl and the only child her parents ever had. Worse still, when they packed her off to university in the UCAS she married a gaijin! Billy Gibson was an gaijin, true, but he was also a loyal worker for Resha Corporation (a Shiawase subsidiary in the UCAS) so he eventually gained some respect from his in-laws. Despite his handicap, everyone pretty much assumed young Hiro would be some sort of skilled laborer or maybe even a low tier executive for the company too. However, early in his childhood, routine screening of kids in the company day care found that Hiro was magically active. But, even as an one of the Awakened, Hiro showed the same dogged determination to be average that his forefathers had. His ancestors had been thoroughly "blue-collar" and in a sense, so was Hiro. He was a physical adept, but an unimpressive one: running faster, jumping higher, and hitting harder than any unaugmented human... But nothing truly outstanding in terms of magical talents or aptitudes. But that was just fine for Shiawase, they trained him on how to swing a sword, how to pull a trigger, how to scare away the paparazzi and the SINless, and how to jump in front of a bullet if needed. In his role of bodyguard, his elven metatype and half-gaijin ancestry actually became something of an asset. For reasons that baffle most Japanese, Americans and Europeans seem to find elves fashionable and exotic. Hiro was skilled as a bodyguard, charming enough to hold up his end of a conversation with protectees, and fashionable enough to blend in with a high society crowd... But not too much, least his role as a deterent be compromised. Eventually, Shiawase started assigning Hiro to "preemptive protection" missions, Hiro would be sent to assist teams made of other "special assets" and "independent contractors" when extracting executives from rival corporations or transporting secure data. After a few such missions, Hiro realized how lucrative the work could be and started pulling some freelance jobs on the side. Hiro still has many contacts and acquaintances from his days as a company man. Rei Shiawase-Hino is an executive with Shiawase's Vashon Island fashion line (and a member of the extended Shiawase family that controls the corporation from a very minor branch) who helped Hiro erase his old SIN and has hired him for a few deniable jobs; Minako Aino is an up-and-coming idol singer and Michelle Kaioh is an in demand supermodel, both were former protectees and both have relied on Hiro to quash some rumors that might have hurt their careers; Kenji Tsukino grew up in the "old neighborhood" with Hiro, their fathers and grand-fathers having worked in the shop together, but Kenji's talents lay in driving cars (like a madman) and not in fixing them, Hiro got him a job as a chauffeur to help transport high value protectees; and lastly, Andrew Hansford who calls himself "Arcade," a seedy low-life party drug pusher, pimp, and hustler who always seemed to be able to weasel his way into high society functions and the most exclusive night spots, he's recently branched out into the shadows as a go-between for Hiro and Mr. Johnson. Stoic and professional when "on the job" Hiro also a fun loving and jovial charmer when "off the clock." Though he loves to fight, he loves a good party even more. He has a "big brother" instinct that was nurtured and encouraged during his youth, which let him develop a deep connection to his protectees. Now that he runs the shadows, he tends to treat his teammates the same way. Hiro works hard and plays hard. Once he has accepted a job, he never waivers from completing it. Hiro is a consummate professional and expects the same of those he works with.
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    Ordo BB2 League

    it will be a few more weeks. We still have one game to complete then a small break. but I will post a new thread once this season is done to start the next.
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    Tempting Kickstarters

    The City of Jordoba would make a very nice set-piece for D&D, Frostgrave or Saga: Age of Crusades. Heck, stick some HVAC units and tv antennas on the roofs and it'd work for modern and near-future games. It's obviously inspired by Middle Eastern / North African architecture, but with a sort of old school, pulpy, Lovecraft-by-way-of-Conan element of weird fantasy to it too.
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    I will be there for some 40k with @Inquisitor66 and Ill bring my GasLands in case i have time after!
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    Disenchantment: Man, how was I sleeping on this for so long? Pretty much exactly my jam, hilarious stuff, with a surprisingly deep plot as it goes on.
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    Playing OuterWorlds right now. It's by the folks who made Fallout: New Vegas (Obsidian). It's gotten pretty stellar reviews in spite of the limited content (reported as 25 hours, 40 for completionists, but with high replay value). Personally, I never played New Vegas (I own it but never made the time I don't think). The interface is FPS-RPG (not turn-based but there are mechanics to make the FPS portion easier for the player if they want to go that route). SkillUp has an in-depth review on YouTube which offers pretty high praise. Personally, I think the initial content shows good design. I have seen multiple solutions to multiple problems/quests... Mechanical solutions (i.e. jumping puzzles) or stealth or social all to solve the same problem. Main storyline is not black and white. The first major choice is really a personal choice for the player... Pick a faction and support one and hurt another... No way around it... Skills mitigate some of the choices but still not completely. Multiple modes including one that is not exactly hard-core (permadeath) but is close. The game does not allow reincarnation after death but the basic game autosaves often and the supernova mode gets rid of most autosaves, etc. I'm enjoying what I have played and seen so far but SkillUp's review does that far more justice than I can.
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    Tempting Kickstarters

    I need this for gaming stuff I’m sure, or just because I love modular systems
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    Random Links thread

    Three armed robbers break into a villa on the Costa del Sol, tie up the woman who lives there, threaten her and terrorize her into handing over the cash and jewels... Then they see some family photos, realize exactly who’s wife they just tied up, and quickly run the hell away. (I would legit watch a movie where he hunts them down for revenge. Wearing the Ivan Drago trunks and carrying his He-Man sword.)
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    Random Links thread

    Video game style achievements for table-top roleplaying games. Yes, they're silly, but they're also a heck of a lot of fun.
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    IIL Week Three, Nov 3rd

    I read this as Console Church, which somehow seems more fitting...
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    Liquid Green Stuff

    I've given up on "liquid" putties. I've tried GW and Vallejo brands, and they shrink so much they need two or three applications to fill even the smallest hole/gap.
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    GW Reveals from SPIEL

    The new Necromunda starter and the Chibis are the highlights for me. Lots of cool stuff beyond that, too.
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    Crafting junk in my garage

    “I’d like to buy a consonant, Pat.”
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    Random Photo Thread

    You mean this guy?
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    Wha—? A Games Workshop rulebook with ambiguously written rules!? Say it ain’t so, Joe! Say it ain’t so...!
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    Sgt. Rock

    Sunday 10/20 - WE WILL PLAY!

    I am in the clubhouse. I see familiar faces, beautifully painted models, lovingly crafted terrain. I hear the sounds of laughter, of dice rolling, of @Raindog roaring like a fool because someone rolled a crit at just the right time. All is right with the world... ... and then I awaken in my bed. Next to me, a tablet computer with a marketing textbook open on it. The models in the next room, I can hear them mocking me, silently. I shudder, but not against the cold of the room; no, it is the icy chill of a man imprisoned that runs down my spine. I drearily resign myself to the day's classwork, toil unending. Drab. Dark. I weep silently. One day, I promise myself, fists shaking impotently at the sky; one day, I will be free from these bonds of labor, free once again to run wild and free, to roll dice and measure ranges, to laugh and feel joy. Alas, today is not that day. I slump into my chair, and begin my work anew. - "Ordo Gothic" by Jeff Rockwell, 2019. Miss you guys.
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    Although this specific case is not called out in the LFTF or updates to the rule book, the LFTF does provide some clarity: SITUATION: Bazooka Team is pinned down, but did not move. QUESTION: Does it shoot with ROF 1 and its unmodified to-hit number, or does the Slow-Firing rule apply? And therefore, the score to hit = (to-hit number) plus 1 (for slow-firing). ANSWER: Number 2. Here is why (emphasis is not in the original): See page 2 in "LESSONS FROM THE FRONT: QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS ON FLAMES OF WAR, October 2019" SHOOTING Why does a heavy Gun team like an 8.8cm AA gun have a Moving ROF of 1 when it doesn’t have a Tactical speed? When it is Pinned Down it shoots using its Moving ROF rating, getting only one shot. Likewise, at the start of a Meeting Engagement, if the 8.8cm gun belongs to the first player, it will shoot as moving, i.e. using its Moving ROF, so it will get one shot in this case as well. Since the Slow-firing rule affects a "moving" unit, and a pinned unit uses it moving ROF, then the bazooka team that is pinned uses its moving ROF, which includes the Slow-firing penalty.
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    GW Brings Back the Old World

    I call it now, FW is getting control of it, and will be producing updated models for the factions.
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    D+D Maps

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    I too had an excellent evening
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    9th age Khorne Daemons

    Dunno what I'm doing for generals and characters and other such, but my mind has decided that I'm going the daemon route and I've started converting models and painting stuff. Gears are turning in my head.
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    Upcoming tournaments

    I'll let you know. Have to check Denice's work schedule.
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    I actually have a match pre-scheduled with Salty Monkey
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    Cool preview of him set to 80s cheese on today's post. Also includes new Chaos Sorc, SoB tanks, and Chaos Cultists.
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    I should be there at 4. That’s fairly typical. Occasionally someone is there a little earlier and able to open.
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    D+D Maps

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    Hmmm well i start the new job in November. I will be sure to drop in and check out the scene. I'd like to give infinity a try again - although it is a bit crunchy for my tastes. But I love the minis and the theme of things in the game. Looking forward to trying it again actually. Blood bowl I have not played in over a year, but I have a couple teams ready to go. Kill Team is something I want to do as well. I'd also like to see about getting some Gaslands played. Frost Grave... and a couple other odd ball games as well. Is thursdays the normal night for all games of just table top stuff? I guess I will need to check out their schedule lol. -d
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