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    Shi Guy

    The Death Knights of Khorne

    I had a classic Khorne CSM army way back in the days of 3rd edition. It was fully painted in the classic World Eater paint scheme, complete with Rhinos, Juggernauts, etc. Then I grew bored of 40k and foolishly sold the army. Flash forward to today and I want to put together another Khorne army. Granted, it helps that Berzerkers are pretty decent again. Unfortunately, the official Berzerker models haven't changed at all, looking incredibly dated, so I opted to use a quick kit bash of the AoS Blood Warrior model as my Berzerker. I didn't want to do the standard Khorne color scheme, so I spent some time browsing for other ideas. As I was perusing through google, I came across this image of a WoW Death Knight, and the army theme was born. This was the first model I painted for the army. He was originally used as a Paladin in a DnD campaign, now he's my Arthas look-a-like Dark Apostle. A shot of the first completed squad of Berzerkers A group shot of the Berzerkers and HQ. Korghos Khul serves as my Exalted Champion My Obliterators. Inspired by the Khorne Lord of Skulls. I'm working on a couple of Rhinos now. After that I'm waiting on my order of Chaos Knights to arrive, which will be used as Chaos Bikers. Thanks for looking!
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    And now for the best list of all. By no means is this conclusive. We had many people purchase tickets for other people. This is a list of individuals with confirmed ticket purchases. I do know that we had the largest turn out ever for the most game diverse weekned at an OFCC. All of the folks on this list put their faith in us to provide a great weekend. Their support funded the venue, the terrain, the trophies, the giveways, the favorite opponent pins and many other things. This is in alphabetical order. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR A GREAT OFCC! @7 Mile @AgentP @Alexander Marks @Alzra @Anamadness @Andrew Bierek @Andrewgeddon @Anthony Partridge @apathy ales @Arizenkin @ash @BAMF @Bananaphone @BenKerr @BigFred @BigTal @Brandon @Calvin Blitman @Chappy @Chikin @chris seehafer @Clibhopper @cody quigley @Craeat @Dark Trainer @dataentity @David Bierek @deadwing34 @Devon Butler @Diap2012 @Duneraider @Edosaurus Rex @evil_bryan @Fafnoir @Frowbakk @gareth @Globemaster @Gorgosaurusrex @happycamper @Huffnpuff @IamTheHuman @Jack Ballard @James Kally @Jared Ramm @Jason @Jason Gager @Jesse Bares @Johannes @John Ragsdale @Jonathan Harris @Justin Whitton @KAPcom @Khorne_Red_Jeep @Kiboshed @Kingpin @kyojin @Legionsofodin @leothakilla @Lightdrow @Lion of Flanders @mako71 @Manethak @Martin Lund @Matthew Kangiser @MikhailLenin @Muninn @Muskrat @Mustache Dorn @Nathanvoodoo @Nato Sicarius @necrontyr @Nicholas Branham @ObnoxiousCanary @Otterdraws @pailface @PaladinX @Pecksata @phyfor88 @PourSpelur @PumpkinHead @Pyre Warden @RobKnobCob @Romans832 @Romes @rudra34 @Saint Anthony @scotthartman @Ser Warwick @Sgt. Rock @Sherbert @Skkipper @sorienor @StygianArcanum @Sume @Tallarn Commander @Tamwulf @Tanner Hebert @The_Rat_Catchers @TheBaron @TheBeninator @Threejacks @tiechonortheal @Torg @Torin Costales @valourunbound @Venom @Volknalia @VonRuger @VonVilkee @WestRider @whist@WillWallace85 @Wyattlanger @Xavier319 @xoxtile @Yarbicus @Yorick @zcaust83 @Zelaponeepus
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    History of OFCC

    HISTORY A long time ago, back when Games Workshop still ran Grand Tournaments, back in the infancy of Ordo, back in sixth Edition, WHFB players would flock to Seattle and play in the Pro-Football stadium. At the Grand Tournament, there were a lot of great people to meet and great armies to gaze on. The geek fest was palatable. There were two problems with the Grand Tournaments. First, this was well before the Internet created mega lists and offered tools and techniques to play against them. Player pools were smaller. Some gamers brought the models they had. Others brought honed lists that destroyed opponents. The Swiss System helped fix the inequity, but the first few games could be painful. Beat downs were inevitable and ugly. Second, for every 20 great guys, there was one person you would never ever want to play against. They were rude. They cheated. They made up rules. They would pick up bad dice rolls and claim they had rolled the opposite They would move models without measuring..... These players ruined the Grand Tournaments. But since there were so many cool guys, could we run our own event? Absolutely! We started in barn with a handful of clubs. It was called the NW Team Challenge. We made a hobby weekend. Jokes and painting and sportsmanship were valued more than winning. The Shop of Chop hosted the event. Ordo, the Z Games crew, and the WCP from Vancouver, B.C. played. It was a blast. The next year, thanks to Karl Gatke, we could expanded to an armory. The Da Mama's Boyz came, players came from Seattle and the Willamette Valley, and the team challenge became a proper event. We rated lists and tried to match armies with armies of equal toughness. Every year, a committee made of different members of clubs rated lists and made adjustments as books came out and editions changed. There were always hard restrictions. Items and units were banned: No Greater Daemons, No Dragons.... Magic levels were limited. There had never been Special Characters allowed. Captains were ambassadors of their clubs. Since the event was invitational, a captain vouched for his team and explained the nature of the event. After Club Challenges, players who were problematic were banned. In some cases, captains went so far to tell people on their teams, who were not banned, to grow up, chill out, and come back a few years later. Over the years clubs have folded, others have expanded, new clubs like the Black Sheep and Chop! have stepped in to fill the event with beautiful armies and Great Opponents. The Northwest Team Challenge has become the Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge. We added sponsors. Later,we moved to a hotel, so we could all stay in one place and game for hours. In 2014, we combine the two events into one and made it a 4 day event with side events. The highest honor has always been sportsmanship. As long as Ordo runs the event, it will be a fun event featuring sportsmanship and balanced play. The Club Challenge is not for everyone, but fortunately, there are many large events. Some have heavy comp. Others don't. Pick the style of event you like. We run a team event where you can stand with your buddies and play people you look forward to each year.
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    For the benefit of all involved I am revising my previous plan. Thank you to everyone who has voiced their opinion, and thank you for everyone keeping a cool head about it. I would like to bounce some ideas about factions around at the ORDO senate meeting but for now please know that the restrictions will be relaxed significantly. I will finalize the specifics after this weekend. Team size is going to remain at 4 as in previous years.
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    Adventures in Contrast Paint

    Step 1 - Da Kunnin' Plan Like the rest of the hobby world, I was curious how the new Citadel Contrast Paints worked compared to traditional hobby paints. Along with the usual hobby disease of buying whatever is shiny and new, I figured there were a few other hobby symptoms I could bundle together and treat all once with a bit of planning. Here's what I wanted to achieve: Try shiny new paints released with a whole lotta marketing and fanfare As Contrast Paints are designed to speed up painting to tabletop quality, clear out some minis from the backlog on my shelves End up with something useful, aka, a Blood Bowl team, skirmish warband, or similar Try out one of the shiny new games GW has been releasing at breakneck speed With those criteria, here's how I chose to fulfill each of them: Contrast Paints, duh I dug through several bags of old Squigs and Squig Herders. Fun models that I happened to have bunches of for some great idea I've since forgotten. I scrounged up 11 Squigs, 3 Squig Hoppers, and 4 Squig Herders. Seemed like enough to make a warband (or an anachronistic Necromunda gang). I noticed the brand new Warcry game had a supplemental release of warband cards for Squigs - Perfect! Step 2 - Prep and Primer With the plan defined, I was ready to get started. The next step was cleaning and prepping the models, including priming. Since I was experimenting with Contrast for the first time, I decided to experiment with primer colors as well so I could compare the effects. Here's a photo of the warband and primers. The group on the right side is my test batch. I planned to run them through first to test the primer colors in combination with different Contrast colours. You can see I sprayed them: white, Wraithbone (an official Contrast primer), Wraithbone zenithal (black first, then Wraithbone from the top only), Mechanicus Standard Grey (a GW colour), and finally a lone Herder sprayed white so I can test out a goblin. The group on the left is the meat of the warband, with a few more Squigs, including a giant one, the three Hoppers, and three more Herders. The Mechanicus Standard Grey is obviously darker than the other primers, and according to recommendations about Contrast, a bad idea. Still, I wanted to see what the effect would be as I often use that as primer for my normal painting projects. Step 3 - First Contact with Contrast Treating the project as pseudo-science (like most of what's on the Internet), I took notes about the colours, brushes, and times it took to paint for the first test group. I'll list those here, and post photos below. Squigs Basing - 20 minutes - GW Shade Brush - Dark Angel Green on four models, Ork Flesh on four models, Militarum Green on the Herder Skin - Gryph-Hound Orange - 18 minutes - GW Shade Brush - 2 models - lots of details I was careful to paint around! Skin - Blood Angels Red - 16 minutes - GW Shade Brush - 2 models - less details on the newer edition Squigs Skin - Talassar Blue - 10 minutes - GW Shade Brush - 2 models - really got the hang of application now Tongues and gums - Volupus Pink - 5 minutes - Size 1 brush Lower lips and tails - Magus Purple - 1 minute - Size 1 brush Teeth and claws - Skeleton Horde - 5 minutes - Size 1 brush Eyes - Wraithbone - 1 minute - Size 00 brush - cleanup step to ensure eyes are clear of other spills Eyes - Iyanden Yellow - 1 minute - Size 00 brush - applied Contrast colour Teeth and claws shading - Aggaros Dunes - 2 minutes - Size 0 brush - applied around the base of the teeth and claws to add a gradient tint Fine details - various - 6 minutes - Size 00 brush - Squigs feature a lot of warts as a trait and I wanted to highlight them a bit more than the Contrast did Totals: 8 models, 85 minutes Night Goblin Herder Skin - Warp Lightning Green - 4 minutes Belt and cymbal ties - Snakebite Leather - 2 minutes Nose bandages - Basilicum Grey - 1 minute - was too dark so I highlighted with white Teeth - Skeleton Horde - 5 minutes - Size 1 brush Tunic and shoes - Black Templar - 6 minutes - the bulk of the model, went very easily! Cymbals - Brass and Silver - 5 minutes - metals aren't available in Contrast and they also take so much time to get a decent coat! Totals: 1 model, 23 minutes The Results: As you can see above, using Contrast over the dark Mechanicus Standard Grey was a total fail. All of the colors were washed out and dull compared to the other Squigs. In the interest of science, I wanted to see if I could salvage these models with something equally simple and fast. I put in another 20 minutes of drybrushing to fix them up, and I think the results turned out great, although the photo doesn't do them justice so you'll have to take my word for it. One last note on the experimental phase: the zenithal primering didn't have an appreciable effect. Probably due more to the Squig models being very short, so their undersides where the black primer remained is not terribly noticeable. During this same time I tried the technique on an AdMech Dominus and it worked nicely as an additional gradient to his robes. Step 4 - The Real Deal - (1 week later) Next up was applying all my test experience to the heart of the warband. There were 9 more models left to paint, including a Boss. The Boss model was Skarsnik (circa 4th edition WFB) featuring quite a bit more detail than the other models. I also replaced the dark Mechanicus Standard Grey primer with the official Contrast Grey Seer on three of the models. Since I already described the breakdown of steps by colours above, I'll get straight to the results. 3 Squigs 3 Squig Hoppers 2 Squig Herders 1 Boss Total time: 242 minutes (4 hours and 2 minutes). I estimate about 30 minutes was extra time put into the details on the Skarsnik model. For those keeping score at home, that brings the totals for the warband to: 18 models 350 minutes (call it 6 hours with bookkeeping fudge factor) Pretty good compared to "classic" painting! Of course, all of these models are tabletop quality. Maybe slightly above since there are some areas/colours where Contrast really shines, like the skin on all of the models. Since that element often takes the most time in classic painting, that in itself is a huge win. It's also worth noting that there are no metallics in the Contrast line, so all of those areas I had to do classic style. In this case, that meant a couple of layers of metal and a wash with Citadel shades. Nothing fancy. Here is the entire warband ready for action. The lighting on my desk is not doing any favors for these photos, so I'll endeavor to get some better action shots in Step 5 when I get them on the battlefield. They really do look pretty good in person, especially for the time put in. If there's one lesson learned in this adventure that is not apparent from the photos, it's the psychological factor that Contrast has on painting. Wargamers often have a love/hate relationship with painting their models. For me, it's always been love, but despite that there are dark moments of grappling with the sheer prospect of how much time and effort a model, team, warband, or army, will take to paint. During the gap after painting the first half of this warband, I found myself genuinely excited about painting the second half for one simple reason: IT WAS SO DAMN FAST. I am quite certain that practice with the Contrast line, both in refining application techniques and simply learning the colour range better, can produce amazing results with ridiculously little effort. I don't think they'll ever replace what is needed to produce truly stunning models that win competitions, but they sure make it a viable prospect to field painted gangs/teams/whatever for the ever-increasing number of GW skirmish games that keep coming out. Step 5 - To Battle! I finally got these adorable little monsters onto the tabletop for my very first game of Warcry and all I can say is, what a blast! Warcry is a very fast and very brutal game that is easy to learn and very fun to play. I played against @scottshoemaker and it was the first game for both of us. We managed to setup, skim the rules, and get through the first turn in about 30 minutes. The next two turns were only a few minutes each as we got a feel for it. We had been told, and quickly learned, that a Warcry game is generally over by Turn 3. We could have stopped then, but we kept the carnage going for another 3 turns until one side had been completely wiped out. Note that we didn't even bother with a Scenario (and thus Objectives) or a Twist. Those are sure to inject even more mayhem and fun into an already thrilling game. (in case you can't tell, I'm looking forward to playing more Warcry and encourage you to try it out!) The Team Photo - the whole collection I painted up, posing in the ruins of a wizard's tower, who they surely ate, along with the tower. The warband for the game. Turns out Squigs (and Hoppers) are awesome so they cost a lot of points. That meant I could only take a few of them out to dinner for the first game. My selection was a Loon Boss (Skarsnik), 2 Hoppers, 2 Squigs, and 3 Herders. Turn 1 - Warcry plays very (very, very) fast! We got stuck in right away with Scott's Iron Golems equally fired up to throw blows. Note we were using the wrong counters for Activated and Waiting (we didn't even know what Waiting was). Any attack roll of a 6 is a Critical hit and generally does double damage. My Squigs were feeling the thrill of their first battle and rolled A LOT of Crits. (sorry not sorry, Scott) Hoppers have a move of 10(!) and the Loonie warband has an ability to give bonus moves, resulting in 20" flying leaps! --AND--- the Hoppers can land beside (aka, on) an enemy model and squish them while they're at it. The Iron Golem Ogre charged into the center melee, but even his 30 Wounds couldn't hold up to the slavering jaws of hungry Squigs rolling Criticals like it was Christmas. NOM NOM NOM! After Turn 3, it was a meat grinder as the Iron Golems staged an effective comeback and took out the wounded Hoppers. By Turn 6 there was only a single Squig and its hapless Herders against the ultra-powerful leader of the Golems. But the dice came through one last time, and the Squig opened its huge mouth extra-wide, swallowing the leader, his crunchy armour, and his fancy hammer of death. YUM! Step 6 - Final Thoughts Because there ended up being a couple weeks between finishing painting the warband and fielding them on the table, it gave me a chance to set them aside and "forget" how they looked, letting the afterglow of completing the painting project fade. Therefore, it was very pleasing to unpack them and realize just how good they looked on the table alongside all the painted terrain and Scott's awesome Iron Golems (he also used Contrast and metals). The bright, vivid colors lit up the table, and, as all hobbyists know, playing with painted minis is not only good luck, but makes any GW game 100% more satisfying. If I had any lingering doubts about using Contrast paints, they were firmly erased by playing a game with fully painted minis. My Arbitrary Ratings: Contrast Paints - 6 out of 6 Squigs - fast, effective, and great results Warcry - 4 out of 4 Bludgeons - simple, quick rules, and the thrill of tense combat in about 45 minutes Squigs - 37 out of 37 Fangs - so many teef, so much chomping!
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    Fantastic! I just finished the driver for my Exorcist last night, and the Canoness is getting close!
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    WE DID IT! OFCC 2019 COMPLETE!! Well, what can we say? Did we all have a great time? Did we all get 5 great games? Did we all make new friends, enemies, or even frienemies (half friend, half enemy)? I certainly did! I would like for all of you take this time while basking in the afterglow of gaming glory to reach out and say "THANK YOU" to the following people who worked very hard to make all of OFCC a reality. @Blustorm - Club Treasurer and Historian, this guy rocks it! Not only did he successfully run the very first OFCC boardgame event (M-A-R-S), he was on hand to ringer for Ordo Bowl AND was available to pack up all the terrain used for the entire event. @ninefinger - Club Consul and all round dreamboat, his calm demeanor and stellar attitude kept all of us in a good place all weekend. He frequently manned the admin table and handled many issues that always come up at the last minute. @evil_bryan - All of us can only hope to look so good at 50! THE guy running the 40K event this year. All I heard was good things from the 40K players. From the missions to the event pins and trophies to the completely 3D printed 6x4 table, we are always happy to see his work appreciated. @Weav - I have to really give it to him. He runs one helluva event. Huge turn outs. Lots of fun. I never could imagine Blood Bowl could be so popular until I met him. @Burk - Crushed in with the very first Ordo BRAFT at OFCC. Everyone needs to buy this guy a diet coke whenever they see him. He stores and transports all the table toppers that pretty much every game system is played on except Blood Bowl, yet he only plays Blood Bowl. THAT is some gamer love right there. @Raindog - Pub Quiz Maestro and Pro-Consul, this guy orangized the Fluger Bag Raffle that raised over $500 dollars for our dear friend. This guy always helps with everything from table setup and to tear down. @Exile - So, when everyone got home did they look inside their swag bag? Did you find one of the most awesome giveaways possible in the form of a OFCC 2019 velcro-backed patch? If you think it is as awesome as I do, please tell this guy. He also orchestrated the entire weekend of Infinity events. @peter.cosgrove - TO for the 40K ITC Open, he ran one of the most casual and relaxed ITC events I have ever seen. He also put in hard work to make enough terrain for three full tables. And then we went on to lead a 40K team through the events of the weekend. @ROGRE - The strong and silent type, this guy helps out where ever he is needed. Admin table, disciplinary committee, and all round great Mars player, we want this guy there every year. @Jay - This year he really got to shine as the creator and designer of the OFCC 2019 logo. @Dark Trainer Our secret weapon for merchandise and sponsorship. This guy arranges to have the shirts and pint glasses made. He solicits stores and companies for the prize support used for the raffle and giveaways. Then he went on to captain an entire team of OFCC newbies! @Bosco - our newest member of the Senate, he took his hazing with a smile and is still showing up the club. Good on ya! This list is by no means extensive. There are so many other responsibilities and duties that need attention and are not mentioned here. OFCC is never just one person. It is the entire club, its members, and its spirit. For the Good of the Order!
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    The infection is spreading

    So, at this point, It looks like we might be bringing Team D, as well as two or maybe THREE more Ohio teams to OFCC. Our unrelenting lobbying and bullying is paying off!
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    2019 OFCC Date Announcement

    The date for the 2019 OFCC will be August 16th - 18th We are returning to the Hilton Vancouver for another year! Expect additional event details in future posts.
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    Brick Bungalow

    Why my models aren't painted.

    I've been working on this mural for our game room at the shop. It's probably a little over halfway. About 15'x25' Top portion is missing from photo.
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    Thank you to all for the feedback and assistance in making sure this event goes off smoothly and everyone has a great time. If you have your team all set up please send me a PM here, on FB or via email at Jarredh@gmail.com. I will add your team name to the roster. You will still need to buy tickets, this is just to get an idea of who is bringing a team. Also let me know if you are in need of a player for your team, I will add that info next to your team name. Last thing, please consider booking a hotel room for the weekend. We are all hoping the COVID19 situation is resolved by July so if you have the financial means please consider booking it early. Info on that will be announced shortly if its not up already. Official announcements: This is the ONLY place I will post official announcements, rules updates, missions and other things useful for playing in the Team Tournament. I will copy and paste some things to FB with a link back to here. 4-11-2020 Teams will be made up of 4 players per team No faction restrictions will be set for teams Terrain specifics will include several adaptations borrowed from the LVO (and other events) where I have seen them work really well. These will be outlined in the tournament packet but basically will include...No line of sight through the 1st floor of ruined buildings, If it sits it fits for flyers, use of enclosed ruins terrain on some tables, cargo containers and hills will count as "hills" for purposes of cover and charging, and using wobbly model rule to help with assaulting models inside ruins. These adaptations are widely used in casual play and tournaments to make the terrain we all have already be playable in 8th edition. New codex releases, rules updates and faction changes from GW will be used for anything which is released by GW, on or before July 11th 2020 OFCC Team Tournament is back again! 5 rounds, 3 rounds on July 25th and 2 final rounds on July 26th 2020. 4 person teams, all new missions (with some historic elements still included). For those who do not know me, my name is Jarred and I live in Troutdale, OR. I have played in two OFCC tournaments (one in 1998ish and one in 2019) which I have enjoyed very much. I am honored to have been chosen to be HoG for this event. What is the same? Same amazing location Same terrific friends Many of the same sponsors and great prize support Same focus on "Fun games for all" Still 4 person teams Same 1st round "Grudge Match" parings by request Whats new? ***New stuff is being edited and will be announced by 4/13/20.*** New terrain setups for each table section New terrain rules (some borrowed from the ITC) New strategic parings for teams New friends to be made Get your teams together and signed up early for some great bonuses and extra prizes! Please note: Signup instructions, missions, team rules and all other tournament info will be coming shortly.
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    New Gamer Alert

    Dear gaming friends of 1.5 decades, I'm happy to announce the inbound arrival of a new gamer Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! https://photos.app.goo.gl/hEvyP3NkqLVbnCUA9 Link to video and pictures with our announcement God bless, please enjoy! Becky is currently 15 weeks and we find out gender in 5 weeks. Due July 16, 2020
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    2019 OFCC 40K Event Scores

    Well, I was able to get a few days rest until someone pinged me for results. 🙂 @Manethak Okay, let's start at the top with Best Overall: Next, we go to Best Sports: On to Best Painted: Finally, we have Best Spirit: If we had an award for Best General (which we no longer have), it would look like this:
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    Now Thanks for our Heads of Gaming: These folks stepped up to the gaming table and said "I will show them the way." They put themselves out there to provide quality events for all our attendees. They worked hard on developing the event packets and missions. They solicited for prize support. They worked with Ordo Fanaticus to make sure all aspects of the hobby were accounted for and that sportsmanship was held to a higher standard than most other events. Please join me in saying "THANK YOU" for all the work they did. Warhammer 40K - Team Event - @evil_bryan Ordo Bowl III: All Araby Derby - @Weav The 9th Age Fantasy Battles - @TheBeninator @Andrewgeddon Warhammer Age of Sigmar ITC Grand Tournament - @Threejacks @deadwing34 @KJTW Infinity Two-Day Challenge: ITS Tournament and Sunday Showdown - @Exile Warhammer 40K ITC Open Tournament - @peter.cosgrove So You Think You Can Terraform Mars - @Blustorm Ordo Crush 2019: Blood Bowl Braft - @Burk ACAA Crush Combine - @Weav 2019 Bazaar Bash - Street Bowl Tournament - @Weav Nagashizzar Nights - Blood Bowl 7's Tournament - @Weav Speed PAINTING TOURNAMENT! - @pretre Infinity Friday Arena Rumble: TAG Arena Deathmatch - @Exile
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    Mindtaker Miniatures is a proud sponsor of OFCC and will have tables at the event for all three days. We will have our full stock with us for you to shop between events. This would also be a perfect opportunity to drop off a consignment or have us take a look at a lot that you have been thinking of liquidating while you're here. We can also give you a free estimated appraisal while you're at the event to give you an idea of what your items are worth and how much you could potentially make. In addition to our stock, we plan to have a table for last minute painting/miniature repair with paints, brushes and modelling tools available to anyone who needs it. We at Mindtaker know that everyone got their painting done well in advance of the event, but just in case, we'll be there to help you out for any accidents that happened.
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    Did someone ask for dudemans? Really? Are you sure you didn't ask for them? Well, since you're already here, have some dudemans.
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    Brother Glacius

    Start my new job today

    Yup, after too many months of searching, I finally landed a job. All signs point to a good company and a good fit for me personally. I truly hope that I do not have to go through that hell ever again. Best part is, I get to keep all my toys
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    Hear Ye, Hear Ye!! Ordo Fanaticus is proud to announce the official dates for the 2018 Ordo Fanaticus Club Challenge! The weekend of August 24-26, we return to the Hilton Vancouver's 14,000 sq ft of gaming space to celebrate all of you who make this community great. Mark your calendar. Tell your spouses that their anniversary/birthday/childbirth will just have to wait for another weekend because you will be busy gaming with the best of the Pacific Northwest! Please keep an eye out for upcoming Head of Gaming (HoG) solicitations and further details as early as our next Senate meeting, October 28th at 1PM. If you have any questions or concerns, please send a PM to our newly appointed Gaming Czar, @DisruptiveConduct; You can also reach out to @ninefinger, @evil_bryan, or @Raindog. This year is going to be another fantastic gaming event. YOU make it so every year. We hope to have you there to make it even better than before! For the Good of the Order
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    Finished up last night just in time for bday party today.
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    Muh' Zug

    Hey doc, will please take a look at my Zug? It's got blood on it...?
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    New 40k edition

    Got my first game in today. PL100, my CSM vs. Nato Sicarius's Necrons. It was the most fun I've had playing 40K in months. Leaving aside one Game back in February, the most fun I've had playing 40K since last OFCC. The game took about as long as a game of similar size in the same circumstances would have taken us in 7th, but this was our very first game with this rules set, vs. a couple of years' experience with 7th. I boxed my Land Raider in and wasted way too many Lascannon shots on his Ghost Arks (Quantum Shielding is amazing. Makes a huge difference in how you want to take those Vehicles down. Great Rule.), plus ran my Bikes out too far unsupported, so I got kind of picked apart, and he had the board solidly locked down at the end of the Game. But I never felt like I was outclassed by his List the way I often have in 6th-7th.I made some screwups, and I had an inefficient list because there were so many things I wanted to try out. But still. I took a list with a Squad of Chaos Terminators in a Land Raider, a Sorcerer on foot, and a Terminator Chaos Lord, and did alright with it when I didn't make mistakes. I can't remember the last time I could say that.
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    My brother is out of the ICU, so that is good news.
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    Okay, time for a massive update! First, I did print a ton of barrels for scatter terrain Next, I decided this table would be more manageable as a whole if I built six 2x2 tiles. So I began the process of assembling and arranging everything printed to date. Here is Tile #1 (each tile has two images): Here is Tile #2: Tile #3: Tile #4 Tile #5: The final tile is still in process (I am reworking the pipe tile), but here is a shot of the everything done to date. FYI - Pete is in the shot for scale purposes only, I did not print him. 🙂
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    New Guy

    Hi everyone, I'm new with the Ohio group. I figured I would post some of my first models.
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    Your 2018-2019 Ordo Fanaticus Senate!

    Once a year, your favorite group of local wargaming organizers gather at Bohemian Grove to elect the next year's Ordo Fanaticus senate. After many rounds of combat and games of strength, a group of strong-willed individuals have come together to facilitate, organize, administrate and promote wargaming in the Pacific Northwest, under the proud banner of Ordo Fanaticus. You, the wargamer, are the most important part of this fine community. As a result, please leverage the senate to help support your endeavors, be it a new league, a pick up game, or even to assist in running events. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the 2018-2019 Ordo Fanticus senate. Your humble servants are: Consul: @ninefinger Jeffrey Pro-Consul: @evil_bryan Bryan Campaign Czar: @DisruptiveConduct Khan Treasurer: @Blustorm Nathaniel Chaplain: @Weav Weav (Jason) Fabricator General: @Burk Burk (Mark) Senator: @Raindog Eric Senator: @Exile Pete Senator: @peter.cosgrove Pete Senator: @Jay Jay Senator: @ROGRE Jason Senator: @Dark Trainer Matt Senator: @Bosco Jesse The Ordo Senate is very excited for the upcoming year, including the 2019 OFCC and more. Want to get involved? Join us for our next senate meeting on 11/3/2018. Senate meetings are public, and we encourage non-Senators to attend and participate. Please, stop by the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse on Sunday or Tuesday Game nights; click here for more - What is WoW? Hope to see you there! FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Jason Weaver - Weav Ordo Fananticus Chaplain
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    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    Skkipper: leans over toward my table "All I want is nine inches" Me: "doesn't every man". Skkipper: rolls dice, leans over again "reality hit its only 5 inches"
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    Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Don't call it a come back - I've started Eldar again and this time no watery paint jobs. Kit bashed together a maiden-world Aeldari force with different bugs I could find instead of dinosaurs. Most are still WIP, hope you enjoy!
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    New hobby work area

    Finally getting around to setting up my new hobby work space. Still waiting on my third paint rack and currently building a second work bench to give me more space so it's still very much a WIP but here's a picture of it in its current state.
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    Before I start, I just want to mention that I've ran this buy a moderator prior to posting in order to make sure I wasn't breaking any community rules: I am the Assistant Director for The Dalles-Wasco County Public Library, and we have a ton of exciting stuff going on at the moment. We just opened our new Teen Space which has a Steam Punk interior, and our Teen Librarian won Oregon Librarian of the Year. I was brought on recently to help their technology and am running their Maker Lab. I also was given permission to start using Tabletop Gaming as a STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) education tool and have started a Tabletop Gaming club using the Games Workshop Universe (for now). At the end of our fiscal year we were able to buy the 8th Edition reference books, the Shadow Wars rule book, and some Sigmar Books, as well as the Dark Imperium Boxed Set. (Of which, all of the books are in an open circulation throughout the Oregon Sage Library system, so if any of you members want to check out one of our rule books on "library loan" go to your local Sage Library and place a hold. The hope is you can check out an index book to play with rules and army lists before comitting).I am currently looking around to see if anyone out there would be willing to donate terrain, models, or other items that the kidsin our club could use? As you know we work with a mostly poor demographic where most children, over 88%, qualify for free or reduced lunches. We are looking at using the Library as a way to plug some of the holes in the education system here, and our gaming club is turning out to be a good way for us to start focusing on basic math, art, english, and engineering skills. Since wargaming usually has such a high price point for people to get into, we are trying to build an infrastructure that allows for interested kids in the community to participate in a hobby that is typically out of their reach. Any and every donation will help us create a dynamic club where the kids can experience the totality of what the hobby has to offer, and hopefully this will inspire them to experiment with other programing and educational opportunities offered in our library. Since I'm also working on other elements of library, I'm also looking to see if there are any professional miniature painters in the area that may be willing to donate a table top paint job onto our Dark Imperium set? I know this is a huge request, and a total shot in the dark but I figured I would ask. I know this is a far fetched request but the momentum and energy we have at the library is really exciting and we are making huge inroads with the youth here and this gaming club has real promise. Any and every donation no matter how small can be treated as a tax deduction, and we are able to provide a receipt for all donations.Thank you for your time, if you do want to help us with anything feel free to pm me, and if you would like to speak with me personally by phone or email send me a PM and I will provide you with my contact information. Game on everyone!
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    Thanks for OFCC 2017

    Hey all, I just want to say thanks for the great time at OFCC this year, this was my first year there as a player and it definitely met my expectations. Some great games and memories to carry on till the next one.
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    As I said I went looking at the example lists when I got home. The Windrider thing is exactly what I needed to see. The Dark Eldar one did me no good in understanding it but I got ahold of my book after work and saw the Windryder. So it is as you say. I am glad it works this way.
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    Ordo Fanaticus Upgrade

    Hi Ordos, Over the weekend we upgraded the forums to the latest and grooviest version of our hosting platform. As you can see, the forums have changed a bit, with some new features and some deprecation of old stuff that wasn't used. There are some background tasks still running on the server, so there may be a bit of slowness from the site as it continues to metamorphosis into the beautiful new butterfly it is destined to become. Thanks for your patience over the weekend, and over the next week or so as we continue to sweep up dust, patch walls, and brush on some fresh paint. There's more exciting things to come, and we hope you enjoy all the new shininess!
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    Wow, this is awesome stuff....I just found this...can I offer up my dudes I finished last night? Cuz here they are...
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    Once a year, your favorite group of local wargaming organizers gather at Bohemian Grove to elect the next year's Ordo Fanaticus senate. After many rounds of combat and games of strength, a group of strong-willed individuals have come together to facilitate, organize, administrate and promote wargaming in the Pacific Northwest, under the proud banner of Ordo Fanaticus. You, the wargamer, are the most important part of this fine community. As a result, please leverage the senate to help support your endeavors, be it a new league, a pick up game, or even to assist in running events. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the 2019-2020 Ordo Fanticus senate. Your humble servants are: Consul: @ninefinger Jeffrey Pro-Consul: @Burk Burk Campaign Czar: @DisruptiveConduct Khan Treasurer: @Blustorm Nathaniel Chaplain: @Weav Weav (Jason) Fabricator General: @Exile Pete Senator: @scotthartman Scott Senator: @RobynMM Robyn Senator: @peter.cosgrove Pete Senator: @Jay Jay Senator: @ROGRE Jason Senator: @Inquisitor66 Tyler Senator: @Bosco Jesse Senator: @Josiah Josiah Senator: @evil_bryan Bryan Senator: @Dark Trainer Matt Senator: @Raindog Eric The Ordo Senate is very excited for the upcoming year, including the 2020 OFCC and more. Want to get involved? Join us for our next senate meeting on 11/16/2019. Senate meetings are public, and we encourage non-Senators to attend and participate. Please, stop by the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse on Sunday or Tuesday Game nights; click here for more - What is WoW? Hope to see you there! FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Jason Weaver - Weav Ordo Fananticus Chaplain
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    Okay, now that I have an appropriate click bait title for what can be an emotionally charged issue I can get started. 🙂 After answering this question for one of the captains, I thought it would be useful to post my position so others had the opportunity to judge me harshly. 🙂 Not having list rating in this year's 40K OFCC reflects my personal opinion on it not being worth the effort it takes. I have a few issues with list rating that I am happy to share to better frame my decision not to have it. List rating requires early list submission, which historically has been a challenge for many teams List rating is terribly subjective, and the only way to minimize that is to have lots of raters reviewing the same lists to come to an average score List rating is very time intensive, which is multiplied as you have more the one person rating the same lists List rating requires an encyclopedic knowledge of all of the various 40K armies, rules, and unit interactions Finally, list rating causes drama because regardless of how hard you try there will be folks who are unhappy with their rating My alternative to list rating is reward versus restriction. With achievements like Old School and No Surprises, I want to encourage people to build friendlier lists and openly share them with the community (who can provide feedback as needed.) Also, tools like Challenge matches and the Captain's forum can also be leveraged to further enhance the team/player experience. It is not a perfect system and still needs work, but I believe it is the better way to go. Now that I have said my piece, let the judging and feedback commence!
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    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    During my second game, we overheard Blood Bowl calling “Dice Down”. We stopped playing 40k, and after cleaning up the table realized we had another hour for the game. Finished it by having a beer with my opponent in the bar.
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    Don't call it a comeback!

    Just an FYI that I'm emerging from classes and work and finally will have free time to play and talk about 40k. I'm going to be trying to revive WarPorch in the near future as well.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    A Grassy Wastes Table Build

    Finally, a freaking update. I'm backing off the Chaos theme for now and going more generic. As such I built a big hill. It's split so it can be a bit more flexible, plus each half can fit in a 12 gallon tote. Rough foam form on beveled MDF Chipped slate fit into place with foam cutouts Foam shaping done with a wire wheel, sanding block and orbital sander Detail on the split. I tried to get the smooth slate edges to line up. I'll fill them later.
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    Guard color scheme

    WIP thoughts on the color scheme? Too bright? Just right?
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    Space Wolf Sicaran

    I finally had a chance to finish a long term project of mine and wanted to share. In mid 2016 I was able to pick up a Forge World Sicaran Battle Tank. A year and a half later it finally joins its brothers :) Hope you enjoy.
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    So I've done some learning over the years and the best glue joint is the thinnest super glue layer you can get. I know thin is a real pita (pain in the ass) and far more likely to get your fingers than the model but I'm here to tell you about a nifty tool. For awhile now I've been using a small puddle of glue in a paint well and wax paper to transfer it to the joint. Worked but was still tedious. I backed these things called glue loopers and they arrived this week. Changed my glueing life, think of them as detail brushes for glue, thin glue like the water (They do have thick versions as well but that stuff wasn't as tricky). Just have a lighter handy like it says in the instructions and use it regularly. Such amazing results just had to share for any one using water viscosity glues. http://www.creativedynamicllc.com/the-glue-looper.html
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    Brother Glacius

    Random Photo Thread

    Recent artwork by my daughter.
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    Congrats, Jim Graham and Dark Curios!

    We just got the word in that Jim's board game Dark Curios made the finals at the Kublacon convention in San Francisco this weekend. Playtesters will rate it over the course of three days and we'll find out on Monday whether it placed 5th-2nd! Good luck, Jim! *winkyface* My game, Kingmaker, made the finals as well.
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    This is going directly on my fridge. Then I'm gonna call my mom and tell her how stupid she is for ever doubting me. Then I'm gonna be too cool for everyone and I'll lose all my friends. Then I'll get heavy into coke and when people confront me about it, I'll turn it around on them because they don't know the pressure and responsibility of getting an A+ from Yarb. And then I'll die in the streets, after briefly living in the box that refrigerator came in. I'll breathe my last, clutching that A+ to my chest. So I guess what I'm really trying to say is thank you. Things are looking better from here on out!
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    With 6 weeks to go until OFCC, I wanted to share with everyone how appearance will be scored. To keep the process manageable, we will be evaluating 5 categories. In each one, you will receive a score of 0, 1, or 2 0 = Does not meet criteria 1 = Meets criteria 2 = Exceeds criteria The five categories are: Basing - textured/painted/flocked/resin/etc. Painting - represents the three-color minimum Depth - extra care for shading and highlighting Detail - modeling, conversions, putty work, etc... WOW Factor - this is a great representation of a 40K army At OFCC, we should never see a score below a 2 since everyone must meet a minimum basing and painting requirement. As simple as this is, it is still a subjective measure. In an effort to minimize that, I will list out a guide that will dictate how those scores will be quantified. Basing 0 - Bare plastic or resin, void of paint or basing material 1 - Paint or basing material applied 2 - Multiple colors, a variety of material, the bases demonstrate a level of care and effort Painting 0 - Bare plastic, only primer, less than 3 colors 1 - 3 or more colors, generally referred to as tabletop standard 2 - A variety of colors, shades, and tones setting the model apart from the standard Depth 0 - No effort made to illustrate depth of the model's details 1 - Drybrushing, washing, edge highlighting to varying degrees 2 - Blending, smooth transitions, skillful application of the techniques listed at level 1 Detail 0 - Model is built as designed with no variation 1 - Some conversion work, purposeful construction to demonstrate variety, scratch building, minor sculpting 2 - Heavy conversion, extensive scratch building and/or sculpting, clearly a unique representation of the army WOW Factor 0 - A tabletop army that does not go far enough to stand out from the crowd 1 - A unified and cohesive army, can definitely stand out as a excellent example of the army represented 2 - A true showcase army, representing the highest level of skill and technique of our hobby I hope this provides a measure of clarity about the process. Please let it serve as a guide as you finish your OFCC armies and fuel your excitement to play! :)
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    SW Terrain project

    Terrain project I'm working on, excited to get to use this with the league ??
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    Random Photo Thread

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