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    2019 OFCC Date Announcement

    The date for the 2019 OFCC will be August 16th - 18th We are returning to the Hilton Vancouver for another year! Expect additional event details in future posts.
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    Mindtaker Miniatures is a proud sponsor of OFCC and will have tables at the event for all three days. We will have our full stock with us for you to shop between events. This would also be a perfect opportunity to drop off a consignment or have us take a look at a lot that you have been thinking of liquidating while you're here. We can also give you a free estimated appraisal while you're at the event to give you an idea of what your items are worth and how much you could potentially make. In addition to our stock, we plan to have a table for last minute painting/miniature repair with paints, brushes and modelling tools available to anyone who needs it. We at Mindtaker know that everyone got their painting done well in advance of the event, but just in case, we'll be there to help you out for any accidents that happened.
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    New hobby work area

    Finally getting around to setting up my new hobby work space. Still waiting on my third paint rack and currently building a second work bench to give me more space so it's still very much a WIP but here's a picture of it in its current state.
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    Thanks for OFCC 2017

    Hey all, I just want to say thanks for the great time at OFCC this year, this was my first year there as a player and it definitely met my expectations. Some great games and memories to carry on till the next one.
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    Lord Hanaur

    Fundraiser for Fluger

    Wow, OK... That's pretty heavy. I'll run a fund raising tournament. Starting on that now.
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    In the grand world of the game, there are many ways to play and many places to play. Some people prefer the garage with their good friends. Some like to push the limit of the rules to face stomp their opponents. At Ordo, we like sportsmanship and hobbists. We don't mind losing, but we want it to be a fun game at the hands of an opponent we would gladly play again. We want community builders, not hobby killers. If our style is not yours, go create your own community. We've spent almost 18 years making this one. When you have run over a decade of 40 man tournaments, let us know what works for you.
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    Space Wolf Sicaran

    I finally had a chance to finish a long term project of mine and wanted to share. In mid 2016 I was able to pick up a Forge World Sicaran Battle Tank. A year and a half later it finally joins its brothers :) Hope you enjoy.
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    So I've done some learning over the years and the best glue joint is the thinnest super glue layer you can get. I know thin is a real pita (pain in the ass) and far more likely to get your fingers than the model but I'm here to tell you about a nifty tool. For awhile now I've been using a small puddle of glue in a paint well and wax paper to transfer it to the joint. Worked but was still tedious. I backed these things called glue loopers and they arrived this week. Changed my glueing life, think of them as detail brushes for glue, thin glue like the water (They do have thick versions as well but that stuff wasn't as tricky). Just have a lighter handy like it says in the instructions and use it regularly. Such amazing results just had to share for any one using water viscosity glues. http://www.creativedynamicllc.com/the-glue-looper.html
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    SW Terrain project

    Terrain project I'm working on, excited to get to use this with the league ??
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Your 2019-2020 Ordo Fanaticus Senate!

    Once a year, your favorite group of local wargaming organizers gather at Bohemian Grove to elect the next year's Ordo Fanaticus senate. After many rounds of combat and games of strength, a group of strong-willed individuals have come together to facilitate, organize, administrate and promote wargaming in the Pacific Northwest, under the proud banner of Ordo Fanaticus. You, the wargamer, are the most important part of this fine community. As a result, please leverage the senate to help support your endeavors, be it a new league, a pick up game, or even to assist in running events. Please join me in welcoming and congratulating the 2019-2020 Ordo Fanticus senate. Your humble servants are: Consul: @ninefinger Jeffrey Pro-Consul: @Burk Burk Campaign Czar: @DisruptiveConduct Khan Treasurer: @Blustorm Nathaniel Chaplain: @Weav Weav (Jason) Fabricator General: @Exile Pete Senator: @scotthartman Scott Senator: @RobynMM Robyn Senator: @peter.cosgrove Pete Senator: @Jay Jay Senator: @ROGRE Jason Senator: @Inquisitor66 Tyler Senator: @Bosco Jesse Senator: @Josiah Josiah Senator: @evil_bryan Bryan The Ordo Senate is very excited for the upcoming year, including the 2020 OFCC and more. Want to get involved? Join us for our next senate meeting on 11/16/2019. Senate meetings are public, and we encourage non-Senators to attend and participate. Please, stop by the Ordo Fanaticus clubhouse on Sunday or Tuesday Game nights; click here for more - What is WoW? Hope to see you there! FOR THE GOOD OF THE ORDER Jason Weaver - Weav Ordo Fananticus Chaplain
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    As I complete the 40K missions, I will be posting them here for review and play testing (some of you may remember some of my dodgy scoring mechanics from last year). 🙂 You are open to comment and provide feedback whether you are attending OFCC or not. With that being said, here is the first mission: 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 1 Smoke Screen Description: Pyres and fires and smoke…oh my! Between the smoky battlefield and shifting winds, defeating your opponent may be a challenge. Deployment: Vanguard Strike Special Rules: Place 3 Objective Markers on the diagonal centerline, one in the middle and two 24” from each corner Fires and Smoke: Place two Pyre markers 24” from each short table edge in the center of the table. Each marker leaves a 12” path of smoke blowing in a random direction. Roll a d6 at the beginning of each game turn to determine direction. (Note: Direction is relevant to the player who takes first turn) Right - >> Left - << Towards - vv Away - ^^ Away from each other - <> Towards each other - >< Any ranged attack that crosses a single line of smoke is considered Low Visibility and Hit Roles have a -1 penalty. With two lines of smoke, Hit Roles have a -2 penalty. Primary Scoring: At the end of the game, each objective marker is worth 2 victory points to the player who controls it. A player controls an objective marker if they have more models within 3" than their opponent. Bonus Scoring: If you killed a non-vehicle model while shooting in Low Visibility – 1 Point If you destroyed a vehicle while shooting in Low Visibility – 2 Points 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 2 Fallout Description: It’s time for the annual “gift” exchange on this world. Make sure to leave your “gift” in a place your opponent will be sure to find it. Deployment: Dawn of War Special Rules: Each player will receive a Fallout token to be placed in their opponent’s deployment zone prior to deployment. The token must be placed on the table surface or on the lowest level of a terrain feature. Each token emits radiation for 9” in every direction. For every model that ends its movement phase partially or completely within the radiation bubble, roll a die. On a 4+, that model suffers a mortal wound. Primary Scoring: Every 100 points worth of enemy units destroyed by the end of the game (rounded to the nearest 100) is worth 1 Victory Point. Bonus Scoring: If your Fallout zone killed at least one enemy model – 1 point If your Fallout zone kills at least two of your own models – 2 points 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 3 Maelstrom’s Fate Description: Your mission is unclear. Do you forge ahead with what you think is right, or let fate decide? Deployment: Hammer and Anvil Special Rules: At the start of each player turn, the active player will determine their current objective from the list below. Players can either choose from the list, or roll a d6 and let Fate decide. 1. Advance – None of your unit are in your deployment zone at the end of your turn 2. Behind Enemy Lines – At least one until completely in the enemy deployment zone at the end of your turn 3. Hold the Line – At least three units in your deployment zone and no enemy units in your deployment zone at the end of your turn, cannot be earned on the first turn. 4. Overwhelming Firepower – Destroyed an enemy unit in the shooting phase 5. Blood and Guts – Destroyed an enemy unit in the fight phase 6. Area Denial – No enemy models within 6” of the center of the battlefield at the end of your turn Once an objective has been earned, it is no longer an option. If your Fate roll lands on a completed objective, re-roll the die. If an objective has not be completed at the end of your turn, you have the option of keeping that current objective for your next turn. Primary Scoring: For each chosen objective completed, a player will earn 1 victory point. For each Fate chosen objective completed, a player will earn 2 victory points. Completed Fate chosen objectives carried over for more than one round still count as a Fate chosen objective. Bonus Scoring: Completing 3+ objectives – 1 Point Letting Fate decide every objective – 2 Point 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 4 Blink Description: With the battle raging, you worry the unstable infrastructure will restrict your ability to upload critical data. Your opponent is committed to make sure it does. Deployment: Search and Destroy Special Rules: Upload Transmission Locations: At the beginning of the game, each player places 3 Upload Transmission tokens on the battlefield One person will use tokens numbered 1,3,5 and the other will use 2,4,6 One token must be placed in your deployment zone, your opponent’s deployment zone and in no-man’s land Alternate deployment and roll off to see who places first Power Blink: Roll a d6 at the beginning of each player turn to determine which set of transmission locations are powered (odd or even). Any opponent can use a Command Point re-roll a Power Blink (active player or opponent). The active player can choose to use a Command Point, if they choose not to then the opponent can choose to use one and force the re-roll. Primary Scoring: At the end of the active players turn, they will score 1 point for each powered objective they control. Bonus Scoring: Using a Command Point to re-roll a Power Blink – 1 Point Using a Command Point to re-roll a Power Blink 3+ times – 2 Points 2019 OFCC 40K - Mission 5 Press your Luck Description: Play it safe or risk it all, only you can decide…unless your opponent decides for you! Deployment: Front-line Assault Special Rules: At the beginning of the game, place 5 objective on the battlefield One in the center, and one in the middle of each table quadrant At the end of the active players turn, they can choose to Score or Hold each objective they control If the objective was not previously held, it is worth 1 point If the objective was held for 1 turn, on a 2+ it is worth 3 points If the objective was held for 2 turns, on a 3+ it is worth 7 points If you fail your role when claiming a held objective, it is worth 1 point If you lose control of a held objective prior to scoring it, the previously held turns do not carry over to future scoring Primary Scoring: Tally the total points scored during each game turn Bonus Scoring: If you held 2+ objectives during the game – 1 Point If you stopped your opponent from scoring a held objective: – 2 Points
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    Selling 3D Printed Paint Racks!!!

    Do you have lots of GW paint sitting around crying for organization? Then maybe you need one of these: Here are some feature of this paint solution Each layer holds 12 GW paint pots (newer style) All layers spin independently around the center The modular design allows for customized storage- 36, 48, 60 pots or more! The rack can be disassembled for easy transport and storage Spacers are included in the kit to accommodate various paint pot heights Here is what is included in the 3 Tier system: Here is a shot of spacers added to accommodate wash and contrast paints: How crazy can your solution be? Maybe not 10 Tier, but it has been tested 🙂 What will this cost? The base 3 Tier system (36 pots, perfect for the new Contrast line) is $30 Each additional level added to your rack is +$6 How do you order one? Please send me a PM to arrange your order. Once payment is received via PayPal, delivery will be arranged. Can this be shipped? Although the printed racks are durable, there is no current plan to ship these and will be limited to pickup only Will these be available at OFCC? After fulfilling preorders (which can be delivered at OFCC), I may have some for sale during the event. This is not guaranteed, so if you want to ensure availability then please order one. Do these hold other brands of paint? No, this solution is limited to the current GW paint pot (introduced in 2011) So, let me know if you are interested in my rack. 🙂
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Home Safe

    Team D have all made it home safe and sound! I've seen a thank you thread that mostly seems to be oriented towards 9th Age, so I'm going to just put this here. I want to thank the HoG, the Ordo senators, and everyone who helped make this OFCC possible. It was laid-back, easy going, fun, and an absolute blast. In short, it was completely worth the trip out there and I can't wait to see everyone again next year!
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    The Uprising - Armies on Parade

    I only found out about the Armies on Parade event a couple of months ago, so I sort of had to get the base work in high gear. Ended up going with the Cityscape Genatorium Sector as most of the base with a few extra bits added. While I didn't medal, I did take "Best Painted" - so overall I'm happy! Front view - Iconward hoisting the colors over the Imperial Building loosely inspired by the Soviet flag raising over the Reichstag in 1945 Another view: More at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2019/10/armies-on-parade-uprising.html
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Update time! I decided to print some scatter terrain for the table to make it a little more dynamic.
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    Dark Trainer

    WHOA, that happened at OFCC

    So I figured I'd start a thread about those awesome, shenanigan, memorable, or wild moments. Doesn't have to be about the game either (could just be a funny social situation, etc). Keep it positive, no griping or grumbling. My shenanigan: my game two was an EXCELLENT game against a great opponent. My shenanigan was being tabled turn 4, but placed all 6 of my objective markers too far away from him to get to using veil of darkness to teleport across the board to a corner in his deployment, we let the game run to turn 6 to see if he could make it, game ended before turn 7 and I won, even though I was tabled turn 4. The best part was both of us tried to advocate the other should win (Bryan helped settle rule as per the sheet). We laughed, and had a great time. Tell us your stories!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    2017 OFCC 40K Team Scores

    Teams can only win a single award, and the order in which they are awarded is: Overall > Sports > Painting > Spirit Overall scores were ~50% Sports, ~25% Paint, and ~25% Spirit Note: Crusade Force Bartel and Kill! Maim! Beer! has last minute drops and were only scoring 3 players through the weekend
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    Trader A is Coming to OFCC!

    Greetings gamers! I, Captain A, purveyor of Trader A and Trader A3D am coming to OFCC with all sorts of gaming goodness to sell. FAT Mats - $60 I have some excess new FAT Mats left over. These are brand new and have never been used. 2 Urban Combat 1 Urban Combat 2 2 Industrial 1 Grassy Plains 1 Snowy Plains Trader A Webstore! I'm planning on bringing my entire webstore to OFCC! Search my store, find something you like, pay cash and take 10% off! Trader A 3D Objective Tokens - 3 for $5 I can do plain or with numbers for the following factions: 40k Loyalists: Dark Angels Ultramarines Imperial Fists Blood Angels Salamanders Space Wolves Raven Guard White Scars Iron Hands Black Templars Blood Ravens Astral Claws (pre Badab War) Inquisition Custodes Vindicare Cult Mechanicus Skitarii Chaos: Undivided Chaos Khorne Nurgle Slaanesh Tzeentch Black Legion Alpha Legion Night Lords Word Bearers World Eaters Iron Warriors Red Corsairs Xenos: Eldar Eldar - Harlequin Eldar - Saim Hann Tau Tau - Farsight Tau - Vior'la Tau - Bork'an Tau - Dal'yth Necrons Orks Tyranids Dark Eldar 30k Emperor's Children Iron Warriors Night Lords War Hounds World Eaters Death Guard Thousand Sons Lunar Wolves Sons Of Horus Word Bearers Alpha Legion AOS/40k Wound Dice Counters - $1.50 apiece or 4 for $5 Mix and Match! Turn your dice into wound counters and mostly never fear for them to flop over with these handy dandy wound counter holders! Dice - 75 Cents Apiece What? You don't have dice? I do! I have recently secured a fabulous lot of D4's D8's, D12's D10's, and D20's! I'll also have other random items such as dice blocks all at great prices! If you want to put an order in up front PM me! Thanks!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    New 40k edition

    It's not consolidate into combat, it is just dragging people into combat that are within 3". So that unit of 30 Hgaunts that has 15 guys not touching, they will get 3" to try and drag another unit into combat. And since you are now considered in combat if within 1" of someone, you have 4" to work with. That extra 1" is a big deal, trust me, my wife said so...
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    Genestealer Cult in Progress

    I've been working slowly on a Genestealer Cult army for a while now. Finally have had some time to get to painting. I've based the Genestealer colors on a Tyranid army I'm working on that was a mix of dark green and bone colors, so these aren't going to be in the standard blue and purple... Group shot of the Magus and Neophyte Hybrids: Nearly done Cult Leman Russ tank: Will post additional pix as I get more painted!
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    Hello everyone, I finished up 5 more Mutant Rabble for my Renegades and Heretics army. I now have 112 troopers painted up and 32 unpainted infantry.
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    He's finished. I'm calling him Bobo. He enjoys eating beans and is very happy to slam Xenos with his new door shield.
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    OFCC 2019 40K Pictures!

    Here is a link to the 200+ pictures I took during the 2019 OFCC https://photos.app.goo.gl/2Jv6zp7BYexekaZaA We will see you for OFCC 2020 on July 24-26
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Just Dusldorf things

    Haven't hobbied in a long time but am getting back into it since I found a quality & nearby 40k club in Brooklyn. Right now I'm building/painting/expanding my Vostroyans, which I tend to use as allies for Sisters, Inquisition, Deathwatch, etc. Today was also the first time I magnetized or pinned stuff, and I think it worked out really well: First up was a single ogre that I needed to be able to count as an Ogre Bodyguard (with all possible load-outs) or a counts-as Nork Deddog, depending on the situation. Here is Mr. Potato Ogryn: (Below is my Vostroyan version of Nork...the knife is a halberd from the Bretonnian men-at-arms kit.) (Below is how I'll run this model most of the time: as a hard-to-kill, close-combat-focused ogryn bodyguard.) Next were 10 Tempestus Scions, but I wanted to be able to run them as a command squad with 4 special weapons, or a squad of 10, or two squads of 5...you get the idea. Here they are as two separate squads, one with 2 plasma guns and the other with 2 hot shot volley guns: And here are the sergeants with their magnetized arms (I'm in the process of creating more, with pistol options and other stuff). To create the power mace / command rod, I removed the chainsword and pinned a 3rd-party Sororitas mace on top. Several models also needed new antenna on their armor after I broke them while scraping off mold lines, so I used the same pinning wire to replace those (for example, see the model on the far right in the first picture). Notice that every model has a custom shoulder pad with a V for Vostroya:
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    Is there any way we can get a score on whining? Because then I'll have something I might be able to win. Or maybe just an award for best whiner? But seriously, I don't know how you would get a good set of list raters with this edition of 40K. The immense knowledge of every faction and every strategem....no thank you. Hell, the sheer scope of it kept me from even trying to be a ringer this year. I was afraid my ignorance would cause my opponent to have a bad game. There was a time when there were no teams and no captains, and you needed the list rating in order to match people up. But now that the current system is in place, and the captains are doing their job, it seems its working. And there is nothing wrong with people not liking the OFCC. From the start it was not for everyone. There are plenty of players out there that really wanted it to be a tournament, and kudos to the HOGs and Senators that have kept it an Event. LH has decided it isn't for him. There is nothing wrong with that. Seems to me there were plenty of people there that enjoyed the way it is.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Photo Thread

    Downed Imperial AT-AT tape dispenser (hallmark store)
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    Congrats to @thediceabide and @George for Honorable Mentions in the MayaCast Conversion Contest and Obidiah Hampton for winning the event.
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    So this is all super exciting because In the last few days I have been exposed to a multitude of people who all have jobs that I would love to have. I stayed with someone in Tulsa and he and his roommate were aerospace engineers and their roommate was an analytic computer programmer. They told me about their jobs, gave me corn (which I suspect was only so they could all text me corny jokes as I am on the road, which as turned out to be hilarious). Great guys, gave me great camping suggestions and we watched hockey. So I get on the road from Tulsa headed to St. Louis and a rental car picks me up, turns out this fellow is a contractor who works for the food industry on evaluating if various locations are good for opening up a new location. So today he has let me shadow him all day and is basically teaching me how he dos his job. Its absolutely fascinating and the numbers and analytics are fascinating. I never thought Id end up job shadowing while hitchhiking. On another note I have had a whole slew of folks that have just opened up to me with their life stories. Which is absolutely amazing to hear. I have heard and counseled numerous strangers out of the blue. I really find it delightful to hear people's life stories and help them talk out their problems and troubles. One fellow, was just on his way back to work after proposing to a woman he had never dated. He had known her for years and for the past 3 of those god had been telling him that she was the one he was to marry. So a few months ago he dropped everything and proposed to her, she said yes and they are getting married may 5th. Also I am think about writing a D&D adventure where the party signs on to a ship but the captain keeps changing.
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    Nausicaa-themed Eldar Exodites

    Worked on the wardroth beetle today - it's going to be a grav tank. Either a fire prism, falcon or maybe even another night spinner.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Here come the 'Nids to 8th!

    Friends don't let friends link to BOLS. :)
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    5 things you learned so far 40k 8th

    It's just good sportsmanship to assume that an ambiguously worded rule should be interpreted in the way least advantageous to oneself as possible.
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    If you open in Photoshop and hit 'undo' a second time...
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    New 40k edition

    Oh this is neat!
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    A Grassy Wastes Table Build

    Well, I absolutely ruined the piece. So I junked it and started over. I put more time into the new one before adding snow: This has more color variation. Here's the WIP while snow is being added. I'm using baking soda as the base, laying down matt varish with an airbrush as adhesive. While this method gives me tons of control, it's messy in the house. I'll try using canned varnish outside, masking off areas as I see fit. I'm adding layers of baking soda to get some depth. I have a different product for the figure bases, but I't really too finicky for terrain. It'll prolly take 2-3 layers of enamel matte finish to seal the piece. On the next one I'll add a bit of glow to the temple stone for dramatic effect. I just don't want to junk another build.
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    New 40k edition

    I don't know if it's just me but 8th reads like it's gonna be pretty 'killy' from the instant you start rolling dice. Shiz is gonna get real like Right Now. Makes me happy :)
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    Already built and primed. Grabbed a double handful of bits and it went together like a dream. Was aiming for a high-tech, automated weapon system kind of look. Really happy with how it shook out. Will figure out a color scheme tomorrow when I basecoat. Thinking maybe a pink with graffiti for the armored plates, gold and steel for metals.
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    Welcome to the 2017 OFCC 40K Team Event Players Guide! This post will outline everything you need to know to play in this year's 40K Team event. This is a 2 day, 5 round event on July 29th and July 30th. Although this is a team event, we will allow players who are not affiliated with a team to play as Mercenaries. As you read through this guide, you will notice that this event is not referred to as a tournament. OFCC is about focusing on the experience and not the outcome. There is nothing wrong with wanting to perform well and to celebrate victory, but if that is your sole motivator for playing at OFCC then you may be disappointed. List Building Restrictions: OFCC is about celebrating our hobby, demonstrating good sportsmanship, and playing fun games. Players are encouraged to bring armies that reinforce those values. This event is designed to encourage and reward players who embrace the experience. The army size must be no more than 2,000 points It can include any 40K units from any number of 40K approved Games Workshop or Forgeworld sources Age of Darkness (30K) rules and armies will not be allowed If there is a 30K unit with 40K rules, it can be used with the corresponding 40K rules Team Requirements: A team must contain 4 players One team member must be designated as the Captain Any player not affiliated with a team will be a Mercenary Event Specific Rules: This event will use the Games Workshop 7th Edition 40K rules and the Games Workshop official FAQ documents The 7th edition rules will be used as written with one exception: Untrusted Alliances - Battle Brothers will not be used, so the best interaction between factions in your army will be Allies of Convenience Different Space Marine Chapters are different factions Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus are one faction Inquisitors are exempt from this restriction and follow the normal Battle Brother rules What to Bring: Your painted and based army (see Painting and Basing Requirements) Dice, tape measure, templates A printed copy of your army list A deck of Tactical Objective Cards A good attitude and desire to have fun Painting and Basing Requirements: All models within OFCC armies must be fully painted and based Painting must include 3+ colors Effort must be made to transform or replace the bare plastic base Models that fail to meet the event minimum cannot be used during the event Models, Counts As and WYSIWYG: Games Workshop models are not required for this event Alternate models should reflect the same scale as the Games Workshop equivalent Weapon upgrades and certain model specific wargear should be represented on the equipped model It is impossible to outline all the examples, so here is a good rule to follow If a unit would be impacted by the removal of something equipped to a specific model (banner, special weapon, etc.) then it must be represented Proxies are not allowed in the 40K Team Event A proxy is a placeholder when you don't have an appropriate model to use Counts As armies are allowed during the 40K event with the following guidelines: Effort must be made to represent the model/unit in question Representation must be consistent across the army It is the responsibility of the player who bring a Counts As army to inform their opponent early and often about what is being represented Any specific questions or additional guidance should be directed to the 40K Head of Gaming (evil_bryan) List Rating and Matches: Every list will be rated against each other to determine which lists are more powerful than others List power levels will determine the games you will play Similar power levels will be matched against each other Winning will increase your power level, losing will decrease it Matches will be organized on a player versus player basis, not team versus team Awards: The Team Based Awards available this year will be: Best Painted Best Spirit Marshall Johnson Award (Best Sportsman) Best Overall There will also be Individual Awards available exclusively for Mercenaries: Best Painted Best Sportsman A note about Battle Scores and performance: Although we will not be awarding a Best General, we will be tracking battle scores and using performance to match players during the weekend Battle scores will be used to break ties in all award catagories Mission Types: Each mission will be a variant of the Maelstrom of War missions and require a deck of Tactical Objective Cards. We will be using a similar deck building and scoring mechanic as the Ordo Annihilation events. Each player must assemble a deck of 28 tactical objective cards Choose 28 of the 36 available cards for your deck Do not choose cards that are impossible for your army to score During the game, you can only automatically discard and redraw cards that are impossible to score based on your opponents army (i.e. no Fast Attack units) and NOT your army You can only use a single source for your deck (either the standard deck or ANY army specific deck, it does not need to match the army you are playing) If you do not have a Games Workshop printed deck (or one does not exist), you can custom build one for the event Scoring will occur every game turn and you will compare earned points. If you earned more points that turn: +2 If you earned equal points that turn: +1 If you earned less point that turn: +0 The game end when one (or both) players reach 7 points or when the last turn is completed. Event Scoring by Category: Each team will have the ability to earn points in each scoring category (Paint, Spirit, Sports) before the event AND during the event. The total points scored will determine team's position in each category and contribute to calculating the scores for Best Overall. Pre-Event Scoring: Each player/army that achieves one of the below items will score 1 point per completion. If all players on a team achieve the same item they will receive a bonus point. Painting: Photo Spread - Team post on the Ordo Forums with pictures of each army Early Screening - Display your army Friday evening for paint judging Spirit: Advanced Planning - List submitted for review before 6/1/2017 All In - Ticket purchased before 6/1/2017 Sportsmanship: Going Old School - Single Combined Arms Detachment from a single source with no flyers, super heavies, or gargantuan creatures No surprises - Team post on the Ordo Forums with information about your players and their army lists List Submissions: All army lists should be emailed to OFCC2017@gmail.com Army lists should include all units, wargear, corresponding points cost, and source(s) Make sure to identify yourself and your team within the email Captain's Responsibilities: Team Captains are the true heroes of OFCC, and greatly contribute to what makes this event a success. Team Captains will be asked to: Review the team's army lists and have them submitted on time Remind their team to purchase their event tickets Ensure the team meets OFCC painting and basing minimums Educate new players about the spirit of OFCC Questions: For any questions, please feel free to reach out to me in the following ways: Send a PM through the forums Reach out via Facebook Send an email to OFCC2017@gmail.com Stop by in person at WOW on a Tuesday night We look forward to seeing you in July!
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    AM 2k OFCC Lists

    My plan for anti-aircraft defense at OFCC is as follows: Fill opponent with beer. Hope he knocks them off table.
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    I hung out with him until 1 AM. 1) The infection causing the surgery is probably e.coli. 2) He was able to sit up for an hour. 3) He is not a swollen as he could be. 4) He can talk. 5) He sleep a good portion of the time he was not being attended to by the staff at OHSU, albeit very lightly. 6) The man in the room next to him screams for hours at a time. 7) His room has a cool view of the tram, the ross island bridge, omsi, and the tillikum crossing.
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    New 40k edition

    Holy [big bad swear word]. That means I'll be able to use my Nurgle Daemons and Nurgle Marines in the same army without allies, just like back in the day?This makes me happy. So. Happy.
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