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    Deathcap Junction is a settlement located in the depths of Hive Primus. It is the only place where Necromundan deathcap mushrooms grow in large quantities. Deathcaps are among the most deadly poisons in the galaxy. A single spore will cause nearly instant death, but the victim feels like the agonizing process lasts for millennia. (A few psykers have learned this horrifying secret the hard way.) Two standard years ago, the Corpse Guild outlawed any use of deathcap spores as a poison. The Corpse Guild feeds reconstituted human flesh to the hungry masses, and deathcap poison lingers in dead bodies for a long time. Even worse, human tissue absorbs deathcap spores so completely that they are nearly impossible to trace after a victim dies from seemingly natural causes. And the problem is one of scale: a single polluted body will toxify an entire batch of valuable corpse starch. Put simply, deathcap poison is bad for the Guild’s bottom line. As a result, the Guild lobbied Lord Helmawr for decades until he finally delivered an edict outlawing deathcap poison. Nearly a century ago, House Escher established a monopoly on the trade and cultivation of deathcaps, in keeping with that House’s disturbing fascination with toxins. Until recently, Deathcap Junction was ruled by the Hot Knives, a large and powerful Escher gang. To a woman, the Hot Knives were murderers and drug peddlers, but they were staunchly loyal to the Noble Houses and the Guilds. After the Corpse Guild outlawed deathcap poison, the Hot Knives were quick to wash their blades, and they immediately stopped peddling deathcap spores to wealthy spies and assassins. From that point on, the Hot Knives would only sell deathcap harvests to uphive nobles who often buy the potent spores for medicinal purposes. Deathcap mushrooms are a powerful catalyst in the rejuvenat treatments that keep many spire nobles—including Lord Helmawr himself—alive and healthy for hundreds of years. The process of refining the deathcap spores to make them safe for consumption—a process known as “quickening” by noble apothecaries—is prohibitively expensive for most people living downhive. Recently, the Corpse Guild succeeded in criminalizing the use of deathcap medicine throughout the Underhive. The Guild did this to prevent even the rare wealthy downhiver from polluting the next big yield of corpse starch. The Hot Knives lost vast sums of credits due to the outright ban on deathcap poison and the downhive ban on deathcap medicine. This economic downturn sowed discontent among the ranks of the Hot Knives. Their second-in-command was a charismatic swordswoman named Epitomie. Epitomie believed that House Escher was strong enough to defy the Corpse Guild, and she convinced many of her sisters to join a rebellion against any Hot Knives who remained loyal to the Guilds. Before long, Epitomie found powerful allies among the Narco Lords, a recidivist organization that—until recently—had taken in large profits by selling deathcap medicine on the black market. Epitomie’s rebel faction called themselves the Devil Cats, and they fought a brutal guerilla war against the Hot Knives. The Devil Cats took heavy casualties, but they ultimately won the war, seizing control of the deathcap trade throughout the Junction. Epitomie is deadlier than ever—she took over a dozen brightly colored scalps during the war—but she doesn’t have enough battle-ready soldiers to ward off the many House gangs that come pouring into the Junction everyday, seeking to take advantage of the new power vacuum. She has also heard disturbing news that the Corpse Guild has sent down squads of armored Enforcers to make sure that she pays dearly for defying their sacred laws. "Oh well," Epitomie has been known to say, while drawing her power sword: "I asked for an interesting life, not a long one."
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    I would be down for another match or 2v2 if available. 1500 pts?
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    After a random reschedule (by me) today, I'm ready for a solid Tuesday 40k plan. 2k or teams are both fine.
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    Battlescribe Question

    I didn't see that option when I tried... let me make sure my files are up to date. Thanks!
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    Tuesday 9/17 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    Location: 717 SE Main St. Portland OR 97214 (map) - Around the corner from Kokiyo Teriyaki and up the stairs. Cost to play games is $5 for Ordo Members, $2 for Ordo Warlord Champions, FREE for Emperors! And as always, your first Game Night is FREE! Battle for Deathcap Junction: a Necromunda Campaign - Necromunda is back baby! Get your gang together for a fight like no other in the underhive! I cry, you cry, we all cry for Warcry! Kill Team is here too! Table-top skirmish games played here! Warhammer 40k - Bring your army and Let the Galaxy Burn! Come taste the Gridiron! Blood Bowl will always be here. Just want a piece but not the whole thing? Try Blitz bowl! Games we play: All, with a focus on 40K, board games, Blood Bowl, Necromunda and more. There is sometimes talk of playing Tapestry. Although it is possible to find a pickup game at Game Night, it is much better to prearrange a game before coming down. New players are always welcome, feel free to stop by and check it out.
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    I'll be there, aiming to get my first blood bowl game of the season in early, and then jumping right into some necromunda!
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    Lord Hanaur

    Grey Knight Battle Reports

    Yes. Also good input.
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    Random Thought Thread

    When someone asks you a question, why do you respond?
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    Lord Hanaur

    Grey Knight Battle Reports

    Trying new wrinkles. Im in a little side league and have been testing Assassins and adding a tiny bit o range, as well as the astral aiming dreadnought. But since the goal is to play pure GK, as tough as that is, I've been using what I learned in the league and I did like having the added pop of the HK's and the Dreadnought. If I could, I'd add assassins but of course: no longer part of their codex. New iteration of the list is below. I'm 6-0 with the original build, but I think this is better and gives away secondaries SLIGHTLY less often. ++ Battalion Detachment +5CP (Imperium - Grey Knights) [136 PL, 1,999pts] ++ Brother-Captain Stern [8 PL, 105pts]: Hammerhand Castellan Crowe [7 PL, 80pts]: 2: Hammer of Righteousness, Hammerhand, Warlord Lord Kaldor Draigo [12 PL, 180pts]: Purge Soul, Vortex of Doom Strike Squad [7 PL, 107pts]: Hammerhand . 3x Grey Knight (Halberd) [63pts]: 3x Storm Bolter [6pts] . Grey Knight (Psilencer) [23pts]: Psilencer [4pts] . Grey Knight Justicar [21pts]: Nemesis Force Sword, Storm bolter [2pts] Strike Squad [7 PL, 107pts]: Hammerhand . 3x Grey Knight (Halberd) [63pts]: 3x Storm Bolter [6pts] . Grey Knight (Psilencer) [23pts]: Psilencer [4pts] . Grey Knight Justicar [21pts]: Nemesis Force Sword, Storm bolter [2pts] Strike Squad [7 PL, 107pts]: Gate of Infinity . 3x Grey Knight (Halberd) [63pts]: 3x Storm Bolter [6pts] . Grey Knight (Psilencer) [23pts]: Psilencer [4pts] . Grey Knight Justicar [21pts]: Nemesis Force Sword, Storm bolter [2pts] Dreadnought [8 PL, 137pts]: Astral Aim, Twin lascannon [40pts] . Dreadnought combat weapon w/Storm Bolter [32pts]: Storm bolter [2pts] Purifier Squad [18 PL, 243pts]: Hammerhand . Knight of the Flame [34pts]: Nemesis Daemon Hammer [13pts], Storm Bolter [2pts] . 5x Purifier (Halberd) [105pts]: 5x Storm Bolter [10pts] . 4x Purifier (Psycannon) [104pts]: 4x Psycannon [28pts] Purifier Squad [18 PL, 243pts]: Hammerhand . Knight of the Flame [34pts]: Nemesis Daemon Hammer [13pts], Storm Bolter [2pts] . 5x Purifier (Halberd) [105pts]: 5x Storm Bolter [10pts] . 4x Purifier (Psycannon) [104pts]: 4x Psycannon [28pts] Purifier Squad [18 PL, 243pts]: Hammerhand . Knight of the Flame [34pts]: Nemesis Daemon Hammer [13pts], Storm Bolter [2pts] . 5x Purifier (Halberd) [105pts]: 5x Storm Bolter [10pts] . 4x Purifier (Psycannon) [104pts]: 4x Psycannon [28pts] Purgation Squad [14 PL, 209pts]: Astral Aim . 4x Purgator (Halberd) [84pts]: 4x Storm Bolter [8pts] . 4x Purgator (Psycannon) [104pts]: 4x Psycannon [28pts] . Purgator Justicar [21pts]: Nemesis Force Halberd, Storm bolter [2pts] Rhino [4 PL, 78pts]: Hunter-killer missile [6pts], Storm bolter [2pts] Rhino [4 PL, 80pts]: Hunter-killer missile [6pts], 2x Storm bolter [4pts] Rhino [4 PL, 80pts]: Hunter-killer missile [6pts], 2x Storm bolter [4pts]
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    I will be there for 40k or kill team
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    I'd like to play a 2k game with my ultramariens.
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    I will be there with a gaggle of Death Guard for anyone interested in some 40k and/or Kill Team!
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    An update! So integrating some feedback from people who have had their chance to get hands on them. “Can it be a Table?” And “the angle of the scatter piece bases aren’t aesthetically pleasing.” (thanks jmgraham!) well i am nearly done with table idea and have started rounded edges for the area terrain feature. I had to make a bunch of edge pieces, then, as is typical for this project screw up the tolerances, and fix! Here are table progress shots! Thoughts? table is 30”x24”
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    Super short notice moving

    It's in the parking lot just next to work....
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    Hello! I find myself in possession of quite a few duplicates from this series and am looking to either sell them or trade a couple for Brother Darrago (terminator with banner) I'm far more interested in trading for Brother Darrago as he is the only one I'm missing. If no trade is available, I'm looking to sell each for $10 with the exception of the Brother-Captain. The Brother-Captain is only available as part of a trade for Brother Darrago. Here's a list of the duplicates I have. They are all still in box with cards, and new on sprue. I only opened them to see which they were. Brother-Captain Donato (Combi-melta and Powersword) - x1 Brother Phalleo (Stormbolter and Powerfist) - x3 Brother Dyrael (Stormbolter, Powerfist, and Servoskull) - x1 Brother Eballius (Stormbolter, Powerfist, Cyclone Missile Launcher) - x1 Brother-Sergeant Victornio (Thunderhammer and larger Stormshield) - x1 Brother Aramus (Thunderhammer and smaller Stormshield) - x1 Brother Sanyctus (Lightning Claws) - x2
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    Koyote's Britons & other SAGA Stuff

    Age of Magic Horde Warlord on Beast
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    I have the following deathgaurd stuff I would like to trade for some primaris stuff, let me know what you got I’m open to most anything! Also need a 40k rule book and apace marine codex. Willing to throw in cash as well if you’ve got more stuff and also have some stormcast if you’re into AoS. Thanks! - 1 Death Guard Lord of Contagion - 5 Death Guard Plague Marines - 1 Death Guard Foetid Bloat-drone- 10 Death Guard Poxwalkers
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    I'am sorry if this is already posted somewhere. I couldn't find a "purpose-a-box-split" thread. So wanted to start one here if possible. 1st Split Idea: Vehicle upgrade sprue I want to find a Tau, Eldar, and Guard players to split this with. https://www.games-workshop.com/en-US/Vehicle-Upgrade-Frame-2017 It is the Vehicle upgrade sprue or sometimes called the Vehicle Commander sprue. It has a sets of bits for 5 races. I'm in it for the chaos bit and would like the space marine bit as well for 2/5 the cost of $12.50. So I would kick in $5. Each other person would kick in $2.50 for there Vehicle bits. I would like to do 3 so $7.50 each with me kicking in $15. Everyone gets there command bits for cheap and doesn't have to bother selling the other.. Let me know what you guys think?
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    I'm a new player and just finishing the Ice Storm and beyond Ice Storm sets. I would very much be interested in playing a starters game so I can finally wrap my head around the rules. I stopped by on Labor Day and chatted for a bit, but I had my son with me so I wasn't able to stay to watch a game. I have two forces with a few extra models, anything else I should bring? I should be able to make the Sunday games for the foreseeable future. thanks for starting a few introductory games
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    Random Awesome Mini Photo Thread

    Old model, but I thought this conversion was pretty cool in it's simplicity:
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    RIP: Rutger Hauer

    Rutger Hauer has passed. I loved him in Bladerunner and Lawyhawke.
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