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  1. https://boingboing.net/2020/10/20/acting-student-lisa-gilroy-performed-doctor-evils-monologue-in-class-and-nobody-noticed.html
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  4. In case anyone wanted to know. I am still interested in running more arkham horror in november and beyond, but the next two weeks are busy. Kind of lines up with @ninefinger being out of town, so I will see how things look later on. Might also do a one off non-campaign game (single scenarios designed for it) if people still want to but are unavailable for the first week or so.
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  7. Not sure. Our internet has been out for a week. I'm on a neighbor's wifi now, but it's not a good enough connection for BB. It will hopefully be fixed today or tomorrow, but the chain of ridiculously improbable things that have gone wrong during the repair attempt so far* make me hesitant to try to schedule anything. I'll PM you when I have a solid connection again. *Seriously, the repair guy was on the verge of tears by Friday with frustration at how many things are going wrong.
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  9. follow the blog link.
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