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    9th Age Escalation Campaign

    You can chalk another one up for those dirty knights today! the battle ‘twas fought outside of Le Bastille De Bastarde. Goblin Doom Diver did massive damage to Bens knights all game and lots of fanatic shenanigans occurred to decimate everyone. Took 7 turns for me to rout him fully so major victory to Ben! Cheers for the game buddy.
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    I can make sure we’re open at 2
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    40K Escalation League - 2020 Winter Warzone “The road to OFCC” Welcome everyone! You’ve waited patiently, and here’s the first go at laying down the rules. What: 40k escalation league When: 8 weeks of slaughter! Starting Tuesday March 3rd 2020 and ending Tuesday April 21st 2020. Where: Ordo/WoW, Tuesday's (around 5pm+) and Sunday's (around 3pm+) on normal game nights Geeks and Games, (game night to be determined or in store) Fate & Fury games, (game night to be determined or in store) More stores may participate, keep an eye out. Even home games are allowed (against league players). Perks: There will be a 1750 point ITC style tournament Saturday April 25th 2020 after the league ends hosted at the Ordo clubhouse. Anyone who purchased 2020 Ordo champ dues (Reaver or higher) and played at least 5 weeks/games in the 40k league for credit will get FREE entry to that tournament. More info to come. Who: YOU!!! Why: Because you need to prepare an army, refresh on 40k rules, or just love 40k so much you want to play more often! Also, this would be great preparation if you’re thinking about OFCC in July! Cost: League itself is FREE for everyone. With the exception of game night dues (playing at WoW) or if the store you play at has a fee. Highly recommend renewing your champion status on the Ordo store for 2020. Warlord more than pays for itself for just the 8 league nights alone when playing at WoW. Needed: Bring a copy of your lists each week, gaming equipment (dice, cards, etc), and a good sportsmanlike gaming demeanor. Army Composition: Battleforged lists using matched play, with the goal of escalating a real army for future use (OFCC, tournaments, and other future events). Max detachments: 500 points: 1 detachment 750 to 1250: 2 detachments 1500 to 1750: 3 detachments Armies can include any number of 40k approved Games Workshop, Chapter Approved, or Forgeworld sources Each week will be an increased point value. Week 1 (March 3rd): 500 (doubles recommended) Week 2 (March 10th): 750 (doubles recommended) Week 3 (March 17th): 1000 (doubles optional) Week 4 (March 24th): 1000 (doubles optional) Week 5 (March 31st): 1250 Week 6 (April 7th): 1500 Week 7 (April 14th): 1500 Week 8 (April 21st): 1750 (same point level as tournament on April 25th) You need to have fun with this. Experiment with combinations you’ve never tried, you are not locked into a list or army during this league! This is not a win at all costs league, make sure your opponents enjoy the game too. CLARIFICATIONS: If you use a detachment, you get all the benefits of a detachment including CP's. Some weeks have limits on how many of detachments you can take. Event Specific Rules: Your army is your army. You have your own Warlord. Nominate a CHARACTER. Required keyword. If playing doubles: Your psychic powers can only buff your army. They are allowed to debuff your teammate’s army. For the purposes of the Fight Phase, teammates are considered as one and will need to pick a single unit to Fight first. 6x4 tables with FAQ Tactical Reserves rules in effect. Smaller tables will be used for the lower point levels. League points will be earned in 3 ways: Win/Loss/Draw Newly painted models/units Sportsmanship Painting and Basing Requirements: All models must be WYSIWYG assembled (no proxies). Painted is optional. If counting models toward painting points: Must be minimum 3 colors Effort must be made to transform or replace the bare plastic base Points will be awarded to single models newly (1 point each, max 3) painted OR bonus points if an entire squad is newly painted/finished (5 points). This can be earned weekly. Missions: All missions will be released the Sunday before the week begins on Tuesdays. (i.e. Mission for the first week will be posted March 1st, etc). Earning League Points (earned once each week): Win: 5 points Loss: 1 point Draw: 3 points Newly painted models OR unit Newly painted counts if completed after Feb 1st 2020, in preparation for the league. If painted 2 units in a week, count the other unit next week (yes it can carry over). 1 point per newly painted model, max 3 OR 5 points for newly painted squad, vehicle, or monstrous creature Up to 5 Points for sportsmanship Create a weekly updated thread on the Ordo forums tracking your missions & progress (+1pt) Bring food for your league mates or buy opponent a snack/drink? (+1pt) Did you laugh and grin during the match OR crave a rematch? (+1pt for your opponent) Travel to a different location than you usually play OR play an opponent you have ‘never’ played/met before (+1pt) Bring a new person to the league (+1pt) Awards: Best Overall Awarded by Most total points Prize: A custom forum banner for your Ordo posts showing your awesomeness! Best escalation Awarded by most painting points Prize: Bragging rights Best Sportsmanship Awarded by most sportsmanship points Prize: Bragging rights Stores may offer their players additional prize support on the side as desired. I will be tweaking this as needed so please stay tuned to this page. Ask any questions. Tell me what you think. For the Good of the Order!
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    Your face should be at 2000 points.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Captain Seitz and his crew will be there Sunday! The Tyranids are siegeing a last stand of marines and Tau... would love to show up early? 2
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    Citadel Colour webpage

    Interesting. I read articles for years before I came back to the hobby last year. Didn't have youtube back then and I feel like in the six months since I started watching these videos, I understand painting a TON better. I just couldn't get from print what they were trying to convey.
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    Portland Great Train Show

    Big model train show happening at the Portland Expo Center this weekend. I’ve always found model railroading a good source of tools, techniques, and gadgetry for wargaming terrain and model making. A mere $9.00 gets you in the door... Might be a fun way to kill a cold, rainy weekend. http://trainshow.com/portland/
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    Portland Great Train Show

    Rod Stewart believes it’s cooler to be on the cover of Model Railroader magazine than Rolling Stone.
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    Portland Great Train Show

    That's tempting. If for some reason I wasn't able to do the whole tabletop wargaming thing, I'd be deep in model train nerdery.
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    ATTN: all interested OBBL players! The 2020 OBBL league meeting and Human league draft will be at WOW on 3/14/2020, beginning at 11am. The first order of business is the discussion of Ordo Blood Bowl for the remainder of 2020, including The Human League and Premiership. Have an idea? Want to see some changes? Bring those ideas with you to the meeting. All ideas will be discussed by the coaches, and decided on by the commission that day. Secondly, if you are participating in The Human League, the draft will happen at 1pm on the same day. @Burk @Weav @kb10r @ninefinger @jollyork @Bosco @Ziggens @Zorcon @sbr @Frostitute @savion47 @scotthartman @sfoster @Maxwell Christian @MOONEY @peter.cosgrove @Blustorm @Brick Bungalow @Damien @Dark Trainer @drod @MexicanNinja @Norrad @Ogre Seth @ROGRE @Vraeden Anyone interested in the OBBL is welcome and encouraged to join the meeting.
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