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    The Uprising - Armies on Parade

    I only found out about the Armies on Parade event a couple of months ago, so I sort of had to get the base work in high gear. Ended up going with the Cityscape Genatorium Sector as most of the base with a few extra bits added. While I didn't medal, I did take "Best Painted" - so overall I'm happy! Front view - Iconward hoisting the colors over the Imperial Building loosely inspired by the Soviet flag raising over the Reichstag in 1945 Another view: More at the blog: https://miniordnancerev.blogspot.com/2019/10/armies-on-parade-uprising.html
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    Random Photo Thread

    Worst. ReCaptcha. EVER! On a totally different note:
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    Random Photo Thread

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    This sounds great! Brother Glacius told me about this and I had check it out. I’m in. I have several armies and could field ally or axis if we care about that being balanced. Lately my passion has been minor Axis with Bulgaria. But, I’ve got Finns, Japanese, Russians, US, French, and Norwegians.
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    Shadowrun 6th edition

    I was thinking it might be useful to transfer the Archetypes from the rulebook onto proper character record sheets. That should make it easier to play with them, since all the important math will be done in advance. I've attached the Adept to this post. I'll knock out the rest of them over the next week. The archetypes in the main rulebook are the Physical Adept, Combat Mage, Covert Ops, Decker, Face, Rigger, Street Samurai, Street Shaman, Technomancer, and Weapons Specialist. I think the Combat Mage, as written, is a bit of an odd duck since she's actually a Shaman and not a Hermetic... In fact, none of the archetypes in the rulebook are Hemetics! I think I might make a generic Former Wage Mage and a generic Mystic Adept to round things out. Remake Adept II.pdf
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    Random Photo Thread

    You mean this guy?
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    I've been made an offer for a new job in the Sherwood / Tualatin area. The job is closer to home (only 14 miles) so instead of my current commute to Hillsboro (35 miles). Anyhow, in about 3 weeks I will be very close to Glimpses - and this will probably be my main hobby crack dealer. And I feel like I can get back to going to a regular weekly game night. I play 40k, but have dabbled in Infinity and other games as well. What is the mini game scene like over at Glimpses? 40k meta concerns, other games played beyond Infinity? I would like to give infinity another go before I completely give it up. Over the past couple years my schedule has really kept me from getting into WoW or anywhere else consistently. Anyhow, I am hoping to be a regular over there. -don
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    The official policy is that you must be 18 to to sign the GN sheet, as it is a legal contract. That said, we have allowed 16 and 17 year olds to game at the club, but in practice, we prefer their parents or guardians to either be present at the same time or to at least come check out the club once and then give us their legal sanction.
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    Wha—? A Games Workshop rulebook with ambiguously written rules!? Say it ain’t so, Joe! Say it ain’t so...!
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    Sgt. Rock

    Sunday 10/20 - WE WILL PLAY!

    I am in the clubhouse. I see familiar faces, beautifully painted models, lovingly crafted terrain. I hear the sounds of laughter, of dice rolling, of @Raindog roaring like a fool because someone rolled a crit at just the right time. All is right with the world... ... and then I awaken in my bed. Next to me, a tablet computer with a marketing textbook open on it. The models in the next room, I can hear them mocking me, silently. I shudder, but not against the cold of the room; no, it is the icy chill of a man imprisoned that runs down my spine. I drearily resign myself to the day's classwork, toil unending. Drab. Dark. I weep silently. One day, I promise myself, fists shaking impotently at the sky; one day, I will be free from these bonds of labor, free once again to run wild and free, to roll dice and measure ranges, to laugh and feel joy. Alas, today is not that day. I slump into my chair, and begin my work anew. - "Ordo Gothic" by Jeff Rockwell, 2019. Miss you guys.
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    Random Photo Thread

    This is the gif url: "https://y.yarn.co/28b71f0a-2f06-404d-a766-814b8fd131dd_text_hi.gif" I went to this page, and right clicked on the image and copied image address, which is the address above. Ordo automatically converted it from the URL to the view-able gif. https://getyarn.io/yarn-clip/28b71f0a-2f06-404d-a766-814b8fd131dd/gif
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    Brother Glacius

    Selling two WWII rifles

    Recently got an opportunity to get a rifle I've been wanting for a while, but I need to make some room for it. Selling a 1944 German K98 and a British Lee Enfield. Both are fully functional rifles, non-sporterized (still in historical form). As per Oregon law, we would need to go to a FFL to do a transfer. I'll be posting these up soon on Northwest Firearms forum. PM if interested.
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    Selling two WWII rifles

    Texting a sergeant I work with...
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    Shadowrun 6th edition

    Very useful Excel character sheet: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1HgUQPBL9C4PuZbDv7Kc9F_jvt11hQ25p
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Koyote's Britons & other SAGA Stuff

    Thanks, Ish. Yes, that horse is ridiculously massive. He must have stolen it from Christian Crusader. This model comes from the Victrix Chariot kit sprue. My only modification was replacing the original spear shaft metal rod, which is both thicker and more durable. It will make a terrific druid (Sorcerer) for my AoM Celt Horde warband.
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    Gaslands! This Fall...

    On the roads it was a white-line nightmare... ...but our ratings were great! Tune into Gaslands next time, folks. It’s wholesome fun for your whole mutated cannibal clan family!
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    Weapon Accessories question

    We've never addressed this, but I think it's totally fine to swap that stuff around.
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    How was the Ordo Garage Sale?

    I went back to the facebook page for the sale and saw some good pictures taken during the sale. I would make sure to repost them again ahead of the next sale. Especially far enough in advance to give people enough time to make plans. It wasn't that I didn't know there was a sale, cause it was on the club boards, I just didn't know what to expect from the posts and facebook page. I only have so much free time on the weekend so committing another day to gaming oriented stuff is a challenge. I'm glad I came by and was able to pick up some stuff from the games I'm actively playing. Thanks again for everyone that made the sale happen.
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    Sorry, GN sheet?
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    Shadowrun 6th edition

    Three more Archetype Remakes, this time we get a little technical with the Decker and Rigger; We also get friendly with the Face. Remake Decker.pdf Remake Face.pdf Remake Rigger.pdf
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    Koyote's Britons & other SAGA Stuff

    Perry Brothers has fantastic sculpts, but the quality control seems to be slipping. I don’t have any first-hand knowledge, obviously, but my best guess is that the molds for their metal miniatures are getting older and worn.
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    Sunday 10/20 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    I will be there for some off-week Infinity Introduction league play, we'll choose a random mission from Comlog once we determine players/matchups!
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    Tuesday 10/22 - Ordo Game Night at WOW

    That’s the spirit kid! A dreamer like you is sure to do well in Gaslands and win big money! Big prizes! And a shot at the coveted Grand Prize: an all-expenses paid ticket to Mars! Gaslands every Tuesday night at 18:00 Mars Standard Time!
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    Tempting Kickstarters

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    Crafting junk in my garage

    I wind up doing a lot of random crafting for various weird projects (mostly for my kids school). I’m working on a full scale entry gate for “Wonka chocolate factory” stone pillars with wrought iron archway above. The pillars are painted cardboard (they’re coming along quite nicely I think). I’m struggling with what material to use to create the faux wrought iron archway, the structure will be free standing and needs to have at least 7’ clearance below, span 5’, support lightweight signage, and tolerate elementary school kids. Any ideas?
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    Upcoming tournaments

    Hello, loyal Ordo Blood Bowl players! At the recommendation of @scotthartman, I am pinning a thread for upcoming Blood Bowl tournaments. This way, people will have better exposure to upcoming events, both local and away. Please use this thread to discuss travel, planning and so on. Most of these events are organized and scheduled on Facebook, sonif you’re not a user or in specific groups, you may not have access to see specifics. Please ask for details if you can’t see them. 11/2/2019 Border Brawl - Lynden, WA (NAF sanctioned) 11/9/2019 Tri-Cities November Blood Bowl Tournament - Richland, WA (NAF sanctioning pending) 11/23/2019 Gravy Bowl 3 (Sevens) - Everett, WA (NAF sanctioned) 12/14/2019 Stunly’s Slipperly Slope (2019) (Sevens) - Lake Stevens, WA (NAF sanctioned) 12/28/2019 Western Winter Bowl 2019 - Lake Stevens, WA (NAF sanctioned) TBD West Coast Quake - Mountain View, CA (NAF sanctioning not submitted) 2/22/2020 Three-horn Cup 2020 - The return of D.B. Swooper - Everett, WA (NAF sanctioning not submitted)
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    Shadowrun 6th edition

    I am making a new topic specifically to deal with the campaign
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    I'm likely playing Aussies, but might play US Army if I can't get them finished quickly enough. I have blue dice and will have some olive drab order dice as well in case someone needs to borrow a set.
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    Shadowrun 6th edition

    Your explanation is correct as far as I am aware
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    Shadowrun 6th edition

    Of course, I'm just another player and it's @Inquisitor66 who has the final say as he's our GM. So take my input with a grain of salt, chummer.
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    Brother Glacius

    Selling two WWII rifles

    K98 - barrel and stock match, but others do not. Enfield - There seem to be two matching sets of numbers, I don't know enough about the Enfield to say if this is correct or not or if all numbers should be the same. Stocks are in decent condition considering they are 75 years old. 🙂 Follow the link for pics: https://photos.app.goo.gl/XFsijfLwM4SqK5BB7
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    3d Printer User's Group

    I've been printing stuff for epic ... which the photon has been wonderful for. I also printed items for mini's (different heads or weapons) with no issues on the resin printer. Currently I have a stack of items to detail out my mining rig build - doors, hatches, big dish and a couple logos along with a slew of digging buckets to make a bucket wheel thing. But it would be nice to build some of the less critical items for the build (like tracks for under this behemoth) on a FDM printer with a larger volume and cheaper cost. -d
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    Please feel free to reply to this thread with any comments/concerns, this is a draft of the league rules/format. If you can quote the specific sections outlined below in any comments, all the better. My intent for this league is to serve as a friendly escalation format to introduce a new game system to the Ordo Fanaticus community. I’ve found Bolt Action to be a relatively affordable alternative to 40k with a lightweight rules system and generally familiar game mechanics and saw an opportunity to facilitate game play between potentially interested members. Proposed points schedule by week-of date: Jan 5-Jan 11: 500 points Jan 12-Jan 18: 600 points Jan 19-Jan 25: 700 points Jan 26-Feb 1: 800 points Feb 2-Feb 8: 900 points Feb 9-Feb 15: 1000 points Feb 16-Feb 22: 1000 points Games are not required to be played at the Ordo clubhouse or on Tuesday nights; scheduling for another location or day/night is allowed, but games should be reported to the clubhouse league tracker or posted in the league thread on this forum. Scenarios are to be the basic Battle Scenarios from the main rulebook; the scenario to be played will be announced at the start of each week of play on the forums in the league thread. Players can agree to play another scenario as long as both players are comfortable doing so and agree to do so beforehand so both players can adjust their lists accordingly. Game Scoring will be outlined at the start of each week. Players should declare their prefered faction/nation prior to the start of the league for general reference, but may change platoon lists from week-to-week as they please. Eg. A British Army player could field a Reinforced Platoon from Armies of Great Britain one week and then field a different British Army platoon from another campaign book if desired in another week. Whenever possible, players should also declare their orders dice color to avoid confusion when randomly drawing order dice from a bag to determining activation order during the game. I will try and have some alternative colored sets of dice to be made available for use at the clubhouse in the event that players have matching color of orders dice on a given week. Players are encouraged to play as many different opponents as they can over the course of the league, ideally arranging games in advance via the forums or any other resource they’re comfortable with. There is no restrictions on platoon/theater selector, but all armies should only be built from a single platoon list. Generic Reinforced Platoons from the respective army books are encouraged, but not required. Multiple platoons are not allowed unless a player is unable to field the game points level in a single platoon from their army collection. This is intended to encourage thematic gameplay and avoid the complications of multiple tanks or similar issues seen in competitive lists. Units should be selected from a single source as listed from their army or campaign book where the platoon being used is defined. Universally available units are allowed per their rules which must be made available to all players accordingly. Tank platoons are not allowed. Experimental units or Named characters are not allowed. Players are encouraged to avoid any ‘beardy’ or WAAC lists (Japan bamboo spear hordes, multiple flamethrowers, etc.); the league is intended to be fun and introductory for both new and experienced players. If you’re bringing what you believe to be a strong list, please let your opponent know well in advance if possible to let them try and plan accordingly. The only rule I can think of I want to amend/change for the league concerns artillery crew taking up the entire transport capacity when being towed (p.117 of the compact rule book VEHICLES:TOWING GUNS) and instead have them only consume the capacity equal to their crew count if the vehicle capacity is greater (A US Army 2&½ ton truck towing a 4-crew gun would still be able to fill the remaining 14 (of 18) person capacity per the normal transport rules). IF you are aware of any other rules that defy reason in the standard game, please let me know and I will list them here for feedback. I will potentially have a couple armies available for interested parties to use (I must insist these remain at the Ordo clubhouse if they are available and their use be discussed/approved beforehand) if someone is not yet ready to buy into the game system (estimated $200 for a 1000 point army and all involved rules, etc.).
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    Ordo BB2 League

    Accepted my ticket.
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    Dark Trainer

    Shadowrun 6th edition

    That was fun, thanks for the demo!
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    Kingdoms of Equality-tane

    They were really phoning it in when they came up with the name Chevronny
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    Contaminant Contained - Pax's Chaos Cult

    I’m just gonna leave This here...
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    SAGA New Edition (2018)

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    Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

    I'll be bringing a painted Thousand Sons Army, as well as a Painted Khador army. As well as some other junk that is taking up space.
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Random Video and Gif Thread

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    Salty Monkey

    New Chaos Space Marine Porject

    Im working on my next Chaos and Im thinking Alpha Legion...but I have Chaos Painting A.D.D So I had an idea to paint squads of marines and Chaos marines in their normal colors but just adding the hydra to show their real allegiance. Kind of a chaotic mash of army looks to cause confusion on the battle field... but they would be Alpha Legion (in concept) A Red Corsair terminator example below let me know if you think it works or if it's Crap 🙂
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Ordo Fanaticus Gamer Garage Sale

    My buddy just gave me a huge pile of stuff to unload. I'm going to try and make it down, although not 100% if I'll be able to. Stuff I've got: -Wargaming terrain (DarkOps Iceheim, 2x Tinkerturf kickstarter bundles) -Tons of Necromunda (starter, rules, lots of gangs) -AvP 2nd ed board game -A giant assortment of Game of Thrones LCG cards, lots of stuff still new -plus a ton of other random GW kits: Scions, Chaos Cultists, Dark Elves (Blood Bowl), Blood Warriors, plus other goodies
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    Infernal Zoo Lists

    Ready to go for Zoo!
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    3d Printer User's Group

    Hi new to the forums, but I've been using my Ender 3 for 3-4 months now. I've mostly printed terrain, some tank sized units, and I am still dialing in printing for smaller minis. As to the Ender 3 vs Prusa mk3: They both are capable of great prints, but the Ender 3 needs a little bit more love and tinkering. The Prusa is very reliable, feature rich, and great out of the box. You can certainly upgrade the Ender 3 to do most of what a Prusa can do, and probably at a lower cost, but you'll need to put in some elbow grease to get there. That's not to say the Ender 3 garbage out of the box. I was printing within 2 hours of opening mine.
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    Dark Severance

    3d Printer User's Group

    I run a few hobby as well as commercial grade printers. Started out with a couple hobby printers, then shifted to small scale manufacturing for gaming miniatures. I do small to medium production runs for quite a few companies and Kickstarters, the bulk being 100-1000 miniatures for Kickstarter preview and review kits. For FDM/FFF we use Original Prusa i3 MK2S, CR-10, and 2 MP Select Mini's. DLP we have EnvisionTECs and a Solus. SLA we have a Form 2.
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    D+D Maps

    I have a separate Pinterest group for maps :) I use them lots for star wars - and for d&d
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    Jain Zar model inbound

    $240 is what I've heard.
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