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    2019 OFCC 40K Event Scores

    Well, I was able to get a few days rest until someone pinged me for results. 🙂 @Manethak Okay, let's start at the top with Best Overall: Next, we go to Best Sports: On to Best Painted: Finally, we have Best Spirit: If we had an award for Best General (which we no longer have), it would look like this:
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    And now for the best list of all. By no means is this conclusive. We had many people purchase tickets for other people. This is a list of individuals with confirmed ticket purchases. I do know that we had the largest turn out ever for the most game diverse weekned at an OFCC. All of the folks on this list put their faith in us to provide a great weekend. Their support funded the venue, the terrain, the trophies, the giveways, the favorite opponent pins and many other things. This is in alphabetical order. THANK ALL OF YOU FOR A GREAT OFCC! @7 Mile @AgentP @Alexander Marks @Alzra @Anamadness @Andrew Bierek @Andrewgeddon @Anthony Partridge @apathy ales @Arizenkin @ash @BAMF @Bananaphone @BenKerr @BigFred @BigTal @Brandon @Calvin Blitman @Chappy @Chikin @chris seehafer @Clibhopper @cody quigley @Craeat @Dark Trainer @dataentity @David Bierek @deadwing34 @Devon Butler @Diap2012 @Duneraider @Edosaurus Rex @evil_bryan @Fafnoir @Frowbakk @gareth @Globemaster @Gorgosaurusrex @happycamper @Huffnpuff @IamTheHuman @Jack Ballard @James Kally @Jared Ramm @Jason @Jason Gager @Jesse Bares @Johannes @John Ragsdale @Jonathan Harris @Justin Whitton @KAPcom @Khorne_Red_Jeep @Kiboshed @Kingpin @kyojin @Legionsofodin @leothakilla @Lightdrow @Lion of Flanders @mako71 @Manethak @Martin Lund @Matthew Kangiser @MikhailLenin @Muninn @Muskrat @Mustache Dorn @Nathanvoodoo @Nato Sicarius @necrontyr @Nicholas Branham @ObnoxiousCanary @Otterdraws @pailface @PaladinX @Pecksata @phyfor88 @PourSpelur @PumpkinHead @Pyre Warden @RobKnobCob @Romans832 @Romes @rudra34 @Saint Anthony @scotthartman @Ser Warwick @Sgt. Rock @Sherbert @Skkipper @sorienor @StygianArcanum @Sume @Tallarn Commander @Tamwulf @Tanner Hebert @The_Rat_Catchers @TheBaron @TheBeninator @Threejacks @tiechonortheal @Torg @Torin Costales @valourunbound @Venom @Volknalia @VonRuger @VonVilkee @WestRider @whist@WillWallace85 @Wyattlanger @Xavier319 @xoxtile @Yarbicus @Yorick @zcaust83 @Zelaponeepus
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    WE DID IT! OFCC 2019 COMPLETE!! Well, what can we say? Did we all have a great time? Did we all get 5 great games? Did we all make new friends, enemies, or even frienemies (half friend, half enemy)? I certainly did! I would like for all of you take this time while basking in the afterglow of gaming glory to reach out and say "THANK YOU" to the following people who worked very hard to make all of OFCC a reality. @Blustorm - Club Treasurer and Historian, this guy rocks it! Not only did he successfully run the very first OFCC boardgame event (M-A-R-S), he was on hand to ringer for Ordo Bowl AND was available to pack up all the terrain used for the entire event. @ninefinger - Club Consul and all round dreamboat, his calm demeanor and stellar attitude kept all of us in a good place all weekend. He frequently manned the admin table and handled many issues that always come up at the last minute. @evil_bryan - All of us can only hope to look so good at 50! THE guy running the 40K event this year. All I heard was good things from the 40K players. From the missions to the event pins and trophies to the completely 3D printed 6x4 table, we are always happy to see his work appreciated. @Weav - I have to really give it to him. He runs one helluva event. Huge turn outs. Lots of fun. I never could imagine Blood Bowl could be so popular until I met him. @Burk - Crushed in with the very first Ordo BRAFT at OFCC. Everyone needs to buy this guy a diet coke whenever they see him. He stores and transports all the table toppers that pretty much every game system is played on except Blood Bowl, yet he only plays Blood Bowl. THAT is some gamer love right there. @Raindog - Pub Quiz Maestro and Pro-Consul, this guy orangized the Fluger Bag Raffle that raised over $500 dollars for our dear friend. This guy always helps with everything from table setup and to tear down. @Exile - So, when everyone got home did they look inside their swag bag? Did you find one of the most awesome giveaways possible in the form of a OFCC 2019 velcro-backed patch? If you think it is as awesome as I do, please tell this guy. He also orchestrated the entire weekend of Infinity events. @peter.cosgrove - TO for the 40K ITC Open, he ran one of the most casual and relaxed ITC events I have ever seen. He also put in hard work to make enough terrain for three full tables. And then we went on to lead a 40K team through the events of the weekend. @ROGRE - The strong and silent type, this guy helps out where ever he is needed. Admin table, disciplinary committee, and all round great Mars player, we want this guy there every year. @Jay - This year he really got to shine as the creator and designer of the OFCC 2019 logo. @Dark Trainer Our secret weapon for merchandise and sponsorship. This guy arranges to have the shirts and pint glasses made. He solicits stores and companies for the prize support used for the raffle and giveaways. Then he went on to captain an entire team of OFCC newbies! @Bosco - our newest member of the Senate, he took his hazing with a smile and is still showing up the club. Good on ya! This list is by no means extensive. There are so many other responsibilities and duties that need attention and are not mentioned here. OFCC is never just one person. It is the entire club, its members, and its spirit. For the Good of the Order!
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    Now Thanks for our Heads of Gaming: These folks stepped up to the gaming table and said "I will show them the way." They put themselves out there to provide quality events for all our attendees. They worked hard on developing the event packets and missions. They solicited for prize support. They worked with Ordo Fanaticus to make sure all aspects of the hobby were accounted for and that sportsmanship was held to a higher standard than most other events. Please join me in saying "THANK YOU" for all the work they did. Warhammer 40K - Team Event - @evil_bryan Ordo Bowl III: All Araby Derby - @Weav The 9th Age Fantasy Battles - @TheBeninator @Andrewgeddon Warhammer Age of Sigmar ITC Grand Tournament - @Threejacks @deadwing34 @KJTW Infinity Two-Day Challenge: ITS Tournament and Sunday Showdown - @Exile Warhammer 40K ITC Open Tournament - @peter.cosgrove So You Think You Can Terraform Mars - @Blustorm Ordo Crush 2019: Blood Bowl Braft - @Burk ACAA Crush Combine - @Weav 2019 Bazaar Bash - Street Bowl Tournament - @Weav Nagashizzar Nights - Blood Bowl 7's Tournament - @Weav Speed PAINTING TOURNAMENT! - @pretre Infinity Friday Arena Rumble: TAG Arena Deathmatch - @Exile
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    Thanks for OFCC and recap!

    OFCC was a blast to play in! I gave Pete a bad time about Friday's tournament- sorry about that! I'm not a fan of the ITC (personal thing). Despite my team, Plan B, being a "Ringer Team", I had a blast. The focus on achievements instead of winning was very refreshing and made for awesome army lists. I only faced one min/maxed army list, and still managed to pull out a tie. I don't think I ever saw anything about a gift exchange with my opponents, so felt really, really lame when I was given a lot of great swag and I had nothing to give them. Thanks to Dave (teammate), he at least went out and got some brushes to give to the other players for our team. It was hugely refreshing not to encounter a bunch of meta, hyper competitive army lists. Painting was spot on! I think every army was well painted. I thought I would be one of the few Ultramarines army, and it turns out I was one of five or six playing them! I got a lot of compliments on my painting though, and that made all the work and effort worth it! I had three new units in my Primaris Ultramarines- a Plasma Redemptor, Repulsor Executioner, and Eliminators. The Redemptor wasn't bad, but I wish the Macro Plasma Incinerator did more than 1 or 2 damage. The Eliminators were good, but really had trouble wounding anything with S4. Now that their sniper shots are S5, I expect that to change significantly. The only downside is max unit size of three models and they are a heavy support unit. The Executioner... did well. I parked it a lot with either a Captain or Marneus Calgar and a LT nearby and it was baller. I wish it was about 50-100 points cheaper, but it is what it is. The downside: too many stupid weapon profiles. Eight different weapon profiles. EIGHT! Come on GW! Highlights for me: MVP Marneus Calgar. His reroll hits aura was invaluable. Even better: He punched an Imperial Knight to death, put down the Swarmlord, ground to dust several Necron Warriors and Immortals before snuffing out a Necron Lord, sanitized a Nurgle Plague Lord, showed that just because you are called the Emperor's Champion doesn't make you the Emperor's Champion, and never took more than five wounds in a battle. If I had any doubts about how good Calgar is, they were put to rest over the course of five OFCC games. Overall, OFCC was one of the best tournaments I've ever played in. Thanks!
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    Random Photo Thread

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    Warcry! Sharing is caring

    Bashed together an Untamed Beasts warband Still WIP. Using this as a platform to try some Contrast Paints. 1. Snakebite Leather is the bees knees 2. Darkoath Flesh is great for bronzed barbarians 3.Cygor Brown is super dark, too much so out of the pot. Bonus points if you can ID the bits.
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    I would like to list all the people I owe a thanks to, but at my advanced age it is hard to remember them all. 🙂
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    OFCC 2019 40K Pictures!

    Here is a link to the 200+ pictures I took during the 2019 OFCC https://photos.app.goo.gl/2Jv6zp7BYexekaZaA We will see you for OFCC 2020 on July 24-26
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    T9A at OFCC 2019

    Thank you to everyone who came out and committed to 15 hours (well 14.5 hours) of wargaming in two days. You are really the weekend warriors that make these events happen. I'll need to get all of the final details from the tournament from the Ordo laptop (I didn't have a way to transfer them due to the no-internet zone). Ill be uploading photos soon, so stay tuned for that! Like Ben K. said, Andrew and I are planning on driving down for the Zoo, we could certainly add 1-2 more people to the carpool. Last year we were generously hosted by one of the locals in Davis, I am sure we can secure a similar situation this year. Finally, because I know Disruptive Conduct will see this. Thank you Ordo for making this event possible. Without Ordo, we may have never met each other and been able to attract new members to our small but growing community. 'Till next year!
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    Dark Trainer

    OFCC 2020 date

    It's official! July 24th -July 26th 2020 for next year's OFCC 2020! Same venue, the Vancouver WA Hilton 🤪 @evil_bryan made the announcement Sunday! More info to come, but dates are set!
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    OFCC 2020 date

    There is no finishing army painting. Only a moment's reprieve before the next phase begins XD
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    Curious how many people completed the various achievements? Well, I was and since I had all the data it was just a matter of counting (...and counting and counting and counting.) 🙂 Below are the results of all of that counting! As it appeared on the form: Sorting by most to least popular:
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    It was more of a release issue this year than anything. M3E released late June which meant that it actually released mid July. Considering the meta and where players were at it just didnt feel like a good time to plan for OFCC. Next year will be different as the new edition will have been out for over a year and there will definitely be more of a buzz. We'll be in touch.
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    T9A at OFCC 2019

    Another OFCC on the books! A huge thank you to @TheBeninator for running another great event! I had a blast, thank you for so much for all of your hard work you put in to making this event happen! A huge thank you to all of my opponents, @BenKerr, @Sherbert, @Yarbicus, @Diap2012, and @Pecksata! I spent almost an hour deciding who to give my pin to, you all deserved one. Thank you all for 5 great games! And thank you to Ordo for having us square-basers! OFCC will continue to be the gold standard of gaming events for me! Looking forward to OFCC 2020!
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    So this will be my thread to keep me motivated with a newly born child and try and get some hobby time in building my Infernal Dwarves. Im currently looking over unit composition and army stats and probably gonna start off with two 30 man units of the core troops. 1 x unit of HW and Shield and 1 x unit of the flintlock axe things. I'll be posting update pictures of assembly and my progress here as much as possible. It may be sporadic with the baby but fingers crossed with this amount of time i can paint it up to a pretty high level as well. Cheers to all you square base lovers who have inspired me to get on with it for next year! Much love! Sam
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    Eisenhorn and retinue

    Been working on some models, finally finished up the conversions tonight! Gregor Eisenhorn, Godwyn Fischig, Midea Betancore, Cherubael, Alizabeth Bequin, and Uber Aemos. Now to find book 4...
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    40K Book Play vs ITC Play

    What I was referring to was that it is the ITC that is changing the rules. That is not the case. It is GW that is changing the rules.
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    Thanks for OFCC and recap!

    I wish it was limited to Primaris; I've got the same problem with my Ork Buggies. Each has at least 3 different weapon profiles, and certain ones get bonuses to hit certain types of targets or profile changes depending on range, or certain re-rolls, etc. My old-man brain is too brittle to keep track of it all. At least my T'au have a predictable weapon/stat progression 🙄
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    Thanks for OFCC and recap!

    I am so glad we got you on a team and you were able to play. There is no official requirement for a gift exchange, but it is becoming more common due to the relaxed nature of this team event.🙂
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    All Gone - SOLD

    All sold now, sorry. I don't get to the clubhouse hardly ever. That bridge is like an anti-Beau force-field.
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    Post OFCC Thanks

    Thanks for all the shout-outs Khan and for putting everything you did into this weekend!
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    Ordo BB2 League

    @kb10r This is the 3rd week (of 4) that you are holding up the league. I need you to complete your game by Friday or I am going to remove you from the league. You asked to be in this league but your absences is unfair to the other players. I expect all games to be completed within a 2 week window. Sorry if you dont like it or think I am being an ass, but its time to consider the other players.
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    OFCC: Raffle for Fluger

    Thank you all! The good people attending the OFCC raised $536 for our friend, Nathan Fluger! The money has been sent, but you would like to contribute further, his Go Fund Me account is here.
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    It acts as his res orb 🤪
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    T9A at OFCC 2019

    Thanks everyone for the great weekend and gaming! Especially @TheBeninator for running a super smooth event, had absolutely no problems or issues what so ever. Had 5 great games against 5 great opponents, and loved my 1st OFCC! Will definitely be back for more! Also forgot to mention it yesterday when we were talking about future tournaments, but there are a few upcoming tournaments in 2019 if anyone is interested - Infernal Zoo - October 5th-6th in Sacremento. Alex runs a great tournament, he came up to March to War last year and brought a big group of guys from Cali, so we should try to get a good sized group to go support his tournament. I know Andrew, Ben, and I are signed up, would love to see some more PNW people down there. Tides of War - November 9th-10th (Veteran's Day Weekend) in Phoenix. This is my home club's GT, it is a ton of fun. Hoping to have around 30 people this year. I know lots of people in Phoenix so if you are worried about rides from airports, places to stay, etc. reach out to me and I can get you hooked up. Pacific Rim - Dec 7-8 in San Francisco. Kenyon's running his Team Tournament again this year. 5 man teams, would love to get a PNW team to go down and compete! Team tournaments are always a fun and different way of playing 9th Age!
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    T9A at OFCC 2019

    I always wait for someone else to start thanking, and this year is no different. Thank you Ben for running a great event, with 100% attendance growth over last year. According to the trend, we will have 112 players in 2022. Everybody knows that graphs don't lie.
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    Genestealer Cult in Progress

    In the meantime, here's some Acolyte Hybrids to hopefully make your day... So these are the first miniatures that I've painted using some of the new contrast line paints. I'm not using the contrast paints across the board, but I am using them on several parts of the miniatures. I used Skeleton Horde contrast for the "bone" colored portions of the miniatures, though many of them received at least a light drybrush of Vallejo bone to help blend them a bit. The body harness, knee pads, etc. are straight up Basilicanum Grey contrast which worked very well. The purple highlights are another contrast paint, I believe it was Shyish Purple - though I did have to dilute it a bit to get the shade just right. I also experimented with Snakebite leather for the leather wraps, some of the pouches. The eyes and tongues are a mix of Blood Angels Red and Flesh Tearers Red. I also used some contrast on the whip and the saw as well. Other paints are generally Vallejo colors. The gold metallic is Alclad, and the red lenses on the headgear is also Alclad red clear, which is rapidly becoming one of my favorites. I'll post more detail photos soon!
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    Sunday 8/25 - GN at Wow

    I'll be there sorting and restocking terrain, I will bring an Infinity list to play, for the first time in what seems like quite a while.
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    Some pics from our game!
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    Thanks for OFCC and recap!

    Truth. It's one of the reasons I haven't picked one up yet. Each Repulsor feels like it needs its own personal Shooting sub-Phase. Just let me replace them all with Storm Bolters, or any other single option, please! OK, that out of my system, I'm really glad you had a great OFCC experience. It's the one event every year that I always do whatever is necessary to make it to. Always good to see others enjoying it as much as well!
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    Nob torso, Termie legs, Fantasty ogre head, mace thingy, silly conehead pot helm, tracks on back, chunks on front. Big door for a shield. Will get a coat of paint, of course. Not there yet. But does pass? 😂
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    40K Book Play vs ITC Play

    Yeah, my secondary objectives need some help. 🙂 I have thought about going back and reworking last year's and this year's missions with regards to scoring.
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    40K Book Play vs ITC Play

    I really liked this years missions TBH. The secondary points tho could have been a little different, they were kinda just win better for the most part. I do really like when there is a legitimate way to win by denial of primary and getting a few secondary but that requires allot of play testing. OFCC isn't super balanced missions it is some crazy fun with just a little bit of score keeping!
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    Dark Trainer

    40K Book Play vs ITC Play

    Just realized this is a necro'd thread from well before this year's OFCC. OFCC's missions are meant to have a FUN flavor to them, without being broken. We've had some years ago that were crazy shenanigans (Vortex grenades, etc)! But those were also some of the most memorable.
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    Lion of Flanders

    T9A at OFCC 2019

    I'll echo...I really appreciated the invite and the opportunity to play the game again. Thanks to Ben for organizing and thanks to my opponents for putting up with my rule ignorance. In particular @Yarbicus who reminded me about 9 times about how spears work in 9th age...
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    Any feedback on Apocalypse? I've read quite a bit on dakka and various batreps, and for the most part people seem to shine a favorable light on the ruleset and the gameplay. I haven't gotten a game in yet, but was wondering what your experience has been. Thanks.
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    OFCC Highlights/Batrep Highlights

    I'll be circling back with more details but. Game one: Acribus (librarian) perfectly over watching overcharged plasma at charger. Slayed himself (preventing secondary chargers getting the extra movement) and hit with the other die giving me extra damage to capitalize on! Game two: Khan cookies... Some how finished 7 turns. Pretty sure we just played the same 5 turns late game but we rolled lots of dice and did stuff. Game three: having to advance my devestator centurions AND my thunder fire Cannon out of my deploy zone. Mission point random and came up be out of your deployment. Kinda figured this would happen but still managed to deploy these two slow pokes just to far back. I even ended up command point re rolling the thunder fire advance just to clear the base. Got my point tho! Game four: almost killing Magnus the red through all his defense in a single turn. Stupid reroll misses mechanic! 3 separate mortal wound things rolling 3 denying me the reroll then -1 hit means swing and a miss. Magnus had 2 wounds left after that flank hit him hard. Also the reaction on my opponents face when all of my Marines on the left flank charged into tzangors he was not expecting that! This was in competition for my fav game. I also kept ” warming up” my paltry single two die deny the witch dice, bringing a chuckle to him, and not working at all. Game five: my 6 scouts spending 4 turns effectively in his deployment zone on an objective and surviving! The army supported them just right killing just enough and it slowing down vehicles enough to let them hide and avoid assaults. This was my favorite opponent.
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    T9A at OFCC 2019

    It was a ton of fun guys and I had 5 great opponets.
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    2019 OBBL Premiership start date

    If you drink enough beer you can also post in the wrong thread. 😁
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    OFCC: Raffle for Fluger

    Thank you all! The good people attending the OFCC raised $536 for our friend, Nathan Fluger! The money has been sent, but you would like to contribute further, his Go Fund Me account is here.
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    T9A at OFCC 2019

    Ha! Another fantastic weekend! Always great to see old friends and make new ones.
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    I could do a 1000 point game this tuesday, I was unable to attend OFCC so I am not burned out
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    OFCC 2019 - Saturday/Sunday ITS

    I beat Bermen 10-0 and then was stomped by James. 7-2.
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