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  1. Looking for these specific heads, hoping you DE players assembled your kits with the other heads.
  2. I believe this is because Ish is right about CoS being the dumping ground for all WFB models that didn't make it into redone factions in AoS. Since HE have recently turned into Lumineth, I expect Warcry faction cards for them soon, just like Idoneth have. (sorry if that's already obvious and you're just pining for the old HEs... they are dead-dead-dead now). I do like that CoS has so many has so many unit entries so they can proxy just about anything, and I like that nothing in the list is overpowered, which would make opponents feel like you're proxying just to WAAC. They are pretty ho-h
  3. Doesn't look like this campaign was able to get rolling due to COVID, but if anyone is interested in playing (with masks and safe social distancing), please post here. The new White Dwarf has rules for warbands from the Cities of Sigmar, which is the closest roster I've seen to proxy my Mordheim Witch Hunters with, so I'm throwing my capotain into the ring (of 8 Points)!
  4. @Ish I put a bag of 12 heads in locker 7 for you.
  5. Okay, I've got 18 heads, though 9 of them are the dragon head in the bottom row of your pic. I'll drop them off at WOW next time I'm in that area and DM you.
  6. I got a bunch of these, collected for a now-defunct Bretonnian BB team. You looking for a variety, or mostly 1-2 styles?
  7. Aw, shucks, I just pushed some buttons. Glad you like it. Here are some blog posts from Invision that explains the impetus for the refreshed design. Version 4.5.0 of Invision Community is now available We are pleased to announce that Invision Community 4.5 is now available and packed with new features, enhancements, and even a new look! Major New Features / Enhancements - New Front-End Design - AdminCP Dark Mode - Site Statistics, Search Insights, and Club Statistics - Marketplace now built into the AdminCP - Mobile App for iOS and And
  8. Bizarre. I'm looking at it right now and it says unavailable.
  9. Thanks! Currently unavailable so I'll put it on my Xmas list... 🎅
  10. @Koyote what brand of display case is that? The big one, not the book one. It's lovely, and your minis are excellent!
  11. Minions, Part 3 - Return of the Jolly Ogre(oid)! As I teased in the last post, my final addition to the warband is a classic from the original Mordheim range: the mercenary ogre. Warhammer has come a long way since Mordheim - well, come and gone and come back again - and now they are ogroids running around with gnoblars, so I decided to update the model with modern trappings (or trappers, get it?). Hold your breath from his own foul meat-drenched halitosis, as here comes Horkdor, the Wandering Beast of Mordheim. The original miniature came with a wicker backpack full of loot and vi
  12. I did her flesh first, then I made a drop of Aethermatic Blue and a drop of Contrast Medium on a palette (just a piece of plastic). I made a mixing line between them so at one end was 100% of each and in between were different combos, like 25/75 50/50 75/25. I started applying the 75% Medium and worked my way towards the 25%, being sure not to cover the sheerest parts as I worked outward. Hopefully that sounds as simple as it was. 😄
  13. Minions, Part 2 - though this is probably more in the Mercenaries category. I decided to add a model completely out of context with the dark and dirty Mordheim range. Looks like the Witch Hunters have brought along a bit of sorcery to help them purge heretics. Granted, Witch Hunters aren't particularly keen on witchcraft, but I figure there's at least a few who operate like Radical Inquisitors, using the enemies' own sorcerous weapons against them. Besides, who could turn down the company of a fair Bretonnian damsel when you're normally surrounded by smelly, grimey dudes, mostly-insane s
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