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  1. That Necromunda terrain is amazing! Looking forward to seeing the fantasy terrain. @RobynMM got any action shots of a game on it? Also, any plans to show it off at the Ordo clubhouse...? 🙂 (I know, after the pandemic and all that).
  2. Here's a small (snotling-sized) update to this band of merry little blighters. Thanks to @splinx I was able to add a couple of the original Blood Bowl Snotlings from 2nd edition. Back when Space Marines had beaks and small really meant small. As with the other runts, they are, in fact, so small that there's plenty of room on the bases to add decoration and I mixed them up with some modern accoutrements, like toadstools and a fungi-snail... or maybe it's an es-snot-go? Happy New Year!
  3. A Very Special Holiday Episode Why is it so special? Well, for one, it's the holidays and that makes everything special. For two, this episode is all about other people's Contrast tutorials. In other words, I didn't have to paint anything to make this content, thus I am celebrating the holidays by not working. Think about it. #1 Paint ANYTHING to this standard in less than an hour! by Trovarian Miniatures Why is this #1? Because in a word, this tutorial is pure awesome. I have a scientific checklist to prove it: Chris, the host, doesn't spend the first minute-and-a-half blatherin
  4. Da Yellow Bitz - Snotlings! To celebrate the release of Blood Bowl Season 2, I wanted to build one of the new teams created as part of the new edition. And what could be better than the looney hijinks of Snotlings? Not only would this be a fun project for using Contrast paints, it also (conveniently) checks the box as a good excuse for exhuming more of those ancient models from my bitz box and finally slapping some paint on them. As it turns out, I've been a greenskin fan - and specifically a Snotling fan - long enough to have a substantial pile of old models from the various generations
  5. The Black Gobbo The Black Gobbo is a Star Player in Blood Bowl. A devious fellow, he sneaks a variety of secret weapons onto the pitch to give opposing players a bad day. Bombs, knives, and in Season 2, a special ability to encourage additional poor sportsmanship (aka, fouls) from teammates. This guy is the pinnacle of Contrast and Chill (at least so far): short time, great results. Not counting prep time, as in getting the model cleaned up and primed, it took 47 minutes to paint him from start to finish. Granted, he's almost all black given his hooded robe and shoes, bu
  6. Whoa, that is serious hardware! Very cool. I have not had issues waiting for drying, though I also tend to paint several minis at once so by the time I finish the last one, the first one is dry. When doing a single mini, I also usually have something else cooking, like a conversion I'm working on. So I trade greenstuff drying time with Contrast drying time... Ha, typing this out made me realize that's what I've been doing to kill the time. Subconscious efficiency! 😆
  7. @splinx are you going to buy the ones from @Ish? If not, I'll go for them. 🙂
  8. Well, I admit the model I'll be showing off is (spoiler alert) mostly black cloak, which made it exceptionally fast. Having said that, practice has increased my speed significantly.
  9. Hmm, now that's an interesting idea. I had not considered a real podcast of sorts. "Hobbycast" was my *cough* clever *cough* play on a regular series of posts on a forum - so 90s, bro! If it were a podcast, what would you like to see/hear? Like a timelapse of painting a model? That might actually be feasible because Contrast makes it so fast. My next episode features a model done in less than an hour! Anyway, thanks for the feedback and for reading!
  10. Small update to post some better pics (I hope). As part of Contrast and Chill, I've been trying to figure out how to get good photos of miniatures using an iPhone and... haven't cracked the puzzle yet. Anyway, that will be an ongoing experiment along with the painting!
  11. A while back I bought the Feline Ferocity Commander deck and added several additional cat-themed cards, but ended up never playing with them. Would make a great Xmas treat for someone who actually plays the game. Looking to trade for unpainted plastic GW stuff: Blood Bowl, Necromunda, Warcry, Terrain kits, etc. Feline Ferocity deck - basically new, unplayed and I have the original box (Amazon lists this for $180) Additional Cards - also basically new and unplayed (about $150 worth) Ajani, Mentor of Heroes 1 Ajani Steadfast 1 Ajani Goldmane 1 Ajanim Caller of the Prid
  12. The Pied Piper It's been a while since my last episode, but the painting and the chilling has been prolific. In this episode I've got a selection of Skaven done up for Blood Bowl. With the new Season 2 edition being released in a couple weeks, I needed to make updates for the revised rosters and finish up some Star Players that will be more commonly used in the new rules. First up are some Underworld Snotlings. These are a brand new player type in Season 2 and not only is there an entire new team of Snotlings, but Underworld get to have up to 6 of them. I've already played a test game w
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