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  1. See what I mean? This level of insight doesn't come casually. It's like playing with Tony Romo: he knows what's going to happen before the ball is snapped!
  2. Aww, shucks. It's only because of the tireless efforts of @Spielmannsfluch, a true gentleman and scholar of the game.
  3. I’m keeping 2. 4, 7, 8, 15.
  4. All my mistakes are on purpose, too.
  5. Yeah, those guys suck Burn the witch! !
  6. Cool, I'm aim to be online at 8 PM.
  7. How about Wednesday, Part 2?
  8. It's not even close to March, let alone 2021.
  9. No worries. Get some rest and the clowns on this forum can make more fun of us.
  10. I heard Panther Funk is back in, no way I'm missing that.
  11. Weav is correct. However, @WestRider, I could play you Monday or Wednesday night around 8.
  12. Both of my Witch Elves are now dead, with no cash on the horizon. Time to cut down the roster and engage Morg mode.
  13. Probably Sunday night. That work?
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