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  1. Probably Sunday night. That work?
  2. I can try to coordinate something late night this week, but if that's not an option for you, I will be out of town (and away from laptop) until Jan 4. I don't mind waiting until then, just a heads up.
  3. @michaels it says right in the footnotes of that article:
  4. I have now been exposed to the soul flaying that is the BB2 dice rolling.
  5. Steve gets Bosco's tissue-paper elves and I get kb's murder machine? #rigged
  6. The top post is updated with the final Step of playing Warcry. Great game, great fun! Thanks to everyone who read along with this painting adventure.
  7. Oh, I couldn't join the main competition because I don't have a ticket. Unless there's another way?
  8. Thanks, @Burk, I'm done with the upgrades. Looks like all the SPPs went to linemen so I've got some bitching plebs.
  9. I think I joined as a new Dark Elf team. It automatically put me into an Ordo competition, but I quit that.
  10. I mean, I guess...? As soon as I figure out how to do this team creation thing.
  11. I can probably play next Tuesday night if you bring your stuff. I play Burk early for BB, and Zorcon is playing a double-header so I'll be open for WarCRYYYYYYY! (FYI, I don't know how to play yet...)
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