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  1. The idea of a rookie being inspired by the loss of veteran is cool. Assign 1 SPP to a player with no skills or something similar.
  2. Are you sad because you're second to Da Yellow Bitz?
  3. Like others (everyone?) here, I'm feeling very rusty on the rules. I'll bring my gang and hope for a short lurnin' game. Will definitely be simple for my gang-with-no-guns. 🐼
  4. do you have a Gallery of prints for people future buyers to peruse and shop from?
  5. Ogryns can't count past 2 anyway, so it's all the same to them.
  6. Yes, the campaign masterminds have uttered some rumors, but for my gang it meant fielding only 3 out of 4 ogryns each game. As tough as they are individually, I don't like them odds since there isn't even a whiff of a gun on them. I need a wall of muscle to absorb puny lasgun shots until they get into krumpin' range!
  7. Pretty sure I need to edit my gang and replace the 2nd champion with another ganger. Not feeling great about having 25% of my gang sidelined by scenarios.
  8. Tap the nearly-invisible EDIT button in the bottom right corner of your gang card and you can change the starting Credits.
  9. Love this! I just built my Ogryn crew with 2 champions, should I replace one with a ganger? It looks like the rules will never let me field both in the same game?
  10. I fully intend to be yelling Naaargah! every turn of each game!
  11. Did I do this right? https://yaktribe.games/underhive/gang/miner_massifs.216926/
  12. Awesome intro! I am playing Slave Ogryns, which may or may not be exceptionally affected by the non-standard setup rules you outlined. I don't have enough experience with the modern rules or the gang to know, though I suspect not having a Leader will be challenging. Anyhoo, we came here to crump some rivets, not whine!
  13. Assuming scoring 1 TD per game, you can be at Apothecary/Lineman replacement cost most efficiently with DF4. Also retains a decent chance of keeping DF4 even in a loss.
  14. Ah, it sends an email to the coach.
  15. jollyork


    Neat! Excited to play in this. I would enjoy it being as simple as possible. I haven't played with all the new House books and so much has evolved since 2017. But I'm in for whatever the group decides.
  16. Neat, I used it for week 2. It's quite hard to see the numbers, though. And does it notify the other coach?
  17. Not recovered, but I will be there. 😂
  18. @kb10r you good with playing at WOW tomorrow night?
  19. This is now enabled. If you have trouble logging in, or forgot your registration email, please use the Forgot Password/Username tools.
  20. Added a team. I agree, very easy and great UI.
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