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  1. Do you still have this available?
  2. Infinity Aleph Steel Phanlanx Name MSRP Hector 19.99 Dactyls Doc 10.99 Acmon 10.99 Scylla & Drakios 37.99 Teucer 12.99 Penthesilea 19.99 Dactyls 10.99 Thamyris 10.99 Agema Marksman 12.99 Ekdromoi HMG 10.99 Machao 10.99 Nesaie Alke 10.99 Atalanta 13.99 Diomedes 10.99 Aleph Support Pack 29.99 Phoenix 10.99 Ajax 23.99 Steel Phanlanx Starter 47.99 Myrmidon spitfire 10.99 Patroclus 10.99 Myrmidon Officer 10.99 Achilles 10.99 Myrmidon Box 33.99 Myrmidon Box 33.99 Rebots 38.99 Achilles Limited Ed 24.00 Total
  3. Selling my partially assembled fw phantom titan. Looking for $400 obo. Pics are available. It is authentic forgeworld.
  4. There will be new pairings when I get home from work as another team has forsaken us. If anyone else needs to make adjustments or drop please let me know by 5pm.
  5. Final Pairings are done updated first post. Tried to make minimal changes but check it out and let me know if problems.
  6. Round 1 Sinister Wrecking Crew v. Team Diversity The Judges v. Emperor's Neck Beards A-Club Underdogs v. Da Mommas Boyz : Riders of Brohan v. Deffrollaz Bio Hazard v. Da Mommas Boyz : PBR Dice Hard v. Team Currently Undecided Imperial Fist Bumps v. Warhamsters: Devlan Studs A-Club Overachievers v. Da Mommas Boyz : Cunning Stunts Purge the Hipster v. Betty's Fighting Havenicans Glow in the Dark v. Guardian Games: Lose at all Costs! Dead Body Crew: Hatchet v. Hits on Sixes Dead Body Crew: Lotus v. Kill! Maim! Beer! Masochistic Ones v. Warhamsters: How We Wheel Round 2 Sinister W
  7. Don't forget that the maelstrom cards can be redrawn immediately if they are impossible to achieve. Also cards that are worth random points are automatically considered to roll a 2. Game One Mission: Cloak and Shadows Deployment: Vanguard Strike Special/Secondary: Units nominated must be different. Nominate one of your units. That unit gains Scout. Scout may not be exchanged for Outflank. If you use the special rule you gain 1BP. If it survives the game you get 1 BP. Nominate one of your units. That unit gains Adamantine Will for the game. If it survives the entire game
  8. BigTal

    Painting snag

    please send it in doug
  9. Going to have to drop family stuff came up. Have fun everyone.
  10. Yup. Bring what you want as long as it gets through committee
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