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  1. The play through videos I've seen make it look easier than Blackstone Fortress. But, the models look killer. I get my copy next week so can't really speak to it yet.
  2. It is indeed the right place, but adding some pictures and an asking price will help you a lot on the sale 🙂 Happy selling...
  3. @scottshoemaker Check your PM's please 🙂
  4. Exactly! and that is a super good thing IMO 🙂
  5. Wow, I just discovered this supplement for SWN...very retro OSR feeling. Strange Stars - Game Setting
  6. Found this reference for SWN links and resources... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1lUAl5TOV3jtnpvlqBLC7sJf52buwKerLeBkcSbIefJA/edit?usp=sharing
  7. I bought the PDF of the deluxe edition and started reading it over, I do really like the vibe of the rules! My thought would be to crunch it some to run a Dark Heresy game 🙂 Oh thoughts...how funny you are 🙂
  8. Pretty self explanatory...looking for a set of the 3 Skorpekh Destroyers from Indominitus....Have other spare Indominitus stuff, or other random stuff. Portland area. Thanks...
  9. Did you see their KS for their follow up game? World's Without Number
  10. Long shot...but anyone have one of these kicking in your closet collecting dust? Can it come to my house and collect dust in my basement? Also seeking some original Land Raiders if anyone has them. I have $$$ and more Epic than you can dream of if you want to do a trade 🙂 Thanks 🙂
  11. Monster of the Week is related to Dungeon World as they are both Powered By the Acopalypse engine games (PbtA). I have not played Monster of the Week yet but have it on my shelf, neighbor got it for me as a gift 🙂 Torg, have you listened to the Adventure Zone podcast? Their "Amnesty" series is running Monster of the Week and is really great!
  12. You really can't go wrong with DnD 5e...so you didn't go wrong. I tried Pathfinder, but it wasn't my jam. If I had noticed this thread earlier I would have heavily suggested checking out Dungeon World. It is my new favorite jam for running a game.
  13. Wow, thank you for that side by side pic...Had no clue the old Monolith is bigger!
  14. Hey there, anyone in the Portland area want one of the coolest pieces of terrain ever? Mighty Fortress from GW. Not the first one, but the plastic one they put out. See pictures for details... Would rather sell locally as shipping will be expensive, so coming here first before heading off to the the FB Sales Groups. $125 to a lucky buyer 🙂
  15. Hello there...more ancient project clutter looking for a new home Here are some amazing sculpts I always thought I would convert into some DeathGuard Counts as Bikers but yeah...that ship has sailed. So, here are a whole slew of GorkaMorka Mutie Raiders. There are 16 complete models, with actually 18 Horses and legs, the only thing missing is two upper torsos for riders for a full 18. These are amazing models, and you won't see a lot like this very often. Thanks for looking. Asking price is $250 plus Shipping paid for by buyer if you aren't local h
  16. The Dominion Expansions are spoken for...Star Munchkin and King of Tokyo still available.
  17. Hey there, I have a stack of board games that haven't seen any love, and they need a new home that isn't my closet. Make me an offer 🙂 ***Edit*** The Dominion Expansions are spoken for...left up for grabs are these two: Star Munchkin King of Tokyo
  18. andozane

    Sad News

    Oh no ....such sad news. Too much sad news as of late... I believe Tobin's Ordo name is Tombking
  19. HeroQuest relaunch from Hasbro / Avalon Hill https://hasbropulse.com/products/heroquest-game-system Back In Time Machine...
  20. Oh Nostalgia Heart Strings stop being pulled!
  21. You guys need to delve into Dungeon World and Freebooters on the Frontier 🙂 https://lampblack-and-brimstone.com/shop/freebooters-on-the-frontier/
  22. As someone who doesn't know...how would one describe Moldvay D&D vs Allston Rules D&D? I do know I picked up Old School Essentials core book last year at Gencon, and I almost bought even though I had no intention of playing it....it was a gorgeous book.
  23. Sam Sorry only two spares from that lot Plus some other oldies...
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