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  1. After DMing yesterday, I sat down and re-crayoned my old dice. When I was in college, I splurged and bought new dice. I had been using dice from the original box sets from the early 80's. Like all dice of the time, you needed a crayon to "ink" the number in a contrasting color. You would take a white or black crayon and rub/smash it around the numbers until the recessed print was filled with the crayon debris. Using a paper towel, you would rub the crayon residue in the number and wipe away the excess. I haven't re-crayon my dice in a decade (they are 30 years old now), so I sat down and worke
  2. I spent a lot of time making minis on the app for fun. The one I ordered for my gnome Druid is great. My wife has two models from Hero Forge. @Bkieft has five for he and his family's characters.
  3. So Badger, being an isolated forest gnome, know of the two different nations of humans. One is inherently bad, the others has raiders and bandits, but also farmers and people who are kind to the land. He did not know what elves, dwarfs, or goblins are. At this point, most reacts to other races are a blank slate. Elves seem like forest spirits, so they fine. Badger is shy around humans, including those in his own party. The party discovered a massive abandoned Dwarf city that was stripped an abandoned without sign of war or death. Why who a race spend so much energy building a place and t
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