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  1. Per the DM, he was shocked we did not kill the Guardian, but the creature was not evil and seemed to have a defensive posture, so the party freed the tree and left.
  2. Tim Burton directing Paul Reubens on the set of Pee-Wee's Big Adventure (1985)
  3. OK. The problem-some player deftly dropped out in a well worded e-mail. The party gated away to the Canyonside ruins where they had fought the goblin strong-hold to start the next set of adventures. With a lead that Bane K, had been the person to ship the spell components, including those from the body parts possibly enslaved sentient creatures known as changelings, the party monetarily aided the fight against the goblins, and headed to the next country to the west. The gate to the next town in our path had glitches, so we opted for an unknown destination to the southeast. The gate
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